The Sneetches and Other Stories

The Sneetches and Other StoriesI highly recommend to everybody, to once in a while read a Dr Seuss book no matter what your age is It is just pure genius All of these ideas, not only funny but touching important topics masked as a kids book This book has stories about prejudices and races, unnecessary stubbornness, and fear from the foreign The Sneetches tell us the tale of two different cultures races The Plain Belly Sneetches and the Star Belly Sneetches Those two do not mix together, they keep apart and the Star Belly Sneetches have so much fun Until one day comes Sylvester McMonkey McBean, the Fix it up Chappie, and helps to fix the current state and he gives the star to the starless Sneeches But everything gets complicated, because mixing cultures can be a messy thing when it happens It says above, pointless prejudice can be costly, and since when did that prevent from people to do so A great story to explore this topic.The Zax story is kind of related Hard headed South Going Zax and a North Going Zax are not planning to budge and move aside to let one another keep walking through prairie of Prax It s a bit of a problem since they face one another and not one of them is ok with a step to east or west What I was scared of deals with fear But fear from someone something you don t really know because you see it from afar Cute adventure of meeting empty pants with nobody inside them.5 stars and I am happy that my daughter understands that she is not too old for Dr Seuss. The Sneetches and The pale Green pants were favourites of my children and grandson, I have to admit they are favourites of mine too, paticularly the pale green pants, what a message that gets hammered home to children Absolute classic Seuss Illus In Full Color Four Funny Easy To Read Stories All With Subtly Planted Moral Lessons Publishers Weekly THE SNEETCHES Now, The Star Belly Sneetches Had Bellies With Stars The Plain Belly Sneetches Had None Upon Thars This Collection Of Four Of Dr Seuss S Most Winning Stories Begins With That Unforgettable Tale Of The Unfortunate Sneetches, Bamboozled By One Sylvester McMonkey McBean The Fix It Up Chappie , Who Teaches Them That Pointless Prejudice Can Be CostlyE ZAXFollowing The Sneetches, A South Going Zax And A North Going Zax Seem Determined To Butt Heads On The Prairie Of PraxO MANY DAVESThen There S The Tongue Twisting Story Of Mrs McCave You Know, The One Who Had Sons And Named Them All Dave She Realizes That She D Be Far Less Confused Had She Given Them Different Names, Like Marvin O Gravel Balloon Face Or Zanzibar Buck Buck McFate WHAT WAS I SCARED OF A Slightly Spooky Adventure Involving A Pair Of Haunted Trousers What Was I Scared Of Closes Out The Collection Sneetches And Other Stories Is Seuss At His Best, With Distinctively Wacky Illustrations And Ingeniously Weird Prose Ages To Paul Hughes Why 5 stars Why rate a children s book Because there is still prejudice in the world, that s why If we got the world leaders together, and brainwashed them with this book, war would disappear Segregation, discrimination, prejudice, sophistry, bias and artificial prominance would go away In his unique way, Theodore Giesel points out the folly of judging anybody by physical characteristics, or any other inaccurate method.Lessons learned from this book Whether we have stars or not, no matter the color, race, language, gender, religion or orientation, we are all similar, with similar wants and needs In addition, we CAN all be taught.Sometimes, our best friends may come in a package that we may not accept unless we are open minded enough to accept them Even the strangest of bedfellows, in this book empty green trousers, have feelings, and great potential.If we fail to give up those afore mentioned biases, we will relegate ourselves to an immobile state We will stubbornly stand, unrelenting, while the world passes us by, building roads and highways around us while we stagnate based on principle alone as the Zax characters did.Never name your children all the same name It causes confusion.This book is a classic, appropriate for all ages And, if you are careful enough to see past the ever so cute artwork, you just might learn something as you read it. This is my favorite book to read to my kids It has Sneetches that teaches that No kind of Sneetch is the best on the beaches Then there s The Zax that teaches us how unproductive it is to never compromise Too Many Daves Scott and I talked about this one last night and how it is a fun little story, but doesn t have and underlying message Then we decided that it does have a message It s about making all of your kids feel special and letting them be different Then there is What Was I Scared Of aka Pale Green Pants I LOVE reading this to Taz and Ash, because I bring out my inner actress or story teller, I guess This story is all about not being afraid of people who are different They may seem scary, but once you get to know them you may find you have a lot in common I love Dr Seuss and the fun way that he teaches lessons that we all need to be reminded of. I was reading this book for the Readers Against Prejudice and Racism Club and it was fantastic Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book BlogI have been reading many of Dr Seuss books ever since I was a