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Name in Japanese Tanemura Arina Western Zodiac PiscesArina Tanemura was born on March 12, 1978 She s the author of Full Moon O Sagashite, Time Stranger Kyoko, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, The Gentlemen s Alliance Cross, Sakura Hime Kaden, and .Her favorite hobby is Karaoke One song that she sings is Smile, originally by Myco She has two cats, named Riku and Kai She has one elder and one

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  • Paperback
  • 184 pages
  • 桜姫華伝 5
  • Arina Tanemura
  • English
  • 13 June 2017
  • 9781421539362

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    How I wish I could quit you, Arina Tanemura But your art is just so gorgeous.

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    Oh man How the plot is thickening I know logically I shouldn t be so emotionally invested in fictional characters lives, but I am Age Group Teen Angsty Some Romance Scale A true romance with the ups and downs, and suspense Graphics Black and white Setting of Story Kingdoms, tribe land, and forest land

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    The art s is okay, there are some characters that I m sticking around for Aoba, Hayato they be cute

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    Synopsis Aoba and the others storm Enju s hidden palace to rescue Sakura Byakuya must defeat Maimai for the key to the tower where Sakura is being held Maimai is a ruthless killer, but Byakuya is about to unleash her secret powersMy Thoughts There were some surprises in this volume Byakuya s battle with Maimai goes in a way that I didn t expect at all She s surprisingly violent.Then, it s Kohaku up against Shuri, a ninja that betrayed their village Only, that isn t the whole story It was a pretty fierce battle and I m still not completely sure how it turned out, but I guess I ll find out in v.6.

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    Read in February 2013, June 2013.Volume 5 of Sakura Hime revolves around Byakuya and Kohaku.Byakuya continues her battle with Maimai and we get to see her secret she also can transform In the battle, she was able to pull out Sakura s sword, but Sakura was able to feel it and call it back Maimai doesn t die and Byakuya finds the key to the tower.Kohaku battles with Shuri, but most of it is the back story of Shuri He quickly becomes a character that is misunderstood and likable and of course his defeat is heartbreaking This volume had some strong character development and as the series progresses, I m and impressed.

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    Wow these backstories get sadder and sadder Beautiful but really heart ranching

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    The fifth volume continues the quest to rescue Sakura from Enju s moon palace and has even less Sakura herself than the previous volume Instead, we learn of Byakuya s secret and Kohaku and her ninja friends story.Although fight with Maimai gets a conclusion, it only teases Byakuya s story actually And as a teaser it worked perfectly, I m dying to know who is really is I of course have my prediction of the matter Knowing Arina s way of weaving stories, and this one in particular, I m pretty sure of the answer.I liked Kohaku s part of the volume a lot She s been the airhead of the group but here s another, sad, side to her She s been the chipper sidekick but now she gets meat around her bones I think this manga s theme could be hidden selves , meaning that everybody is hiding their true self or less Some of them might show it Sakura being the most obvious with her princess self and magical moon girl self but others, like Kohaku, don t change physically but are keeping up the appearances And that theme applies to Sakura and her friends and to Enju and the moon people.This volume was very serious too The flashbacks to Kohaku s childhood in ninja village had some humour yes, but the overall atmosphere was sad and serious Arina s series aren t comedies but have often a lot of humour but this one has heavier feel in general And that s fine I prefer drama.The series has turned into an ensemble piece during the last couple of books It started as Sakura s story but now it has been everybody s story I do like reading about the other characters because they are interesting and entertaining but I hope the story focuses on Sakura again soon too.There s also 50 page short story unrelated to Sakura, called Vampire Rose It s fun little manga about a school s occult club and a supposed vampire living in the school It s a nice paranormal romance la Arina.The usual million hearts for the art.

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    This volume was too short in my opinion The flashbacks were too long to move the story forward in only three chapters.The short story in his, Vampire Rose, also did not hook me at all.

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    In SummaryThe Maimai Byakuya battle ends with a surprising revelation The story then moves on to ninjas Kohaku and Shuri Through a series of flashbacks, Tanemura sensei casts an air of tragedy over the fight between former friends, but from a battle standpoint, her depiction of the duel feels flawed.The ReviewAt the end of the previous volume, Byakuya looked like she was in deep trouble, but given her abilities and wisdom, you d suspect she d be able to get out of it on her own And she does in a manner that s surprising in ways than one Apparently, Sakura and Asagiri aren t the only ones capable of transformation, and Byakuya s triumph over Maimai unveils a previously unseen aspect that gives the hitherto mundane sage an air of mystery.The story then moves on to the next fight between Kohaku and the deserter ninja Shuri Those who are fans of the ninja characters will enjoy flashbacks of Kohaku, Shuri, and Hayate as children, but the focus is less on Enju s minion Shuri and on Kohaku.With this arc, it feels like Tanemura sensei s trying to inject a bit of Naruto into the series with the ninja village and the child ninja who wants so badly to become the next leader Kohaku, however, is not the underdog that Naruto is As the current leader s daughter, she s hardly an outcast, and she s beloved by her peers So she doesn t evoke the level of sympathy Naruto does and comes across instead as a klutzy crybaby, especially when she vows never to cry again and is bawling seven pages later Given the mistakes Kohaku s made thus far in the series, seeing her holding her own against Shuri is a bit of a stretch It s also rather strange that the Prince and the others don t just leave Kohaku to dispatch Shuri and go rescue Sakura Instead, everyone takes a seat to watch the fight, as if it s a match in the ninja chunin exams, despite the fact that they re very much in enemy territory.By the way, Volume 5 includes several extras including bonus funnies, bonus illustrations, and the 50 page one shot White Rose Academy Vampire Rose.

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    Did someone say childhood friends Shoujo manga has trained me to believe these are the greatest most important relationships, full stop I am super ready to read the story of the reconciliation of Shuri and Kohaku as facilitated by Hayate as mediator Did you see that panel at the end when he picked the both of them up I think my heart grew three sizes just then I ll see a doctor Right after Shuri is reintegrated into the village and all the ninjas live happily ever after.I dug the second half of this volume much than the first because well childhood friends ninja kids backstory, of course I would But also because I don t really understand Sakura s affection for Maimai I mean dude turned into a murderer just because he wanted to be beautiful Not cool And Byakuya raised her, you think she d be a bit conflicted about being kind to the man who was trying to kill her three seconds ago l I m generally Miss Sympathy For The Villain myself but that s just cold You tried to kill my pseudo grandma but hey it s cool, of course you re still pretty 3 stars

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