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A Pinch of Love Dear Goodreads,First, let me thank you for the free book You are awesome in so many ways, even Ms Browning would be unable to count them That being said, I m sorry, but I cannot review this book properly It wasn t because I was incapacitated though I did seriously consider utilizing this method to make itfun or because I m anti foodie though I really don t mind if my burger is cooked at a McDonald s or Little Owl s Hell,power to those with a love for food and the preparation that goes into making it And as far as love and all the emotions that accompany itpeople, there is nothing I adorethan L.O.V.E. My real problem, the sole reason I can t write a review I can t remember it It was completely forgettable Wait, I m lying There is one thing I remember and that s the style of writing I didn t dig it It was coarse, simplistic, and lazy That s it That s all I got I don t remember loving or hating the plot, characters, etc Just that it was good enough to keep reading, but ho hum enough to have made no lasting impression.So, why a 3 you ask Because I don t love food, I m not really that big on Chick Lit and because maybe it really all does come down to right place right time and those reasons deserve to be taken into account I entered the giveaway to try something different, thanks for the sampler. I really liked a lot of the Massachusetts and New England references in this book Zell s husband died a little over a year ago during a mission trip for Katrina relief She is not a great cook but when her neighbor s daughter volunteers to help her win a contest she can t say no This encounter may have happened when she almost burned down her kitchen but who asked The story is light and fun The romance is really light and not the focus The characters are fun and they form great friendships, as well as Zell reconnecting with old friendships. Alicia Bessette s debut marries a big social issue with an intimate story of mourning From the opening page there s a sad edge to the humor found in Zell s narration that neatly highlights both the setting a wintery Massachusetts s town and the tenuous bonds between characters that once felt united forever The relationship between Zell and Ingrid gives the story its best, most emotionally profound moments so than the romantic moments between Zell and Ingrid s determined but struggling single dad I assume Bessette understands that a novel about recovering from the loss of a husband one loves completely would be made trite by a storyline that revolved solely around a love interest More importantly, though, this is not a book about one connection but many connections from the bonds of local townspeople to the unexpected links between people brought together through tragedies big Katrina and small the death of a husband that everyone loved I read this book in just two sittings, propelled forward by the voice and curiosity as to how things would work out hoping it would not be a neat, overly sweet finish the kind I m usually not satisfied by when there s a major social crisis involved As it turns out, I was not disappointed, because Simply From Scratch, despite all the things fiction can get away with, does not pretend to be about a perfect world with perfect people instead it s a book with the invisible, difficult to vanquish villains of pain and loss Ultimately, the Katrina backstory involving Zell s husband whose death is directly related to his time in New Orleans fits perfectly in terms of tone the details of the Katrina aftermath stand on their own and also work as a metaphor for Zell s own life disaster how she will have to save what she can from the rubble While this can be a difficult line to walk, Bessette doesn t leave the reader thinking that Katrina is a convenient contemporary issue that serves her characters She avoids insulting the survivors of that real tragedy by celebrating survival and community in both storylines It s a compelling use of the real life moment In fact, I think the author would bethan capable of delving into Katrinadirectly in a future book. I m exhausted and spent in a good way This is the best book I have read in a long, long time and my first 5 star read this year Though it sounds cliched, I can t think of a better way to say that I laughed out loud, I cried big weeping sobs at times, and laughed and cried simultaneously several times This novel reached the darkest corners of my heart and warmed them in an almost divine union kind of way The story was so bittersweet, redemptive, heart warming, adorable, lovable in every way without ever being sappy or overly sentimental I m just absolutely blown away by how much I loved this book It scares me to think that I randomly picked this up from a sale shelf because I liked the cover I had not heard of this book and it was sheer chance that put it in my hands I shudder to think I might not have read this book and how less enriched my life might have been This book is going on my shelf next to Pat Conroy s The Prince of Tides Anyone who knows me well will know what a high honor that is What are you waiting for Get out and grab this book right now get reading Fluffy, love a plot about baking, don t know why the dog had to go missing 3.5 starsall I could think about at the end was what about the dog I was drawn to the cover of this book when I discovered it among donations for my Heartland Little Free Libraries and I set it aside to read before sharing Steward perk Or hazard, lol The story is both sweet and sad, and the ending has a few surprises as it should Overall, I enjoyed this heart warming book Alice Bessette s SIMPLY FROM SCRATCH was an enjoyable readsort of a quirky little story with interesting characters I liked the fact that it wasn t just another happy ending not that the ending was unhappy, but all of the loose ends weren t tied up in a perky bow.Zell, the main character, is a young widow Her husband has been dead for three years, yet she can t seem to get past his death at all She doesn t mix with their old friends, and lives a reclusive life in their home with their adopted greyhound.Next door, a young girl, Ingrid Knox, is learning to cope with life without her mother, who abandoned her at birth Because Ingrid believe a cooking show host to be her mother, she subscribes to the woman s magazine, and wants to learn to cook.Zell is delivered one of Ingrid s magazine s by mistake, and decides despite the fact that she knows nothing about cooking to enter a cooking contest where the award prize is 20,000 in cash the amount of money her deceased husband wanted to raise to give to Katrina victims Zell is determined She wears Nick s camouflage apron and tries her hardes to make something that Warms the soul as the contest describes Instead, she causes a fire in her oven that brings Ingrid and her father into Zell s life, and reunites her with many of Nick s friends in the volunteer fire department.Alicia Bessette writes in a way that is tender and honest When she makes her story about friendship, celebrating life, and being able to let go SIMPLY FROM SCRATCH is both humorous and touching As we watch the relationship between Zell and Ingrid and Ingrid s father blossom Zell begins to unfold, and reach out to old friends, and lets herself be vulnerable onceto new relationships.Zell and Ingrid make it to the finalists with their strange but interesting dessert, but the real prize is in how teaming together for the contests brings these two unlikely characters together This is a book I would recommend Beautiful novel written by a beautiful person. With A Little Bit Of Flour And A Pinch Of Love, Anything Is Possible Rose Ellen Zell Carmichael Roy Doesn T Cook, But She Wears Her Late Husband Nick S Camouflage Apron Every Day That S Her Widow Style It S Been Than A Year Since Nick S Tragic Death During A Post Katrina Relief Mission In New Orleans, But Zell Can T Bring Herself To Move On Then, A Postman S Error Spurs Her To Enter A Baking Contest In The Hopes Of Donating The Grand Prize To The Hurricane Survivors In Nick S Memory After Zell S First Attempt At Baking Goes Embarrassingly Awry, She Meets Ingrid Knox Her Motherless Nine Year Old Neighbor And The Two Forge An Unlikely Friendship That Will Alter Both Their Lives Forever

Alicia Bessette s first novel, A Pinch Of Love also published as Simply From Scratch , became an international bestseller immediately upon publication Library Journal called it a strong, richly detailed debut novel, with a truly lovable heroine Alicia was born and raised in central Massachusetts A pianist and freelance writer, she and her husband, novelist Matthew Quick, live in New England.A

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  • Paperback
  • 311 pages
  • A Pinch of Love
  • Alicia Bessette
  • English
  • 10 July 2017
  • 9780452297111

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