Часовой Ключ

Часовой КлючVasilisa Nem La A Doned Vna Pon T O Tom, E Jej Otec Je Mocn M G Zem Eflary M Sta, Kde Ij Arod Jov , Kte Ovl Daj Silnou Magii, D Ky N Mohou Ovliv Ovat As Kdy Se Pak Sama V T To Zemi Ocitne, Netu , Jak Nebezpe Tam Na Ni Ek Nikdo Nev , Pro Se Tam Najednou Objevila, Ani K M Ve Skute Nosti Je Je To Oby Ejn Ne Ika Pionka, Kterou Vyslal Jej Otec, Aby Mu Pomohla Z Skat Tr N Nebo Snad Mocn Asod Jka, Kter M E Zachr Nit Zemi A Eflaru P Ed Nebezpe M, Kter Se Na N T Audiokniha, Hodin Minut When Vasilisa s long absent father shows up, she is unceremoniously whisked off to another world Despite her hopes of a normal family life, her new family happens to be from a race of people who have the magical ability to manipulate time and space Vasilisa quickly discovers that everyone seems to want something from her, but will tell her little of what is really going on Especially her father, the head of a powerful family, and his disturbingly evil accomplice, Elena both rumoured to be plotting to put him into the highest ruling position possible Along with a few new friends, Vasilisa embarks on an adventure to get back home to Earth On the way, she discovers who she truly is and what it means to be a time wizard, and becomes embroiled in a plot to find the seven time keys that could stop two worlds from colliding.I found the story fun and the world to be rich and original I loved how many different people were involved and all the secret plots they cooked up Vasilisa, however, was incredibly annoying Even for a twelve year old I find it extremely difficult to believe that someone could be so gullible and naive, especially after everything that happens to her in the book Time and again she does exactly as her enemies want her to do, without even realizing She never thinks her actions through, or tries to think of other people s actions Most of all, she has no curiousity about the world Every time she asks questions it is out of frustration And when people don t answer her questions she just says Oh, well I gotta get out of here Not my problem I find that extremely unrealistic If anything, as a protagonist you would want to listen in on people or go where you are not supposed to and get as much information for yourself as possible to at least give yourself a good chance of making it out alive Multiple people threaten her with death and Vasilisa takes all of their threats for granted She is led along like a sheep by her friends and her enemies She also undoes all her friendships by being weirdly suspicious of everybody, but she readily believes everything her enemies tell her How, I ask you Ridiculous and frustrating to read I hope in book 2 she gets a grip Anyway, I was entertained enough by everyone else and the world building to find this story enjoyable I have high hopes that Vasilisa gets over herself and becomes a worthy fantasy heroine If you love middle grade fiction, or even YA, this will be a fun read Yuliya Yablonska is also an excellent narrator of the audiobook LitRes and I recommend it to those who have the ability to listen to this book in Russian Kids will for sure enjoy it. This is such a gem of a book Accidentally stumbled upon when I went to visit family in Ukraine and my sister pointed as the one to read I was way too late to the party Shcherba had already written 6 books in this specific series and started to work on another series as well I have never heard of her, or this series, and no wonder, they have not been translated into English I can honestly say, they really REALLY need to be Characters 3As an aspiring writer, I read a good amount of self help books for writers as well as college classes in English composition and creative writing The modern motto seems to be character driven fiction There is prevalent belief that in any modern piece of writing, characters have to be the main driving force and move the story