A Summer Storm

A Summer StormHis Intentions Couldn T Be Honorable I Find You Profoundly, Shatteringly Attractive, Blaize Stephenson Told Oriel But What On Earth Could A Man With His Success And Money See In A Gawky Primary Schoolteacher With An Inferiority Complex Oriel Didn T Doubt That Blaize Might Be Intrigued By Her, But Certainly Not On A Long Term Basis And Oriel Wasn T Prepared To Be A Rich Man S Passing FancyExtricating Herself From Blaize S Grasp Was Complicated Than She Expected The Fact That She D Fallen In Love With Him Didn T Help Oh, I wanted you right from the start It was only too damned obvious Normally I don t harass women who say they don t want me to touch them I ve always prided myself on my self control, yet I couldn t keep my hands off you But I wasn t prepared to admit that I could fall in love after one look Hmm..Egh A Summer Storm is the story of Oriel and Blaize.This was a clusterfuck, filled with immaturity, denial and passion.Plot Our h gets washed up on a shore after an accident, and is rescued by our H She has injured herself badly, and needs care something that the H and his housekeeper provide Soon the H coerces the h to stay over, leaving her teaching job, as he wants her to be a private tutor caretaker for his orphaned niece and nephew She is reluctant, but after manipulation and threats by the H, she agrees Soon she starts falling for the h, but he keeps pushing her away, until OM looks at her and the H goes into fits of jealousy After loads of back and forth and long drawn separations, they have a dramatic, confession filled HEA.Conflict and Resolution There is actually none We know the h and H want each other from the start, yet for strange reasons kept pushing each other away The center of the story however, is the mental scarring caused by the h s shitty mother because of whom she has a ugly duckling complex the book has over dozens of mentions of how inadequate and unattractive she finds herself , and despite everyone around her gushing about the contrary, the h lets her douchy mom in her head and have a pity fest about her lanky features.Angst Medium My heart broke when Sara struggled with reading and missed her parents.Sex Many almost seduction sequences, with one final semi descriptive lovemaking fest.This dragged a bit for me, and had something missing Otherwise, I liked it in parts.Safe 2.5 5 Re A Summer Storm or in HPlandia Meme ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US This is Robyn Donald Lite.Really the most exciting thing in the book happens before the story even starts The 23 yr old Artemis ian h and her idiotic cousin get caught in a flash flood while tramping Well, the idiotic cousin did cause he refused to move his tent to higher ground The h, being an experienced Diana of the Forest who is continually belittled by her pocket Venus mother, had to search for the idiot cousin after the crest of the flood had passed and she finally finds him alive and with a broken leg She has to go for help after she stabilizes him, hiking for ten grueling flood strewn miles and with a sprained ankle, she finds the H at his fabulous beach house.The H arranges a rescue for what he thinks is the h s boyfriend, and he takes one look at the lurvely long legged goddess that stumbled out of the forest mists and only one word occurs to him MINE He wants her, but he is an honorable guy in his way and he can tell his Huntress has the virgin flag flying, so he will keep her but won t touch Let the takeover begin, Resistance is Futile This H has a young niece and nephew They are recent orphans and since possession is nine tenths of the law and the H is keeping the h as her mother dearest is in Australia and there is no one to look out for her since she hurt her ankle, the h can just stay and get to know them The H s little niece is behind in her schooling as the grief for her mum was overwhelming and soon the h is tutoring her and motivating her to learn reading in between verbal skirmishes with the H over her leaving The H locks the h into an airtight governess contract and proceeds with surly glowering and slavering over his juicy, leggy goddess h bone He lightens up a teensy bit when he finds out the h has no lurve for the idiot cousin The h is of course head over heels in love by this point, but things take a decided downturn when the h thinks the H is rejecting her lurve mojo vibes The H goes back to surly and slavering and threatening the Heat Death of All the Universes if the h tries to leave before her contract is up oh and he will ensure she will never hold a respectable job again too This H is serious about the Heat Death thing His sister and brother in law, the orphan s parents, was killed by a drunk driver Not only did the H push for the maximum jail sentence, he ruined the man financially too that way the H can be sure the man will never be able to buy another drink again And if the little orphan s paternal grand parents keep acting up with their impossible demands, well the H will fix them too The h isn t liking the dictates and she isn t liking that the H rejected her lurve Most especially since the H is out and about sampling the lurvely lady buffet and the h has to sit at home and have mopey moments with a seven year old and the H and h from A Matter of Will, they are doing great btw and are even lurved up.Enter the Other Man in actuality RD s H for next book and he is HP Lurve Mojo on a stick We know this because RD tells us so, multiple times and all the ladies in this book and in his own just swoon when he glances at them with his irresistible French Latin Lover eyes He takes a liking to our Virginal Huntress h and soon is taking her out and about while the frothing at the mouth H bossy boots H is slavering in vain The h goes to Mr Suave Rico Lurve Mojo s apartment for a nice little apres nuncheon aperitif and h from A Matter of Will makes sure to tell the Slavering H all about it Scandalous Realizing that his hostile takeover tactics aren t getting him anywhere, our Slavering H wipes the drool off the side of his cheek and does a 180 When the h gets home from her little aperitif outing, he goes to her room and begs Please take him for a lover instead of the really hot guy The h, all her unicorns and kitten powered rainbows dancing in joy, enthusiastically agrees after a big long three page lurve declaration speech by the H and they happily tumble onto the closest flat surface to explore the ecstasy of purple prose lurve It is Fabulous We get a bit of an epilogue here too, with