The World Turned Upside Down: Radical Ideas During the English Revolution

Within the English revolution of the mid 17th century which resulted in the triumph of the protestant ethic the ideology of the propertied class there threatened another, quite different, revolution Its success might have established communal property, a far wider democracy in political and lega

God's Englishman: Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution

A nuanced biography of Oliver Cromwell, breaking down Cromwell s life into different parts fenland farmer and humble backbencher stalwart of the good old cause and the New Model Army key figure of the Commonwealth and finally Lord Protector Hill leads the reader unsentimentally through Cromwell

God's Fury, England's Fire: A New History of the English Civil Wars

The sequence of civil wars that ripped England apart in the seventeenth century was one of the most devastating conflicts in its history It destroyed families and towns, ravaged the population and led many, both supporters of Charles I and his opponents, to believe that England s people were being