forward Shcherba managed to somehow violate this rule and still come out on top with a stellar story At least that is how I felt There is nothing special about characters she created Also this is a YA or New Adult read I did not realize this until I began reading, but it turned out well enough There is the main heroine with a couple of support characters as well as a small team of villains Adults and young adults are woven together quite well, however, and the story integrates both age brackets in an interesting manner.Setting 5What makes them shine is the setting and the overall premise of the book This is the reason I put setting before plot in this specific case I have never read a book with a setting quite like this one The idea is quite genius The main idea revolves around time manipulation and time travel in a way The idea that there exists parallel world sure is not very novel, however, a magical parallel world where people can manipulate time at will felt very exciting to me The way we are plunged right into the action without too much explanation creates lots of tension Details come up chapter after chapter, bit by bit without lengthy explanations of what s going on, which usually makes me bored Plot 5Because of the unusual and strange setting, I had no idea where the plot could go and I did not even try to guess I sort of just went along for the ride and enjoyed the scenery It did not disappoint in the slightest Things happened and happened and happened and I never found the time to get bored I was confused and anxious to learn what was going to happen next and that to me is a great plot Definitely will be reading the next book Roman Ragnar P b h je nap nav a ne navn se t vp ed, jen koda, e po cest upust jen n jak ty drobky informac Objevuje se spousta l a podvod , v ichni hlavn hrdinka i ten jsou zmaten a za pravdu se plat mod inami a od en mi koleny asod jnick um n je ale nesm rn d vtipn a zaj mav , jen koda, e v prvn m d le se o n m dozv me jen st pky, kter si mus me poskl dat dohromady Snad se do k m ve druh m d le Svet tejto s rie je fascinuj ci a tvoria ho dve krajiny Av ak Ostalu, ktor ob vaj oby ajn udia, a Eflaru, domov asodejov a v l, od seba odde uje obrovsk asov priepas T sa posledn roky st le viac zu uje a vyzer to tak, e nebude dlho trva a tieto dva svety sa spoja, pri om jeden z nich bude musie zanikn Aby tomu obyvatelia arovnej Eflary zabr nili, musia rozto i asokruh a to dok u len za pomoci siedmych z hadn ch k ov.Do tohto arovn ho sveta na pokraji skazy sa akoby omylom dostane aj Vasilisa Oby ajn dvan s ro n diev a, o ktor sa dovtedy starala jej nevlastn babi ka Marta Cel ivot si myslela, e jej rodi ia ne ij No jedn ho d a sa do jej ivota vr ti jej otec a v etko sa prevr ti hore nohami Vasilisa v aka tomu zis uje, e nie je tak oby ajn , ako sa m e zda na prv poh ad Objavuje v sebe tajomn schopnosti Av ak v Eflare na u zo v etk ch k tov pozer nebezpe enstvo.Vasilisa ako hrdinka je pr li mlad na to, aby dok zala prekukn v etky intrigy a tajomstv , ktor sa okolo nej zh kli Navy e sa ocitla v inom svete Ten funguje pod a vlastn ch pravidiel Autorka sa sna prezradi o najviac, av ak je jasn , e ve a inform cii si nech va aj pre seba To, o v ak prezrad sa sna d vkova skuto ne postupne a v prav as.Nako ko asodejn cke schopnosti s ve mi zlo it a z hadn , rovnako ako to, o vlastne robia Poveda , e sa hraj s asom by bolo tak jednoduch ozna enie ako tvrdi , e mrak je len vodn para Ke e ide o knihu ur en mlad m itate om, autorka zvolila sp sob vysvet ovania, ktor ka d pochop a namiesto siahodlh ho opisovania si vybrala dial gov formu o je ove a viac zrozumite n Rovnako ako samotn rozpr vanie, aj v etko ostatn prisp sobila itate om, pre ktor ch svoje knihy ur ila.V deji sa odohr va jedno dobrodru stvo za druh m, neust le sa nie o deje t l je ve mi priamo iary, v aka nemu jednotliv str nky r chlo plyn Ani na chv u som nemala