Claimed by the Highlander (Highlander, #2)

Claimed by the Highlander (Highlander, #2) Well, after reading and reviewing Ms MacLean s first book in this trilogy, I wasn t sure, No 1, if I wanted to continue with the series, and, No 2., what I would find if I decided to continue on There s so many issues I had with Captured by the Highlander, I knew a good many of them would show up in this book And they did But then I got a nice surprise.The first, roughly, half of this book is nearly a mirror of CbtH hardened, tortured hero looking for revenge, taking back what is his, keeping the heroine at bay with a cranky attitude and suspicion Our hero, Angus, the Lion of the Highlands, has gone a step further by vowing to never fall for a woman because that makes a man weak He started this in the previous book when Duncan, his best friend, fell for an Englishwoman and gave up his violent life In Angus eyes, that made Duncan weak Okay, I went with that I knew Angus perceptions were off at the time because of the loss he d gone through In the meantime, he betrays his friend and is ultimately banished for that behavior by his father Two years later, after learning of his sire s death, he returns to Kinloch castle to reclaim his birthright from the clan who stole it from his father.Gwendolen is the daughter of the deceased chief of the MacEwen clan and refuses to give in to the sword wielding warrior who cuts down too many of her clansmen, and flat out objects when her enemy claims her to be his wife to supposedly reunite their two clans Of course, their initial relationship is full of anger and suspicion And this is where Ms MacLean s writing just doesn t work for me.When Gwendolen and Angus are going at each other, angry words flying, they sound like modern people instead of an 18th century couple As I said in my previous review, I realize that some of our everyday phrases can and do come from the past, but when it s one that s used a lot nowadays or one that truly is modern, that pulls me out of a story quicker than anything else I nearly gave up on this book when I got to the heroine telling the hero they will never be married as long as he continues to drag his knuckles on the ground Sorry, that s so out of place I m pretty darned sure a Highland lass from the 1700s would know nothing about Neanderthals I definitely know Gwendolen doesn t because her focus is her clan and her duty to them, and that focus changes to Angus, good and bad, when he shows up And just a few paragraphs after that, she thinks she s scraping the bottom of the barrel when giving him reasons for finally taking her, despite the fact she ll never let him touch her at that point in time That idiom didn t exist until the first half of the 1900s.A few others that irritate me are pretty little head lay of the land grace us with his presence left to their own devices cleavage not until at least 1810 shag not until 1788 Achilles heel not until 19th centuryAnd those are just the ones I marked and can list for you now There s way too many to ignore in this book It would be better if they can be reworked in some way, give a new twist to an old saying That can be done I ve seen it from other authors Just another reason I ended up aggravated while reading this story There s also a few inconsistencies that crop up, but those don t bother me nearly as much as all of the above Maybe because it s only a few as compared to so many of the other I can live with a few.But after all of this, when both Gwendolen and Angus decide it s better that they go with the flow sorry, couldn t resist , the book actually gets better They now try to get along , and, of course, once Angus makes Gwendolen his wife in all ways, their relationship becomes filled with laughter and happy days Ms MacLean does this part of the story justice No out of place sayings to drag you away from the goings on And I like these characters much better during this time Their happiness lasts for a while, until betrayal hits Then the doubts creep in.The story then follows the usual pattern we see in most romance novels when this happens Angus thinks Gwendolen is lying about being with child, thinks she s the one to betray him Gwendolen, of course, wishes he d trust her , even though their relationship is still quite new This all is taken nearly right up to the end, before they both acknowledge their love for the other and decide to truly trust one another A little too long for resolution, but it works okay.So in the end, while I m not totally happy with this book, it is better than CbtH Seduced by the Highlander, Lachlan s, Angus Laird of War, book is to be released in October I can only hope Ms MacLean takes a different path for him and his heroine, instead of following along the same one in these two books But I have a feeling the dialogue is going to once again be something I can t get past if and when I read that one.See my complete review at Another great book to add to this series In the previous book I took a disliking to Angus so I was worried about reading his story but a friend told me that I might even love Angus that I did Duncan and she was right Although Duncan The Butcher is still my favourite, Angus was a fantastic Hero The thing is with Duncan he was flirtacious, charming