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Mister B. GoneThe Mister B Of The Title Is Jakabob Botch, A Demon Whose Ghastly Past Could Make Even The Most Merciless Sociopath Whimper In Sympathy Born In The Deepest Regions Of Hell, The Spawn Of An Abusive Drunkard And His Whorish Wife, Jakabob Escapes To The World Above After Suffering Fiendish Torture Once Topside, He Lands Conveniently In Th Century Mainz, The Home Of Printing Inventor Johannes Gutenberg However, Mister B Isn T Interested In Merely Observing History Like Any Other Self Respecting Diabolical Being, He S Just Searching For A New Demonic Angle A Ghoulishly Good Fright Fest

Clive Barker was born in Liverpool, England, the son of Joan Rubie n e Revill , a painter and school welfare officer, and Leonard Barker, a personnel director for an industrial relations firm Educated at Dovedale Primary School and Quarry Bank High School, he studied English and Philosophy at Liverpool University and his picture now hangs in the entrance hallway to the Philosophy Department It

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  • Hardcover
  • 248 pages
  • Mister B. Gone
  • Clive Barker
  • English
  • 10 July 2019
  • 9780060182984

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    Not one of his best for sure Jakabok, a demon, tells his tale of fantasy and fiction in the pages of this book that is not really a book at all but instead is his tale of woe.The narrator of the book is also the main character and he continuously breaks the reality of the book and tries to make it seem like the book is real to the reader It comes off as rather annoying in the manner in which he does this Plus it breaks from the story and in my opinion takes away from the story itself It would have been entertaining to read if not for that.I personally can t get past the first 50 pages of this book The narrator is just too annoying in constantly telling you to burn the book He stops so periodically that it makes you want to actually throw the book in the fire Which may actually have been Clive Barker s intention So kudos for that But I just can t do it This is not one of his best works in my opinion.I can t say that I d really recommend this book but for someone who doesn t mind the narrating style it would be a fun read.

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    It was atrocious I was so excited to find that Clive Barker came out with a new book too, especially what with the fancy packaging The very juvenile bit of don t read this, burn this book repetition got tiresome really fast His writing was horrible, it s like he didn t even try like he just sat down at a computer after a few drinks and dumped whatever he wanted on it and called it a book While some points of the book were mildly interesting I liked the idea of the demon and Quintoon s love hate relationship, even though Barker butchered it , it was overall his worst piece of work that I ve read Yes, even worse than Cold Heart Canyon I ve become quite disappointed with his recent works there s been no trace of his old brilliant self in them By the end of the book and the only reason I even finished it was because it was short, and written as if for a simpleton to understand I really wanted to burn this poor excuse of a novel and ask for my brain cells back.

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    It must take some balls to directly insult harangue your audience reader The demon inside this book this is LITERAL goes to the trouble of berating the reader for doing his job, reading tells him to Burn this book and this has the inverse effect for the reader of course, who simply continues, persists on The narrator of this confessional reminds me of that interview with the vampire of once upon a time recounts the horrors he s seen, how he got out of hell, how there is a celestial satanic controversy surrounding Johannes Gutenberg s marvelous invention Although I ve seen Barker at his best before The Forbidden just happens to be as masterful a short story of horror as Shirley Jackson s beloved The Lottery , it is the postmodern detail of making the reader an active participant in the whole enterprise which deserves some applause It is incredibly difficult to write with so much pomp and circumstance, the subject matter is a wee bit adolescent yet it is quite a mild, interesting, speedy, readable, okay success.

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    This book lured me in with its appealingly gothic cover and a blurb on the back which described it as a terrifying insight into the earthbound battle between good and evil, narrated by the alternatively malignant and seductive voice of a medieval demon.What I was hoping for was a sort of satanic antithesis to CS Lewis devilish epistle The Screwtape Letters where a senior devil exhorts a junior devil to greater levels of malignant mischief via a series of detailed letters What I got was less devilish and deviled eggs ie less evil but still with that slightly sulphorous smell , for it seems that the man who brought us the spikey faced slash fest that was The Hellbound Heart other discerning cinema goers will know it as Hellraiser has taken a heavenly chill pill which has nulified his descriptions of satanic carryings on and generally horrific torture The resultant visions of the ninth circle of hell were described as towering mounds of rubbish and broken glass with horrific, ugly looking prone corpses strewn around the landscape Personally, I think this sounds less like Hades and like Liverpool City centre after Ladies Day at Aintree I m assuming that Barker s idea of hell doesn t include Primarni Maxi dressesThe tone just didn t ring true and the devilment carried out by Jakobok Botch, the eponymous Mr B, was sadly lacking in convincing evilness An interesting stab at metafiction but I think in an evil off I might beat Mr B.

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    I ll be quick.1 The burn this book bits are annoying Very annoying, alright.2 There are quite a few funny moments Jakabob Botch being a sharp tongued bastard of a demon such as Well, you could, I suppose, I replied, glancing back at the Archbishop as I spoke and giving him a look of aristocratic ill temper Would you be so kind as to lift your hand off my shoulder, your bejewelledness 3 I ve found the first half of the book to be way better than the second 4 Gutenberg s dark secret is kind of underwhelming, I think Overall, it s definitely not Barker s best book Although it needs to be said I loved Coldheart Canyon which is considered to be one of his worst offerings So I guess it s all a matter of personal taste Oh, look, I closed my lame ass review with one of the worst cliches evah.Three stars.

