Combat Jump: The Young Men Who Led the Assault into Fortress Europe, July 1943

Combat Jump: The Young Men Who Led the Assault into Fortress Europe, July 1943The Hair Raising, Frontline Account Of The First American Airborne Invasion Of World War II And Of The Young Paratroopers Who Risked Their Lives For Freedom By , The War In Europe Had Reached A Turning Point General Dwight Eisenhower Was Given Orders To Invade Sicily And Head North To Achieve This, Ike Had A New Weapon US Paratroopers Their Mission Was To Seize The Approaches To The Invasion Beaches And To Hold Off German Attacks Combat Jump Tells The Little Known Story Of These Paratroopers And How They Changed The American Way Of War It Takes Readers On Their Journey From Civilians To Citizen Soldiers, Through Training In The United States And Later In North Africa, And Then Shows Their Daring Jump Into The Darkness Over Enemy Held SicilyBy First Light On D Day, July It Looked As If The Mission Would Fail Inexperienced Pilots, Lost Or Blown Off Course, Dropped Percent Of The Troopers From One To Sixty Five Miles From Their Targets The American Commander, James Gavin, Landed So Far From His Objective That He Was Not Even Sure He Was In Sicily Arthur Gorham, Commanding Men Of The First Battalion, Encountered Two Surprises When The Sun Came Up He And Just Over Of His Men Were The Only GIs Out Of , Dropped Near Their Objective He Also Discovered That The Germans On Sicily Had Tanks The Lightly Armed Paratroopers, With Their Rifles And Hand Grenades, Were Not Equipped To Take On The Forty Ton Panzers But Against All Odds, They Did The Costly Lessons They Learned Shaped The War In Europe, For Without Sicily, There Might Have Been No Airborne Invasion Of France In June Combat Jump Recounts The Extraordinarycontributions These Young Men Made When Their Country Called Them To War, And It Tells A Classic Tale Of Military Action And Remarkable Courage This book covers the formation of early US Airborne units and some of the men who joined including Jumping Jim Gavin and goes to the first large US jump on Sicily This is one of the better treatments of the 82nd I ve read for Sicily including the fight for Biazza Ridge the one area it falls short is a fairly light treatment of the tragic 504th landing the second night, where spooked allied sailors in the landing fleet shot up the airborne force as they made flew over to the drop zones Overall a good book worth reading for early 82nd Airborne history. This is one of the better books I ve read on airborne combat in World War II which wasn t written by the participant s The author combines a very good narrative with plenty of personal recollections he gathered from countless interviews and correspondence with the men who were there If you re a fan of personal accounts of combat, this is a book for you This book makes a good companion to General James Gavin s On To Berlin and provides a nice profile of the general I m definitely looking forward to reading of Ed Ruggero s work after reading this book U.S paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division led by Colonel James M Gavin a 36 year old invade Sicily in July 1943 with nothing but small arms take on the powerful German Army This use of airborne forces paves the way for their use in Normandy less than 11 months later, but hard lessons are learned Sicily like too few planes, wrong landing zones, costly misidentification of allied aircraft, yet with all that 82nd Airborne Division makes a difference in Sicilian campaign Good read on the use of airborne troops in the beginning of WWII. One of the best military histories I ve read in terms of making the men involved actual men boys and not just a number Personal stories lead the narration of events making this read like a novel If you enjoy WWII history, this is a must read. Well written Starts quickly and flows smoothly The first third of the book covers the establishment of the Airborne, gathering and training of the first troops, which is interesting but not engrossing for me Once they start the assault on Sicily, it s hard to put down Page after page of personal, amazing stories Not too much detail. A rather dry military history, but not bad. What happens when you take a group of young fresh faced American boys, train them to become parachute infantry and drop them erroneously all over an island with a poorly conceived plan and faulty intelligence Well, if they re members of the 82nd Airborne Division and under the command of James T Gavin, they simply get the job done anyway This is the story that is depicted in Combat Jump By all accounts, no one knew what to truly expect when the green 505th Regimental Combat Team was tasked with the first vertical envelopment of regimental size in the history of the United States Army It was an experiment where the lab rats were the young sons of America and the test tube was the crucible of Sicily They were told there were no Germans on the island, no tanks and, after a concentrated drop, they would simply have to block the roads to prevent the Italian forces from attacking the beaches In reality, the young paratroopers were scattered all over the island, came up against the Hermann Goering Panzer Division with its monster Tiger tanks and their reinforcement drop was attacked and decimated by friendly fire the next night The overall casualties were so great that General Eisenhower almost completely abandoned any future plans for airborne operations What changed his mind was that the young, feisty paratroopers actually completed their mission and then some Just how these courageous boys overcame all of these failures against insurmountable odds is brilliantly told through the voices of the veterans who served in that campaign Combat Jump describes the baptism of fire that taught the hard lessons and forged the doctrine of the airborne fighting forces that would become victorious in Normandy, Holland, the Battle of the Bulge and the Rhine River crossing.

Ed Ruggero remembers very clearly two ambitions he had early on he wanted to be a soldier and he wanted to be a writer.Ruggero graduated from West Point in 1980, fulfilling one of his professional dreams He served as an infantry officer in the Army and later returned to West Point to teach literature and writing While he was on the faculty at West Point that Ruggero got the idea that it would b

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  • Combat Jump: The Young Men Who Led the Assault into Fortress Europe, July 1943
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