桜姫華伝 4

桜姫華伝 4Reads R To L Japanese Style Sakura Is The Granddaughter Of A Mysterious Moon Princess Who Slew Demons With Her Blood Cherry Blossom Sword All Her Life Sakura Has Been Forbidden To Look At The Full Moon Without Knowing Why Then One Night, Unhappy Over Her Impending Marriage, Sakura Gazes Up At The Moon, Only To See A Demon Attacking Her Sakura Is Taken Away By Enju To Live In His Hidden Palace Once There, Sakura Comes Face To Face With A Mononoke Who Looks And Sounds Exactly Like Her Sakura Has Met Her Double, And Her Double Wants Her Dead

Name in Japanese Tanemura Arina Western Zodiac PiscesArina Tanemura was born on March 12, 1978 She s the author of Full Moon O Sagashite, Time Stranger Kyoko, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, The Gentlemen s Alliance Cross, Sakura Hime Kaden, and .Her favorite hobby is Karaoke One song that she sings is Smile, originally by Myco She has two cats, named Riku and Kai She has one elder and one

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  • Paperback
  • 184 pages
  • 桜姫華伝 4
  • Arina Tanemura
  • English
  • 03 May 2018
  • 9781421538853

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    Read in January 2013, June 2013.We get a lot of history in this series Select characters are beginning to tell their stories and reveal their intentions Maimai tells us why his beauty is so important and Asagirl tells us how she came to be in Sakura s household I feel we have some battles ahead of us and look forward to what is to come The love between Sakura and her brother is a bit disturbing though just throwing that out there.

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    I loved to see the backstory to Rurijo and Maimai It was heartbreaking and beautiful and set the story up beautiful for the fight.

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    Whoa, there are some unexpectedly intense parts in this series

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    This volume was really interesting and I especially enjoyed the bonus chapter at the end.Contains Chapters 12 1512 The Other Princess Sakura13 Loving Without Being Loved14 A Passionate Heart15 Things that are not Beautiful Should Cease to ExistBonus Story Asagiri Snow Legend

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    I like this volume because of the back story about Rurijo That s not to say that s the only good thing about it I know there are some flaws in this series,but I love it anyway Some of the characters annoy the hell out of me and some I can t help but love Rurijo is one of those characters.

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    I have always been an HUGE admirer of Arina Tanemura since I purchased Full Moon O Sagashite Her art style, her writing, everything about that series had me hooked She is one of my favorite mangaka I was a bit hesitant to actually read Sakura Hime when I read the short summary about it I m thrilled I pushed past my timid and unsure thoughts I REALLY like this series It s definitely different than what her previous series Full Moon o Sagashite, Gentlemen s Alliance Cross and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne The art still is slightly the same though I remember when I read the first volume and I was shocked by how similiar Aoba looks to Takuto Full Moon and Takanari Gentlemen s Alliance Even the MC, Sakura, has a striking resemblance to Haine Gentlemen s Alliance I wish she put a bit effort in shaping and drastically changing the faces hairstyles of her characters This volume in particular was definitely a must needed emphasis on the antagonist within the series When Sakura discovers that Enjo has created an exact replica of his little sister, which others have referred to as his lover I think this cemented how DAMAGED, DISTURBED, and CRAZY he is Dying the same death over and over for five years really did make him insane He wasn t kidding when he said that lol I was very repulsed by this and I honestly feel sympathy for Rurijo she was basically made as a substitute and unfortunately fell in love with Enjo I hate that she is told to refer to him as her master The subservience she displays towards him, her creator I understand why but it just leaves a bad taste in the mouth I hope toward the end of the series she quits lying to herself that he will ever love her and leaves him She deserves better Sakura and Enjo have a borderline incestual relationship, at least that was my interpretation The way how Sakura refers to him as her first love , that he never sees her as a woman but only as a girl, the jealousy she shows when she finds out that he has loveretc While, the manga when showing flashbacks never showed any scenes about Enjo and Rurijo doing anything it s still creepy lol I love that Aoba was able to tell the difference between Sakura and Rujijo I truly enjoy their romance it s very simple and pure with just enough angst I look forward to finding out about the Moon prince s henchmen in the next volume.