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    Clive Barker and Humor must maintain a distance of at least 50 yards in between one another at all times under penalty of writing another crapstack like this one.

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    I haven t read a Clive Barker book for about 10 years, so I was pretty excited to read this one when I saw it on the shelf Unfortunately, the book didn t live up to my expectations I felt that Barker s vision of hell and the demons who populate it was a bit superficial and ill concieved, leaving the reader with questions than answers Jakobok Botch a minor demon who occupies the pages we read , who begs the reader to kill him by burning the book, ranges infrom a petulant child to a raging blowhard Unfortunately, neither approach really felt real Essentially, the book is 200 pages of the demon alternating between persuading the reader to kill him and telling the reader of his life here on earth Only the sections about his life are even remotely interesting and even that story isn t all that interesting.The demon s constant begging for death gets old fast Even as the demon is threatening the reader who continues to read , I felt not the slightest twinge of fear or apprehension Not even a goosebump I just kept thinking, Ok, I get it Get on with it The asides served to annoy than they did to build suspense In fact, the opposite was true As Botch warns that with each page he is a step closer to slicing my throat over and again , I really questioned how Barker could go from the likes of Imajica to this The bulk of the plot deals of an escape from hell that is pretty stupid, a relationship with another demon that goes absolutely nowhere, and his encounter with Gutenberg and his press The story does not build Most of the violence and gore is pretty juvenile and contrived As the demon drains the corpses of babies, I thought, Clive, you re trying too hard or not hard enough It read like it was written as a scary story for middle school kids The last couple of pages are the only ones that are even remotely insightful or thought provoking I enjoyed the concept of the negotiations surrounding the printing press and of demons and angels angling for a satisfactory arrangement of things However, beyond that, the book was fluff.In the future, if I wanted to read a book dealing with the Christian conception of demons and angels, I ll read C.S Lewis Screwtape Letters Clive Barker doesn t even come close.I gave it two stars only because at times, I found it mildly entertaining.

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    DNFOh no covers my face with my hands I m sorry Clive Barker This just was the wrong book to start with Someone on bookstagram listed all the books I should read of his and then told me Mister B Gone is for the birds He was right.UGH.I just can t with this book any Especially when there are countless books I really wanted to read in October This was a buddy read with my dear friend, Emily book.happy she managed to finish and I believe she rated it 2 stars If I were to rate, it would be the same, maybe 1.5There are no characters to relate to or invest in, there is no plot, reallyit s just a discombobulated journey of a demon told in first person narrative and it gets old pretty fast.

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    2 1 2 Mister B Gone starts out with a dire warning though not dire enough to scare me away unfortunately.Burn this book Go on Quickly, while there s still time Burn it Don t look at another word Did you hear me Not One More Word.I wish I d listened Not that I advocate burning books but I do savor my free time and I really wasted it here.I had high hopes for this when it began It s read by none other than Doug Bradley of Pinhead fame and he has such a lovely accent and manner of speaking that I figured I d fall in love with this story It didn t happen I haven t read a recent Clive Barker novel in ages but I have recently reread his Books of Blood both 1 and 2 as well The Hellbound Heart and was expecting, I suppose, something remotely similar But again, it didn t happen There were no lush descriptions, no interesting story line or characters, no wild imaginative fantasy worlds Really there was nothing at all that made me want to keep going But I did anyway.So here s the gist Jakabok Botch is a demon born and raised in the 9th ring of hell which is hardly described, I might add Jakabok starts off things by sharing his tale of childhood woe His parents, both lower level demons, weren t very nice to him and as a child he fell face first into flames and burned himself to an ugly crisp before dad bothered to pull him out Later, through a strange series of events, he finds himself removed from hell and making his way among humans He then shares his recollections of life among them in first person but surprisingly, though he does some nasty things and meets some nasty beings, it s all rather uneventful and ho hum in the telling I didn t find it clever, or darkly funny or even disgustingly gory It was just meh and I never felt a part of the action In between his recollections he threatens to skin me and crap because I m so brazen as to keep reading This silliness got very tiresome, very quickly and really fell flat in audio format.It is with much sadness that I can only give Mister B Gone a 2.5 and that s being a wee bit generous I had to force myself to listen and had to rewind several times because I kept drifting away and could not stay focused Doug Bradley does a great job with the narration but even he and his musical accent couldn t save this lackluster story for me.

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    My first Clive Barker was not a raging success I should ve come to Goodreads and read some of my friends reviews before picking one If I had, I would have avoided or at least been prepared for this book s annoying idiosyncrasies the burn this book constant refrain I m not a big fan of breaking the 4th wall and I m really not a fan of unnecessary repetition Honestly, Mister B Gone could have been a lot shorter It s just a bloated novella All complaints aside, the writing is solid I liked the characters and the word usage is enjoyable I liked this just enough for me to seek another of Barker s novels I ll probably go for one of his older books next.

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