child, but out of all the books I have read from him, this book was the most effective book I have ever read The Sneetches and Other Stories is a short collection of stories by Dr Seuss where each of them detailed how to accept other people for who they are The Sneetches and Other Stories is a truly memorable book that displays some of Dr Seuss best works Alright, not only will I talk about how I felt about this book, I will also discuss about the various themes in this book from my viewpoint on the situations Dr Seuss has certainly done a brilliant job at both illustrating and writing this memorable book about the importance of accepting other people for their different qualities and the consequences if we do not accept them for who they are Let me discuss about my thoughts on the stories The Sneetches and What was I scared of as they were my most favorite stories out of the entire book In The Sneetches, it was obvious that this story was discussing about accepting other people s differences, or in a general sense RACISM AND PREJUDICE The Star Belly Sneetches believed themselves to be far superior than the Plain Belly Sneetches because they possessed qualities that the plain belly sneetches did not possessed, which were the stars on their bellies I am guessing that this story was relating to the extreme racism and prejudice going on during the 1960s at the time, since this book was written during the 60s I really enjoyed this story because it seemed to have a solution at the end of the story, that it is pointless to see who is better than the other and it shows that no matter what your skin color or in this case, whether you have a star on your belly or not everyone is still a human being and we are all equal in every way The other story I wanted to talk about is What Was I Scared of and this story talks about how a young boy was scared of a pair of pants when walking through the night on an errand and what was so interesting about this story was that this story was about the fact that it expresses the whole the person I am afraid of is just as scared of me as I am of him or her situation I really loved how the situation was handled at the end of the story and how becoming friends with a person you were once afraid of is the best solution in trying to connect with a person who is different from you Dr Seuss s illustrations are just as creative in this book as they were in his other books I just loved how the sneetches appearances in this book as they are shown as tall and yellow creatures who all look alike, except that some of them have blue stars on their bellies which indicates the differences between the Star Belly Sneetches and the Plain Belly Sneetches I also loved in the story, What Was I Scared of where the majority of the story is illustrated in blue colors, giving this story a spooky mood.The only problem I had with this book was with the two stories, The Zax and Too Many Daves I know that Dr Seuss is well known for his nonsensical works, but I felt that The Zax and Too Many Daves were not as memorable as The Sneetches and What Was I Scared Of since there was no real solution to the characters problems in those stories and they also kind of had abrupt endings that sort of left me feeling incomplete with the stories.Before I give my final verdict on this book, I like to give my opinions on the issue of racism and prejudice Personally, I think that racism and prejudice is pretty pointless in society and it will just make people unhappy with the world and not accept other people for who they are Does racism and prejudice exist even in today s society It definitely does and it is so sad because it seems that people who are against other cultures and races do not want to experience the cultures differences and I always think that everyone is equal, no matter what country, culture or race they are apart of We are all human beings and we should try to learn to get along with other countries and races instead of fighting each other because of fear and hatred This issue really affects me to the core and I would love to see people try to get along with each other instead of despising each other for their differences So, basically overall The Sneetches and Other Stories is a great children s book to use to discuss racism and prejudice issues for young children and I think the people read this book, the better they gain an understanding about how ugly racism and prejudice really is I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this book. Reviewed for THC ReviewsI ve been a huge fan of Dr Seuss since I was a child, but until I read The Lorax for the first time a few years ago, I had never realized that he was an author with the heart of an activist Much like The Lorax, The Sneetches and Other Stories tackles mature themes in a non threatening, even humorous, way that kids can understand All four stories in the book have the underlying message of tolerance, acceptance and compromise with those who are different from us or with whom we may not see eye to eye.In The Sneetches, we have the story of how the Star Belly Sneetches think they are better than the Plain Belly Sneetches, and as a result, the Plain Belly Sneetches are excluded from the Star Belly Sneetches s activities That is until Sylvester McMonkey McBean comes to town with his magical