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    4,5 stars Review of the Finnish edition.In the end of the volume three Enju kidnapped Sakura and now he s taken her to his palace where he is trying to convince Sakura to become a ruler of the Moon and restore the magical well That means killing humans thoughSo Sakura is torn by multiple sides Enju is her beloved brother albeit transformed but she doesn t want to kill people but if she doesn t help Enju, the Moon people die And there s the risk of her turning into a monster too Despite these heavy things weighing on Sakura, she s mostly taking backseat in this book She s there yes but she s not very active Instead the spotlight is on the others and especially on the bitter Rurijoo who is a sentient stone given a wood body in form of Sakura She s interesting character and works as a great mirror for Sakura She s powerful but feels inferior because she s just a copy She desires to be Sakura, not just an image of her I am interested to learn of her and see where her path will take her.Maimai, from Enju s Moon group, is given a back story too Her gender identity gets omg what reaction from Sakura and not so nice line from one of the other Moon people but she s not laughed at which is nice Could be so much worse.And in true drama fashion, almost all of the Moon people seem to be connected to Sakura and her friends in some way It s not a bad thing, it sure adds an extra layer of emotions, but it s also a quite used trope and usually a bit stretched in believability.I was slightly disappointed that Sakura was so passive and damsel in distress in this volume because she s been versatile with being strong and active vs needing support physical and emotional But maybe she takes action after she gets over the shock of finding her brother and seeing Rurijoo.Despite that I liked this volume a lot, it had a lot of big exciting reveals and Sakura trying to make sense of them There was no dull moment in this volume.There s also a bonus story about Asagiri It tells how Asagiri became Sakura s friend and what drives her It was a fine little story, it was nice to learn about one of my favourite characters in this series Like most of Arina s characters, she has also her sad tragic side.As always, art is on the level of AMAZING PLUS, nothing tops Arina s pictures in my eyes I just love all the details and the beautiful eyes

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    4.5 5 stars.

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    I may be an adult, but this story has held my interest for four books Going to continue because it is not only cute, but the storyline is developed nicely Age Group Teen Angsty Some Romance Scale A true romance with the ups and downs, and suspense Graphics Black and white Setting of Story Kingdoms, tribe land, and forest land

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    In SummaryThe plot gets vastly interesting, thanks to the introduction of some fascinating characters on Enju s side The battle aspect of this series continues with Aoba and company launching an assault on Enju s fortress, but as Tanemura sensei mentions in her closing notes, the shonen story she originally aimed for has taken of a shojo flavor with past histories and complicated relationships taking center stage.The ReviewThe story really picks up in Volume 4, mainly because of the introduction of Enju s minions Though the Youko had given Sakura and company enemies to face against, the monsters weren t that interesting and didn t last that long Team Enju, on the other hand, is not only comprised of a unique array of personalities, but two out of the four have some past relationship with Sakura s friends.All of Enju s henchmen have had moon power bestowed upon them, and these chapters include lengthy flashbacks on the origins of Rurijo and Maimai These detours don t detract from the story though they actually make those individuals and their actions compelling The flashbacks also provide additional layers of depth to Enju s character.As for Aoba and company, they aren t completely sidelined With Sakura trapped in the enemy s lair, they of course must play hero, and their assault against Enju s fortress is where we get most of the action in this volume Even so, it s the bad guys who steal the show, and the nice thing is that Enju lays out fairly clearly what he s after and why After Aoba s earlier waffling between killing and loving Sakura, Enju s straightforwardness is rather refreshing.By the way, Volume 4 includes several extras including a bonus story about Asagiri, comics created by Tanemura sensei s assistants, and a special interview between Tanemura and one of her assistants.

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