The Subtle Knife: His Dark Materials, Book 2

The Subtle Knife: His Dark Materials, Book 2 Coming Soon A New HBO Series, His Dark Materials, Based On Pullman S Books The Spellbinding Sequel To The Golden Compass, The Modern Fantasy Classic That Entertainment Weekly Named An All Time Greatest Novel And Newsweek Hailed As A Top Book Of All Time , Continues The Epic Adventure, Catapulting Listeners Between Worlds And Toward A Devastating Discovery Lost In A New World, Lyra Finds Will A Boy On The Run, A Murderer A Worthy And Welcome Ally For This Is A World Where Soul Eating Specters Stalk The Streets And Witches Share The Skies With Troops Of Angels Each Is Searching Lyra For The Meaning Of Dark Matter, Will For His Missing Father But What They Find Instead Is A Deadly Secret, A Knife Of Untold Power And Neither Lyra Nor Will Suspects How Tightly Their Lives, Their Loves, Their Destinies Are Bound Togetheruntil They Are Split Apart A Number One New York Times Best Seller Published In Countries Just As Quick Moving And Unputdownable As The Golden Compass The Mysteries Deepen And The Wonders Grow Even Extravagant The Washington Post Pullman S Imagination Soars A Literary Rollercoaster Ride You Won T Want To Miss The Boston Globe The Story Gallops With Ferocious Momentum Devilishly Inventive The New York Times Book Review

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre The Subtle Knife: His Dark Materials, Book 2 , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Philip Pullman auteurs dans le monde.

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  • The Subtle Knife: His Dark Materials, Book 2
  • Philip Pullman
  • 10 June 2019

9 thoughts on “The Subtle Knife: His Dark Materials, Book 2

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    Gripping story telling and just a brilliant read.

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    Tr s bien

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    Well deserves the highest mark as once on the journey, the only way is ahead, just like one s own life.I just loved it from A to Z.

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    un livre a absolument mettre entre les mains des enfants disons partir du CM et coll ge, sans limitations Fantastique, effrayante, haletante, tragique, cette histoire est superbe.

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    This is the 2nd book of the Dark Materials trilogy Lyra has escaped Mrs Coultar, she has escaped with her daemon we would call it our spirit intact Her father had killed Lyra s friend Roger by cutting his daemon away from him Now she finds a strange boy that doesn t have a daemon that she can see His name is Will and he is running from strangers that want some letters his father has written.The two if them find that neither comes from the world they are in So, they work together to accomplish a task that neither child understands They fight for the life of an old man, only to find Will is now the bearer of a special knife He is suppose to fight in a war he knows nothing about His father is killed by a witch that is suppose to protect him and Lyra As he approaches the camp where Lyra is suppose to be sleeping, he sees Lyra has been taken there are angels there to guide him to his destination.

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    This second novel in the series greatly clarifies why everything in the first book happened and where everything is heading, but only after developing adventures and characters slowly come together Although the author s characterization is a little weak, the plot and especially the complete originality kept delighting me This series has none of the standard fantasy character categories i.e., no elves, dwarves, dragons or wizards, kings or swords instead we find an utterly original fantasy with elements of science fiction, reality and use of religious history myths abuses While my heart didn t feel the overwhelming empathy for the characters that some authors achieve, my brain was DELIGHTED Can t wait to read the concluding third novel

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    I know that this series is supposed to be classic, loved by one and all, but I must be missing something I feel very ambivalent about the series and I don t even like Lyra Silvertongue even though she s the heroine.In this book, Lyra meets Will in a world that neither of them come from It s a world made up only of children although it s obvious that grown ups were here not too long ago They learn from the children that the Specters take over the adults until finally they just disappear.Will is searching for his long lost father who never came back from an expedition to the North that he joined many years ago Lyra consults her althiometer and determines that it is her job to help Will In the end, Will is summoned by Lord Asriel, Lyra s father.I guess the final book in the series, The Amber Spyglass, will determine whether I like this series enough to continue on to the author s next series starting with The Book of Dust For now I m in a wait and see mode.

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    The Subtle Knife opens in a world called Cittagazze, where human consciousness is preyed upon by vampire like creatures called Specters And from there on, the story alternates between Lyra s world that had been introduced to us in Book 1 of Pullman s His Dark Materials , Cittagazze, and Will Parry s world which is much like our modern world.This book is where the plot widens where Lyra s role as Mother Eve becomes clear, in waging a war on Authority, the Creator, alongside the fallen Angels, Lord Asriel and Will Parry the subtle knife bearerPullman has created a truly sublime plot by tying in theoretical physics, theology, and anthropology as his protagonists travel across multiverses, a step closer to preserving human consciousness I am looking forward to reading the next book The Amber Spyglass.

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    Will It s hard to believe that he wasn t even mentioned in Golden Compass He is a perfect foil for Lyra, while his character like hers is far from perfect GC was told from Lyra s POV, but her thoughts and actions seemed to come from a much older wiser intelligence Will s character and backstory, however, seem to arise very naturally from his backstory and DNA It took me a while to warm up to Lyra, but I liked Will straight away.This is the best book of the Trilogy, but you gotta read 1 to understand the plot, and your gotta read 3 to see how it all turns out.

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