machine that adds or removes stars, creating utter chaos, and eventually rendering stars irrelevant I really liked this story about how our differences don t really matter The illustrations are cute, and I was especially moved by how incredibly sad the Plain Belly Sneetches looked when they were being shut out.In The Zax, we have two Zaxes who each have their own way of thinking and both absolutely refuse to alter their course This leaves them at a stubborn impasse as the world goes on around them I thought this was a great story about the importance of compromise Too Many Daves is about a mother who named all of her twenty three sons Dave I have to admit that I wasn t entirely certain of the meaning behind this one, but I think it was about how we are all the same and yet each one of us is also unique.Last but not least, in What Was I Scared ofthe cute, little, nameless protagonist is afraid of a pair of pants that walks around by itself, because it s so different than anything he s ever seen before When he realizes that the pants are as scared of him as he is of them, the two are able to offer comfort to one another and become friends I thought this was another great story about the importance of accepting those who are different from ourselves.Overall, The Sneetches and Other Stories was an enjoyable book that managed to address some serious issues in a fun, easy to understand way I highly recommend it for kids of all ages. SUMMARYThis collection of short stories touches on themes like the value of diversity, the get nowhere fast of stalemates, the value of individuality, and confronting fears There are two kinds of Sneetches in The Sneetches those who have stars on their bellies, and those who do not When a man comes along with a star on star off machine, the Sneetches get all mixed up and the resolution is that all sneetches are equal In The Zax, two Zaxes a north going one and a south going one meet, and neither one will budge an inch to the east or west, so the world ignores them and cities and roads are built around them while they stand where they are forever This teaches the value of compromise In Too Many Daves, a woman has 23 sons, all named Dave Humorously, when she calls one, they all come running, and she is left wishing that she d named them all differently This teaches the value in everyone being different And in What Was I Scared Of , a boy is afraid of a pair of pale green pants with nobody inside them, but he finds out that the pants are just as afraid of him and they become pals This teaches children to confront their fears and to not be afraid of someone just because they happen to be different than them EVALUATIONOf all the Dr Seuss books, this one is my favorite Its commentary is subtle than some of the other books, but I think that the message that diversity is valuable is such an important one My nephew loves Too Many Daves, and I think that there are many opportunities to extend this book into classroom activities, or family activities The language is fun and flamboyant, and it is a joy to read aloud Because it deals with imaginary creatures and impossibilities, it inspires Wonderment, and that is important for the very young, and maybe for the old as well. One of the greatest Dr Seuss stories NEVER AGAIN, REMEMBER THE SNEETCHES Now, the Star Belly Sneetches Had bellies with stars. The Plain Belly Sneetches Had none upon thars. It s not rare that Dr Seuss came up with this charming tale in 1961, at the beginning of the decade where the civil rights were in a mass turmoil.This story reminded me about the classic TV episode Let That Be Your Last Battlefield from Star Trek The Original Series where the last two individuals from the same planet were still battling against each other, since they consider themselves different from the other one, just because their faces have black white colors in opposite sides and not surprising that it was aired in 1969, still in this convulsive decade.Here, is the same concept eight years before just using stars in the bellies curiously enough, a couple of decades before, in our messy world, stars were used to make look people as different, just in that time, nobody would want to interchange stars.And in the middle of the ignorance and prejudice, alwaysALWAYSsomebody makes profit out of our foolish desires to be different , better , than others.A sad truth about our species, but we have Dr Seuss to educate the future generations. Find all of my reviews at SEUSS DAY I tried to bake a fabulous cake like this in order to celebrate but ended up with a bit of a wreck We re all supposed to be reading Oh, The Places You ll Gotoday too, but Anne pretty much wrote the best review ever for that one, so I m eating a birthday donut in lieu of cake and reviewing my favorite Dr Seuss book, The Sneetches, instead In a world where bullying happens nearly upon birth, this is a story that should be required reading for all With constant reminding, maybe kids will realize that there is no need to worry about having the hottest new trends Hear that little one THESE were kinda a waste of your Christmas money.One day you will see that No kind of Sneetch is the best on the beaches One day you will forget all about stars And whether, or not, you have one upon yars

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