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Why is the ocean blue What is the rain What happened to the dinosaurs It might be time for bed, but one child is too full of questions about the world to go to sleep just yet Little ones and their parents will be charmed and delighted as a patient father offers up increasingly creative responses

The Ends of the World: Supervolcanoes, Lethal Oceans, and the Search for Past Apocalypses

As new groundbreaking research suggests that climate change played a major role in the most extreme catastrophes in the planet s history, award winning science journalist Peter Brannen takes us on a wild ride through the planet s five mass extinctions and, in the process, offers us a glimpse of our


What would you do if your neighbor was a dinosaur Going extinct isn t for everyone Sybil knows that there is something off about her next door neighbor, but she can t seem to get anyone to believe her Everyone is so busy going about their days in the busy streets of New York City that they don t

The Dinosaur Artist: Obsession, Betrayal, and the Quest for Earth's Ultimate Trophy

In 2012, a New York auction catalogue boasted an unusual offering a superb Tyrannosaurus skeleton In fact, Lot 49135 consisted of a nearly complete T bataar, a close cousin to the most famous animal that ever lived The fossils now on display in a Manhattan event space had been unearthed in


Babysaurus loves playing hide and seek with his Papasaurus But one day, no matter where he looks, he can t find him, so Babysaurus turns to his prehistoric friends for help Where can his Papasaurus be Of course, Papasaurus has been right there all along, and when Babysaurus needs a little help,


From Caldecott Medalist Matthew Cordell, Explorers is a new picture book about an extraordinary trip to a museum When a family goes to a local museum, a boy notices a homeless man sitting outside, making brightly colored origami birds He convinces his dad to buy a bird the man makes just for him.