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❴KINDLE❵ ❂ Through the Magic Mirror Author Anthony Browne –
  • Unknown Binding
  • 32 pages
  • Through the Magic Mirror
  • Anthony Browne
  • English
  • 21 April 2019
  • 9780744577075

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    Through the Magic Mirror by Anthony Browne is a lovely picture book about a boy called Toby Toby is fed up Fed up of his toys, fed up with his books, he is fed up with everything But he walks through a magic mirror into a fantasy world with fantasy objects and characters Toby cannot believe his eyes He walks through a fantasy world with an invisible man, a dog walking a man and various other things including a poster that comes to life I used this book as a theme for literacy in year 1, narrative unit on fantasy worlds The children loved the story and found all the fantasy characters and objects amazing We used drama to explore the characters feelings in the book and to show their understanding of different fantasy objects and characters We also used the book to compare real life to fantasy in this case before and after he walked through the magic mirror We also used it to sequence a narrative, showing the important features within different parts of the story Beginning, middle, end or in other words Introduction, event dilemma, solution resolution I also used a picture from the book to discuss in a philosophy lesson about feelings This book can be used for various different activities and I highly recommend it.

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    This book is not what I expected As a fan of Anthony Browne s, I was underwhelmed by the lack of intertextuality per Browne s typical style, but perhaps that has much to do with it being his first book published in 1977 Nonetheless, it is a charming post modern tale of a bored boy, and the astonishing place he visits with the help of his magic mirror The subversive elements demolish that which is normal and include an umbrella standing on a rooftop, a rainbow arcing out of a building, and fish swimming freely through a second story window among many others It was amusing to me that the book s illustrations are very 70 s from the avocado green carpet, to the heels on the shoes Toby is wearing The plot was vaguely similar to that of Where the Wild Things Are boy is angry bored, boy takes matters into his own hands, boy has a redeeming experience, boy returns in time for food tea Children will be able to relate, and delight in Toby s adventures.

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    This story is about a young boy called Toby He is fed up with everything But this was all about to change when he walked through his bedroom mirror He enters a whole new world of peculiarity where cats are chased by gangs of mice and dogs take their owners for a walk This is a fascinating short story which is accompanied with remarkable illustrations to capture the imagination I would say that this is a suitable story for a year 1 or 2 class and it has much potential for use in the classroom setting One suggestion I have is that this story may be used for a role play activity where the children act out what happens when they walk through a mirror A chance to let them explore and use their creativity skills

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    In true Anthony brown style there is a lot of very clever inter textual links within this book The implied reader of this book will have to already have knowledge of things such as the type of traffic expect on the road and we take dogs for walks, rather than the other way around However should you look a little deeper, you start to find a lot of links to other books such as Gorilla or The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe.

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    Another classic book from Anthony Browne one of my favourite authors this book tells the story of a little boy who is bored at home, he doesnt really have anyone to play with and his parents dont seem to be interested..he goes on a wild adventure through the magic mirror and encounters all sorts at the other side the illustrations are superb in this particular book if a little strange i read this to year two and they loved it i would recommend this book for ks1 and lower ks2.

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    This is such a surreal book and an amazing visual feast Toby is bored and doesn t know what to do with himself, he tries going downstairs but there s nothing to do, so he goes back upstairs and spots something strange in the mirror Through the Magic Mirror is a small book, around A4 in width and is filled with lots of thick and glossy pages of illustrations and a little text.The story is all about Toby s adventure through the magic mirror and what he sees when he s stepped through The world beyond the mirror is very strange and completely surreal where nothing is what it first seems There are invisible people walking, a window of a building is filled with fish swimming and a dog is walking a man There are so many strange and surreal things and the book doesn t really make much sense but it s of a visual experience than anything else.The illustrations are amazing and very Dali like in their appearance, which I love as Dali is one of my favourite painters Each picture needs to be looked at than once as some pictures seem normal at first and then you spot just how surreal things are The book is really about the pictures and what you see and I love how colourful some of them are, it s a very strange and different world to the one we know.The ending of the book is satisfying although to be honest it seemed a bit strange when I first read it as the ending was so abrupt, but it s a great end to the visual experience Toby has and the book is a great illustration of how the imagination can take you on a journey I have to say I do like this book for how surreal it is although I do wish there was a stronger story throughout like there was in the book Look What I ve Got which is also by Anthony Browne But seeing as the book was first printed in the 70s, it s still a great book which I m sure many kids and adults will enjoy looking at, especially if you enjoy looking at surreal pictures Thanks to Walker Books for a free copy as part of The Anthony Browne Collection.

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    Through the Magic Mirror is a nice picture book for students It tells the story of a little boy who says he is fed up with everything He has nothing to do and no one to play with He goes to a mirror in his bedroom and finds that he can walk through it to a new world, using his imagination of course Many new adventures happen on the other side of his mirror I loved the illustrations in this story because they were a child like depiction of the events Toby imagined while on the other side of his mirror I would use this story with my students to help them dig deep into their imagination Many students today do not really have to use their imagination, but I love how this book showed the true feelings a child could be feeling, and that if they used their imagination, they could encounter many new things 4 5 stars

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    If I m honest, I found this book really strange and unusual very difficult to follow for small readers actually interested in the storyline not just the pictures but therefore really exciting and interesting for those just wanting to look at colourful pictures of lots of strange things The story is kind of Narnia esk in that Toby steps through a magic mirror sadly no wardrobe in his house and ends up walking down a street in which the world as he knows it has become quite abstract and surreal This leaves lots of room for creative imaginations to work out the how s and whys behind the World, but to be honest it didn t work for us Too abstract, too poorly explained and with a relatively flat storyline A picture book I can see appealing to a certain type of reader, but sadly not for us ARC provides free from the publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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    This is an interesting story about a boy, Toby, is fed up about everything being very boring Everything changes when he goes upstairs and can walk through his mirror He goes into the mirror where everything is different Dogs are walking people, people are painting get key, choirboys are flying through the air and even mice a chasing cats After Toby realized how crazy this new place was he ran back to the mirror and stepped back into his house and smiled at himself in the mirror I think that the crazy place showed him that he really did like his boring life I felt that the illustrations were interesting but the book itself did not pull my attention.

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    This was an interesting book The story starts off with a little boy looking at himself in the mirror and then entering into the mirror This resulted in the boy confused at all the actions and things that were different For example the hungry mice chancing that cat is backwards to what we know In addition the boat was riding the train and everything seemed to not make sense in the mirror world Everything was opposite in a sense The artistic drawings and illustrations were eye catching and the overall storyline was very interesting It a crazy tale and makes you wanting to know what happens next I enjoy the different aspects and viewpoints.

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