probl m za ta sa Dokonca som sa te ila, kedy sa dozviem viac o osude post v Tie s vlastne e te deti a ako deti sa aj spr vaj To znamen , e sa dok u ve mi r chlo nahneva , ale rovnako r chlo dok u aj odpusti.Hoci niektor udia maj vo i tomu v hrady, ja osobne som za to rada, inak by v inu knihy Vasilisa nemohla s nik m prehovori ani slovo a kv li tomu by bol dej nesmierne spomalen Hlavn lohu v deji v aka tomu prebralo dianie, dej neust le napredoval, objavovali sa nov a nov z hady a aj nebezpe enstvo.Jedin , o z m jho poh adu nefungovalo tak, ako malo, boli niektor dial gy V niektor ch momentoch p sobili a pr li strojene a ja som sa pristihla pri tom, e zdv ham obo ie a sama seba sa p tam, i sa nie o tak naozaj mohlo odohra Odhliadnuc od toho m t to kniha sn v etko, o by mohlo zauja potenci lneho itate a zauj mav n pad, n padit spracovanie, dobrodru stvo, dynamick dej a dokonca aj em cie Naozaj s ubn za iatok.K k asu je adekv tnym vodom do es dielnej s rie Samotn svet je predstaven dostato ne podrobne a jednoducho na to, aby jeho fungovanie bolo pochopite n Autorka jednotliv inform cie spr vne pod va v momentoch, ke je to najd le itej ie V aka tomu je dianie pomerne dynamick a to zaru uje aj dostatok dobrodru stiev, ktor hlavn postavy za vaj.Hrdinka pr behu Vasilisa je dostato ne sympatick , av ak v niektor ch momentoch p sob sk r dvojrozmerne Pripisujem to najm faktu, e je doslova vhoden do nezn meho prostredia a t m p dom netu , o by mala robi alebo ako by sa mala rozhodova V inou teda dovo uje ostatn m, aby rozhodovali za u, o ju asto dost va do nebezpe enstva Ostatn postavy s nemenej zauj mav , ale v etci sa do kali len vla n ho op sania Pravdepodobne preto, e ide len o vodn diel rozsiahlej ej s rie.D le itej ie ako samotn opisovanie je teda sk r dianie St le sa nie o deje, jedno nebezpe enstvo strieda druh , vznik nap tie a utv raj sa nov ot zky, na ktor zatia nem m odpovede Napriek ist m v hrad m k samotn m postav m alebo dial gom, ktor medzi sebou viedli, nem em knihe uprie jedin len ojedinele je naivn V skuto nosti ide sk r o opak Autorka postav m ni nez ah uje a t m menej Vasilise, ktor mus naozaj bojova , aby ju ostatn prijali medzi seba V aka tomu je tanie e te o osi pr jemnej ie, preto e kniha je o osi re lnej ia.V kone nom d sledku sa podarilo autorke vytvori dostato ne zlo it knihu pln intr g a n strah, do ktorej vlo ila obrovsk d vku fant zie Tento svet dok e by naozaj pohlcuj ci.recenzia Jednotku som mala na astie po i an z kni nice, aj spolu s druh m dielom Odpor am to ta za sebou o najsk r, inak strat te ni Odpor anie od vydavate a je pre vek 11 a vy ie, ale primne, ob as som mala pocit, e sa v tom str cam Nejasn tyliz cie je na vine preklad , roztodivne pou it asy ak ir nia v knihe o asodejn ctve inak povedan arodejn ctve, ktor sa t ka asu , kde sa napr klad jedna postava vyhr a druhej, ale tak, e keby t druh nezareagovala, tak m m pocit, e opisuje len tak mimochodom predstavy a sny O om to je Dve plan ty, dva svety, kde jeden to sme ako e my, technicky zalo en udkovia a nejak tiene a druh , ktor sa pred vekmi asovo odl il a tam ostala m gia, podivn ivo ne druhy a v ly tak asom sa maj zrazi a treba im v tom zabr ni A no, v etko sa to to okolo asu V podstate ten druh svet objavujeme cez osudy mladej gymnastky, Vasilisy chce sa mi doda Prem drej , ale fakt sa jej ten pr vlastok nehod , ktor zo d a na de zist , e m otca, s rodencov a mus podst pi ak si tajomn obrad A mo no aj pri tom zomrie Ani po do tan neviem, i to odpor a alej. Je t se k tomu vyj d m Ale prokristap na, ne t te to.2,5 5 Tak jsem se tedy vyj d ila , 12 14 . .

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✻ [BOOKS] ✯ Часовой Ключ By Наталья Щерба ❅ – Online-strattera-atomoxetine.info
  • Hardcover
  • 365 pages
  • Часовой Ключ
  • Наталья Щерба
  • Russian
  • 05 February 2019
  • 9785353053330

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