Willy the Dreamer

Willy the DreamerChildren Will Love The Evocative World Of Willy S Daydreams A World Of Heroism, Fame, Adventure, The Past, And The Future The Author S Stunning Illustrations Look For A Banana In Every Scene Pay Homage To Great Painters, While Exploring Ordinary Childhood Fantasies With Extraordinary Flair Full Color Pp Ages And Up Pub

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  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Willy the Dreamer
  • Anthony Browne
  • English
  • 14 February 2019
  • 9780763618834

10 thoughts on “Willy the Dreamer

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    Every picture a surreal work of art So many details one could spend hours finding all the puns allusions in the book A book to own, because of course the youngest children can enjoy it on a simple level thinking the ideas just funny, but older children and adults can look for references to Magritte, Carroll, Henri Rousseau, etc., in the illustrations that pay homage to one of the other artists.I do wish there were a key or author s note, however There were some main references I didn t recognize, and I m sure I missed minor ones, too.

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    This picture book by Anthony Browne follows the many adventures of a chimp named Willy These adventures all take place in Willy s dreams We see Willy dreams of many things such as being a Film Star, a Singer, a Sumo Wrestler, a Ballet Dancer, a Painter, An Explorer, a Writer, a Scuba Diver, a Giant, a Beggar or a King He dreams of both the future and of the past, and also of strange and wonderful landscapes both real and imaginary Superheroes and monsters and bananas all feature in Willy s dreams.This book has been awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Medal for excellence in illustration In my opinion this is a wonderful picture book, with each page displaying detailed and clever illustrations I believe this book would be suitable for the 4 7 age group, and could be used to read to a class and also to inspire creative writing by encouraging children to develop their imagination.

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    Willy the Dreamer was the first piece of Browne s work I ve read and it certainly won t be the last This picture book gives a personal insight into Willy s aspirations for life, from becoming an explorer to becoming a famous writer He belives he can become anything he wants and the author plays on opposites to illustrate this I found this book gripping from the very first page to the last, with a great sense of curiosity to find out what Willy dreamt of becoming next with the flick of every page The facinating illustrations which compliment these aspirations encourage the children to believe that they can become anything they wish to be Children ages 5 to 7 would be suitable for this book as it can be used in the class for creative writing It can allow the children to express what they would like to become if they were Willy and really get their imagination going.

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    This children s book has than meets the eye While the book itself on the surface is a clever treament to a child aged gorilla s fantasies of having adventures flying, exploring and morphing into monsters, there is definitely a deeper level.The treatment of gorillas and bananas is so thorough a mermaid s tail becomes a banana, a hot air balloon becomes a gorilla s face You could read this book over and over again to count the secret bananas, and also, for older readers, to compare them to great works of art in many mediums, including those by Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, Charlie Chaplin, Lewis Carroll, Norman Rockwell, Maurice Sendak and .

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    i love his illustrations how he incorporates famous artists works into his own very fun

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    This is a lovely picture book, as part of an english assignment I spent lots of time looking at the illustrations The illustrations capture children s imagination and the story and the illustrations are perfect for promoting adventure and wonder With Willy being dress and taking human characteristics it leads the reader to relate to him and imagine themselves in his place I have a rough plan of how I could you this book to plan lessons across the key stage 1 curriculum for a year one class The only down point to this book is the story is mainly the pictures, the language in the story is simple More creative language would have really brought the story alive.

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    I really like this book and the illustrations of the dreams of Willy I think young children would enjoy reading this book and entering the fantasy world of Willy

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    A book of binary opposites illustrated beautifully Plus the intertextuality is very rich in this work as it almost other books of Browne.

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    Willy dreams of many different things, good and bad, and we can discover a lot about these dreams by looking closely at the pictures.Many of the illustrations contain references to things that Browne is assuming we already know For example, the image of Willy s dream of being a film star shows us characters from Tarzan, Mary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz, Frankenstein, King Kong and others.Browne also assumes knowledge of certain animals, particularly in the image of Willy as a scuba diver where we see literal interpretations of a hammer head shark, a catfish and a seahorse.On initial reading, I did not think there were many themes other than the obvious dreams aspirations On closer inspection, I noticed something in the last picture I won t give it away which opened up a new realm of possible interpretations.I think a lot can deduced from the pictures in this boo that the actual text There is a lot of surrealism surrounding the images which is intriguing and engaging.I enjoyed this book and can see it being very appealing to children of all ages.

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    Anthony Brown did it again This time I was in shock by the amazing illustrations I found the artwork was what made the story that amazing I believe this book was fun I loved the bananas in the pictures Children would ADORE this book because children dream of all of these things and are curious about them I would use this book to show how people are different Diversity is a beautiful thing and people need to understand the importance of it and I believe this book shows diversity I love this story and I found it highly entertaining.

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