and had a great sense of humour So we knew straight away even when he was taking Amelia hostage and trying his best to terrify her, that he had another softer side in there somewhere But with Angus we didn t get that Yes he flirted a little but he was menacing from the start Charging in, taking control of Gwendolen s Castle which was his by birthright and annoncing to every person there that he would claim her as his wife and unite the two clans Gwendolen stood above and heard his announcement and was absolutely terrified, rightly so He was scary, rude and quickly tried to put her in her place But Gwen gave a good fight, never giving him what he wanted if it didn t suit her But we quickly learnt that Angus was lonely and that secretly he wanted her to like him, to warm to him and that she did They were a great fiery couple and I have to say that Gwen was an incredible heroine I loved that from the beginning she was a fighter taking it in her stride and keeping control even when the castle was under attack One of my favourite parts of this book came from her It was their wedding night and they had just had sex for the first time and Angus immediately tried to retreat He was scared, it was not what he had expected Gwen held him too closely and he was scared of losing himself to her Gwen had tried to get him to stay but he was about to walk through the door shouting at her saying that he is the Laird of the castle and will do as he pleases, thinking he has won until she says Even if you leave your wife unsatisfied He stopped in his tracks and turned around slamming the door behind him He did not dissapoint her again As soon as those words left her lips I smiled the biggest smile and wanted to shout out in joy lol She was finally learning how to handle him It was an amazing scene I really can t wait to start the next book. I LOVED this book I m on a highlander binge, and have read so many highland stories from so many authors that my mind gets jumbled with all the clan names This book was a particular treat It is hard to think of forgiving Angus the Lion for his part on Duncan s capture in book one But I urge readers to keep an open mind While this book is part of a trilogy, it would work fine as a stand alone I adore Gwen, one of the best heroines I ve come across in a while I was completely smitten with the couple The author wrote scenes that demonstrate what it is really like to be in love during the beginning of a marriage There is a scene where the couple are laying against opposite sides of the bed, and Angus massages Gwen s feet as they have pillow talk after one of their steamy love scenes There were quite a few heartwarming scenes of a couple truly in love I LOVED IT I actually cried twice Highly recommended and much than I expected im i ti bitirene kadar eviri desen boktan, d zenleme desen ba tan savma, erkek karakter dersen tam bir gerizekal , kad n ise ayr bir sorun Ak am ak am bo una keyfimi ka rd m vallahi I enjoyed this book quite a bit than the first in the series, Captured by the Highlander I found myself engrossed in Angus and Gwendolen s story.We met Angus The Lion Macdonald in the first book in this series and we knew him as a very angry Scot seeking revenge against the English for the rape and murder of his sister He seemed very lost in his grief and anger, so much so that he betrayed a friend and was exiled from his family home by his father.Captured by the Highlander starts when after two years of exile, and after learning the death of his father, Angus returns home to reclaim his family home, and in an effort to unite his clan and the clan residing within his home, he takes the former laird s daughter as his wife He is looking to put war and bloodshed behind him and live a life of peace.This book was a real page turner and if you like a brawny Highlander then you won t be disappointed with this read. I just finished Claimed by the Highlander with a happy, satisfied sigh Julianne MacLean is an auto buy keeper shelf author for me and I was surprised to learn that the hero of this book is someone who iswell, not so nice at the end of the first book in the trilogy Captured by the Highlander I m not sure if that is why I had a hard time warming to Angus at first, but it was initially hard to get on his side But that changes big time and Gwen is the perfect strong heroine to match him The thing is, Angus isn t even sure if he knows how to love, and he shuts off his emotions He shuts out everyone around him who may care and as a result, he kind of shuts out the reader, too But that s all part of his growth arc, and the further I got into the book the faster the pages started to turn Loving does not make him weak but he is afraid it does The plot twists as we get closer to the end are awesome At one point I was reading and thinking how could Julianne DO that to Gwen I won t say what as I try to stay fairly spoiler free and let s just say that what happens is the worst possible thing that could happen to her I know my mouth hung open in parts And the ending oh, it was perfection Just like she did in the beginning, Gwen stands up to the Lion of the Highlands in adorable fashion With her trademark sensuality and wit, MacLean has written another page turner I can t wait for