the fully assimilated H Borg collective threatening Heat Deaths of Universes if the h s mummy dearest continues to belittle and berate the h The h s recent elevation to Madonna like status has her pleading clemency for mummy dearest cause she is a tiny Aphrodite and doesn t know any better But the H WILL unleash the Force of the Borg for direct dis assimilation of the h s mummy s dearest s little life if she doesn t straighten up and get on the right side of things Universes threatened into compliance and mummy dearests run off to black holes, the H and h lurve it up for the big pink passion cloud HEA win Unfortunately, reading back over this, I think my spoilerization was probably interesting than the actual book I got to look up old meme s and kitten powered rainbows Not a terrible HP outing by any means, RD does write well, but I was bored and we probably shoulda had the actual flash flood experience for better perspective and Mr Suave Rico HP Lurve Mojo on a Stick time to really pep this one up. A life threatening storm brings Oriel into the world of larger than life Blaize He is the one she runs to for help when her cousin is seriously injured when their camping site floods Forced to stay at his house until she recovers and the storm passes, she realizes she s in way too deep as her feelings for the bossy, yet very attractive man turn into love Blaize convinces her to be the governess for his young niece, a good use of her excellent teaching skills, but dangerous because the time she spends with him, the she loves him Blaize definitely has charisma I could see a woman falling under his spell He wasn t always likable, but at the same time, there was something that makes a woman want to let him take care of her Oriel is a down to earth heroine whose very ordinariness makes her relatable She s got some self esteem issues because of her unusual height and gawky, angular frame the fact that her mother never let her live it down that her only child isn t small, blonde, and delicately beautiful like she is In my mind, I could see Oriel having a gorgeous dark haired beauty like Angie Harmon except with blue eyes and pale skin And a big and tall man like Blaize would probably appreciate having a tall drink of water with legs for days.This book doesn t have that much going on Just an intense relationship drama Donald has definitely written meaner heroes Instead, Blaize just comes off as a tough, authoritative alpha who is used to getting his way all the time I enjoyed his sense of being perplexed that the seemingly meek Oriel doesn t roll over for him like all the women he s known He falls hard for her, and this book is just about Oriel and Blaize coming to terms with their feelings for each other and realizing they are mutual Readers who enjoy tropical scenery will like the descriptions of the New Zealand island flora I would give it four stars because I enjoyed reading about Oriel and Blaize falling in love, and there are pretty good sparks although not a lot of on the page, descriptive love scenes. 3.5 starsA good old school romance.Hero saves h and soon becomes secretly besotted with h.He is rich, older than her and definitely has a puzzling behavior towards her he pursues her but with an ironic and cold streak that makes you doubt about his real intentions a usual HP trope.The h is a sweetheart she is young, inexperienced and soon desperately in love with him.Nothing new but nicely done sexual tension is well described.Definitely worth reading. I am binging on Robyn Donald and she continues to deliver exactly what I would want In this book, the h spends an alarming amount of time recovering from what should be an extremely minor injury, and I would be worried that there was some underlying issue that she wasn t receiving the appropriate amount of medical care for, except she d basically there for a long time because she doesn t want to shift herself. Ah A hero named Blaize by Robyn Donald She loves the name Blaize Blade Blaine etc I loved how Blaize carried her everywhere I also swoon at carrying Interestingly, there was some definite undercurrents of d s relationship in this book If you don t, Oriel, I shall personally dress and undress you myself I don t want to hear any mealy mouthed midddle class posturing from you You ll wear what s in the wardrobe if I have to put the horrors you ve been getting around in into the shredder And you will smile and look as though you are enjoying them, because Kathy went to a great deal of trouble to choose them for you, and I will not have her upset RAWR. Dreary little tale of a heroine with low self esteem who saves her cousin on a camping trip by hiking out to the millionaire hero s beach house The hero takes her in, buys her clothes, offers a job as governess to his orphaned niece and nephew There is some manufactured OM drama to serve as some last minute conflict when the hero realizes his true feelings.The only reason I slogged through this was that I was reading my Kindle to divert my attention from the heavy traffic on the Massachusetts Turnpike My husband wanted to know what I was reading so I explained how the hot but thinks she s a plain Jane heroine ended up at the hero s house He asked for names Oriel Like the bird Yes What about the guy Blaize You re kidding No Why does the woman thinks she s ugly Her breasts are too small You re kidding No 20min and a few exits later What s happening now Orphans What happened to hot and heavy Blaize He s afraid to love or something Right now we have orphans to deal with Okay, we re here I m not quite finished, but don t worry it will work out What if this is the only Harlequin ever written that doesn t work out There is no such thing Two days later traveling back on the Mass Pike What happened to Blaize and Oriel He got jealous and then proposed What about the orphans Instant family Sigh That s kind of boring Did I tell you about the one with the wife who everyone thinks died in a car accident, but she really lived and had plastic surgery so no one recognizes her when she returns to see her son Now we re talking.

Robyn was born on 1940 in Northland, New Zealand She was the oldest child in her family, and as a child, she thrilled her four sisters and one brother with bloodcurdling adventure tales, usually very like the latest book she d borrowed from the library.Robyn owes her writing career to two illnesses The first was a younger sister s flu She was living with her husband and Robyn and spent most of

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