See Ya, Simon

See Ya, SimonThis book made me think about how disabled kids most feel about their disabilities when someone judges them when nathan and simon went to the disco, at the start of the book simon went all salty because some people would think his disability is contagious, that really made me angry, but i thought if i was simon i would get ticked off too.The writer is teaching us about what people with disabilities go through, because its important to notice wrong doings.In my opinion, simon sounds like a normal humand being, hearing that hes full of joy but then full of disgrace yep the end I decided to read this book because I thought this book is interesting and funny after I read the blurb at the back of book It hooks me up and I wanted to find out what is the difference between Simon and Nathan as they are best friends Also I want to compared Simon to his classmate.This book will fit the category of A book with themes related to those we ve studied in class in the 1st half of the year The theme at the start of the year is about Differences to other people or someone This book fits very well with it because Simon is in the wheelchair while other people is a normal.My favourite character of this book is Nathan because he always wants to help Simon who has muscular dystrophy since he was born Simon is in the wheelchair Nathan is very friendly and helpful to Simon He was always goes with him at lunchtime and afterschool everyday, even Simon goes to the hospital, Nathan will still make an appointment to see him Nathan is always like to keep in touch with Simon than his other friends which it was regularly in touch.My favourite quote is Inside those skins, those circles, is the real you I like this quote because this quote really tell us that everybody is different, even our friends There are no matter if they are good or bad This quote also tell us to step up and be proud of myself No body will laugh at you even if you are performing, you still have to be confident, not nervous This quote tends to happen when people are doing the performance or something.I learned from this book is to be supportive each other and communicate each other very well even if you need some help on something Also, I learned from this book is to respect each other even if the person dies.The difference between Nathan and Simon are similar to each other They are both bored when they are lonely at lunchtime Normally, Simon would go to play computer games at lunchtime while Nathan sat there looking at the kids playing around Simon is very different to us because he is in the wheelchair He gets his special needs in the classroom while other classmate in the class doesn t need special needs He goes to the hospital monthly Simon is very kind and cool to the classmate Sadly, at the end of the story, Simon have died in the hospital due to the breathing problem as his muscles is getting smaller and skinner than what is like last year Mostly of Simon s class came to the funeral to pay their respects to Simon He will be remember as the coolest guy and the funniest guy ever in the school This book is written in NZ Compared to Millions book that we went this year is quite different But the similarity of this book to Millions is that everybody is different, even people loves them like Damian s Dad loves Dorthy since Mum goes of to the better place The difference of this book is the setting and taking something else, other than money This is about help each other in the community. This Funny And Poignant Novel Tells The Story Of Nathan And His Best Friend, Simon Two Year Old Boys With A Passion For Girls, Soccer, Weekends, Girls, Computers, And Girls Although Simon Is Confined To A Wheelchair Because Of Muscular Dystrophy, His Keen Sense Of Humor And Taste For Excitement Are Than A Match For His Disability Interest level 7th Reading level mediumGenre Realistic, schools, friendship, muscular distrophy MD , trial by fireRead alikes Stuck in NeutralJust because Simon has Muscular Distrophy and is in a wheelchair doesn t mean that he wants to be treated like an invalid He is witty and sharp tongued and enjoys being around his classmates at school even though he knows he doesn t have too long to live Nathan is his best friend and doesn t treat him as though he is disabled either, yet deep inside it is hard to see his friend slowly get weaker and weaker You might think that a story with a fateful ending would be sad and tearful, yet this book isn t It is simply amazingly honest and at times downright funny A very well written book about a difficult topic Read it and you ll see why An outstanding read Funny, quirky, realistic and sad Definitely had me blubbing A must read. You know going into this book that it won t be a miracle happy ending You also know it s aimed at high school aged kids So I think somehow I didn t expect it to hit me quite so hard in the emotions I ve rated this five stars, because within its genre, it is one of the best I ve read Even considering beyond genre, it s very good.I wonder what my experience would have been if I d read this when I was the age it is targeted at I lost someone when I was 8 years old, and I often wonder nowadays if I could have processed that better books like this certainly would have helped I think Readers know how this one will end because we are informed about Simon s muscular dystrophy MD by the author, as well as the massive hint in the novel s title, but still we read on The banter between the two besties is believable not to mention classic and there is some original imagery created What could easily have been a very depressing novel, is quite uplifting What s nice is the insight into how Simon is feeling about how others perceive and interact with him especially after a development It deals with the themes dealing with differences, making the most of it, seeing chances and friendship. See Ya, Simon is about a boy with Muscular Dystrophy, it is written in the perspective of his best friend Nathan, and it deals with the feelings that each of them go through as Simon s diesease progresses It is only a short book, and while there isnt much character or story development, I think it did a great job at portraying how a teenager would be feeling and acting in this situation I gave this book a 4 5 stars, it made me cry, and any book that c an hit me on such a high emotional level deserves a good rating. Why aren t there books like this in schools these days In See Ya, Simon, a group of kids learn that a disability doesn t define a person, and it teaches valuable lessons about friendship acceptance and understanding. Great characters funny and sad Need your hankie at the end.

David Hill born 1942 is a New Zealand author, especially well known for his young adult fiction His young fiction books See Ya, Simon 1992 and Right Where It Hurts 2001 have been shortlisted for numerous awards He is also a prolific journalist, writing many articles for The New Zealand Herald.He cites Maurice Gee as his favourite author, and Joy Cowley and Margaret Mahy as his favourite ch

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