the conclusion of the trilogy Angus MacDonald berhasil merampas kembali bentengnya, Kinloch dari tangan klan MacEwen Untuk menstabilisasi keadaan, Angus langsung mengumumkan utk menikahi putri laird sblmnya, Gwendolen MacEwen.Angus tidak mengharapkan istri yang cantik, tetapi dia tidak bisa menghindarkan hatinya tertarik pada istrinya yg menantang ini Bukan hanya cantik secara fisik, Gwendolen mampu menenangkan jiwanya yg selalu bergemuruh dendam dan kemarahan Angus tidak lagi tertarik pada balas dendam dan mulai berpikir utk rekonsiliasi dgn mantan teman baiknya, Duncan baca buku sebelumnya Tetapi kedatangan Raonaid, seorang wanita cantik dukun klenik yg juga mantan kekasih mulai mengacaukan ketenangan di Kinloch ini.Saya suka cara Gwendolen menghadapi Raonaid yg tidak tahu malu ini, dgn cara yg berkelas dia berhasil memenangkan hati Angus kepada dirinya Raonaid adalah dukun berbahaya yg sudah berhasil mempengaruhi pandangan Angus yg sangat meyakini ramalan Raonaid ini koq jadi mirip dgn duda yg akan menikah lagi bulan depan yg sedang viral ya Mempercayai hal hal yg berbau klenik itu hal yg sangat berbahaya dan sangat bodoh menurut saya Tetapi Gwendolen berhasil mengatasi musuhnya ini Kalau penasaran cara Gwendolen, bacalah buku ini.Ternyata kebahagiaan abadi mereka belum bisa dinikmati Kakak Gwendolen, Murdoch yg tadinya dikira sudah meninggal, tetiba menyerang Kinloch pada saat Angus diracuni dgn obat tidur Apakah Gwendolen mengkhianati suaminya Apakah Angus meninggal sesuai dgn ramalan dari Raonaid pada jeratan tali Saya memberikan rating lumayan tinggi karena cinta dalam novel ini bukan insta love Dari seorang musuh menjadi orang yg dicintai, kita akan diajak utk melihat jatuh bangun Gwendolen membangun kepercayaan pada suaminya ini yg sebelumnya tidak pernah mengenal apa itu cinta sejati yg sesungguhnya Latar belakang Angus yg mengenaskan, penuh darah dan pengkhianatan membuatnya ragu merasakan bahwa apa yg dirasakannya pada Gwendolen adalah cinta sejati Berulangkali Angus mencurigai Gwendolen akan mengkhianatinya karena Gwendolen tidak langsung tunduk dan setia pada awalnya Tetapi chemistry yg dibangun mereka menjamin setiap plot yang dibangun menjadi sangat menarik dibaca.Ada quotes menarik di novel ini Terkadang orang berbuat salah, tapi kalau kita menyayangi seseorang, dan kalau orang itu sungguh sungguh menyesali perbuatannya, maka kita harus memaafkan Dan adakalanya, sebuah kesempatan kedua adalah satu satunya hal yang dibutuhkan utk penebusan dosa yang sesungguhnya. i love love love the was a little interesting to see how Gwendolyn does not realize her dreams are premonitions of sorts and may not always be correct until she was claimed by her husband who laid siege to her castle to gain back his birthrightthey started out as enemies and slowly fell in love.betrayals lurk at every corner.who can gwendolyn trust.when will angus learn to trust gwen and realise that not everyone is the same With His Tawny Mane, Battle Hewn Brawn, And Ferocious Roar, Angus The Lion MacDonald Is The Most Fearsome Warrior Lady Gwendolen Has Ever Seen And She Is His Most Glorious Conquest Captured In A Surprise Attack On Her Father S Castle, Gwendolen Is Now Forced To Share Her Bed With The Man Who Defeated Her Clan But, In Spite Of Angus S Overpowering Charms, She Refuses To Surrender Her Innocence Without A Fight With Her Stunning Beauty, Bold Defiance, And Brazen Smile, Gwendolen Is The Most Infuriating Woman Angus Has Ever Known And The Most Intoxicating Forcing Her To Become His Bride Will Unite Their Two Clans But Conquering Gwendolen S Heart Will Take All His Skills As A Lover Night After Night, His Touch Sets Her On Fire Kiss After Kiss, His Hunger Fuels Her Passion But, As Gwendolen S Body Betrays Her Growing Love For Angus, A Secret Enemy Plots To Betray Them Both I can t express how much I enjoyed this book a great surprise after reading Captured by the Highlander, book one of the series, which I thought was enjoyable but not capturing Claimed by the Highlander was capturing So many Romance novels use the I m not worthy of love or love makes you weak premise, but this book is the only one I can recall to have found believable The shift of loath to love Angus was slow, but not to the point that it dragged Gwendolen realizing she loved him was earlier than expected, yet still understandable and I found each of their reactions realistic considering the circumstances while continuously true to their personalities.The flow was great, with the dialogue natural much better than Captured by the Highlander in my opinion The characters were lovable and well rounded The action and plot was well paced, too I loved how Julianne MacLean weaved the shifting outlook on love, life, and alliances throughout how the people eventually sought peace within themselves and for their clan and country It s a rare aspect to find in any Highlander novel.I wish I could say this book could stand alone, that you wouldn t have to read the previous one, but to truly appreciate Angus s story, you ll need to read Captured first And Julianne MacLean outdid herself this time around Claimed by the Highlander is a fabulous sequel and can claim a spot in my read again shelf. 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