Last of the Chosen (Spirit of Empire, #1)

Last of the Chosen (Spirit of Empire, #1) Looking For Adventure, Romance, A Modern Day Quest In The Tradition Of Star Wars Look No Further Hop Aboard For A Journey That Starts On Earth But Spans The Galaxy Join Our Heroes And Heroines Through A Five Book Series As They Struggle To Put Down An Invasion That Threatens Galactic Peace In The Process, They Might Even Save Earth

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Last of the Chosen (Spirit of Empire, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Lawrence P. White author readers around the world.

[Read] ➮ Last of the Chosen (Spirit of Empire, #1)  Author Lawrence P. White –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 582 pages
  • Last of the Chosen (Spirit of Empire, #1)
  • Lawrence P. White
  • English
  • 19 March 2017

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    First book I checked out via the Kindle owner s lending program This is a great story that blends an Earthling s alien abduction with a Star Wars style Empire with the exception of the Rebels are the bad guys and the Empire is good.This direct to ebook novel is the first book of Lawrence P White s Spirit of Empire series It was released February, 2011 and the second book, Knights of the Chosen came out in June, 2011 with the third due any day now The book was rather sizable at 570 pages and probably could have been trimmed about 10% or made into 2 or 3 installments of the series.That is not to say the story is slow or lacks excitement, nothing could be further from the truth Last of the Chosen literally starts out with a bang and keeps the adrenaline flowing and the pages turning right up to the cliffhanger ending I guess the author caught some flack for the cliffhanger ending, so he attached a note of apology and the first chapter of volume 2 to the end of the book I did not have a problem with the cliffhanger for two reasons First, if you had been paying attention, you knew the condition left hanging was not permanent Secondly,it s a series The cover of the novel proclaims it as such Cliff hangers are part and parcel to any series.If you like Star Wars, Star Trek, or Buck Rogers, I m sure you ll enjoy Last of the Chosen too.

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    From the first page on, I couldn t put it downthus I lost a lot of sleep Mike Carver is my HERO My nightmares are made up of the Chesori Last of the Chosen is the first in the series as soon as I finished it I purchased the second one Knights of the Chosen and as soon as I finished that I had to wait three months for the third Voice of the Chosen I sit here now waiting for anotherI m hooked If you re a wannabe space traveler this story is for you

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    Modern old style space opera um yes

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    Good book Could use character development.

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    Heavily mixed review of this book I liked the story enough to read through the last page, and quickly However, there were some distracting spelling and grammatical errors through out this book.

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    Indie titles on the Kindle usually cost 2.99 Last of the Chosen is pricier at 5.99 but worth it if you enjoy space operas. s Product Description does a good job of summarizing, but In short There s a galactic empire undergoing a coup, survivor of the ruling caste flees to a present day earth while battling her pursuers Our protagonist drives by and lends a hand a critical moment, turning the tide of the battle He joins up well, is shanghai d by the rightful ruler and travels back to the galactic core, trying to undo the rebels and restore order.Last of the Chosen is not Hard science fiction The technology, the supporting characters, and even the enemies tend to be a little simplistic The world is internally consistent for the most part, but feels fantasy in space than science fiction Colorful aliens which all breath the same atmosphere are members of a cohesive galactic society Our heroes are guided as much by prophecy as their own wits, and elite servants of the empire carry around talismans which serve as both ID and proof that the issuer still lives, even if they are lightyears away Yet they don t have FTL communication Species run the gamut physically from ball of arms to mini dragon yet their psychologies are disappointingly similar.Last of the Chosen is a pretty enjoyable tale though.The protagonist is likable, and grows throughout the book The interactions between the main characters are plausible And the story of the earthling whisked away to a galactic adventure is quite fun when you get right down to it.I finished Last of the Chosen in about a day Although a substantial book, it s a good enough page turner to make you forget it s weight There are a few sections that drag a little bit that I found myself skimming, but overall the story was quite enjoyable.I m glad I bought it, and am reading the second in the series now.

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    Last of the Chosen is an epic Sci Fi Sci Fi usually is not my favorite genre, much less so epic Sci Fi, so I was sceptical.This book totally blew my mind.It excels at character development, no matter at which PoV you look, all of them keep growing, developing, maturing Even Otis My favorite is George yes, yes, not fair fixating your enthusiasm on an AI and the Great Cats In Part II the book get s rather emotional, allowing further depth to all characters involved Perfect.The plot development is fast paced, breathtakingly so, only stopping occasionally to allow a glimpse into the past to give some foundation to current and future events.With the cliffhanger issue solved in the Kindle edition you get an additional chapter on top of a note from the author that surely is unique in world wide authordom, awe inspiring this makes for a very fresh, compelling and fascinating debut novel.I am, however, deducting one star Whoever was supposed to be the editor of this book, needs a clap on her his ears and no mistake At 19% we get an inconsistency in location that makes you read the whole page several times because suddenly the complete scene is out of whack In this book as well as in the sequel we get paragraphs stopping mid sentence Names get mixed up, etc This needs to be fixed Update 04.02.2012 An ongoing discussion with CS has now revealed that the phenomenon of paragraphs stopping mid sentence is indeed a.doc issue While it completely eludes me, how in this day and age there can actually be a difficulty converting files, this is nonetheless the case So, I retract my statement about that I have also learned that in publishing this book, no professional editor was involved for reasons of speed, I also retract that statement And on goes the 5th star.

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    This was a great book I enjoy books with pre flight humans getting hijacked by other species, they usually describe space and the races differently than books written from a perspective of people who have conquered space flight and life in the stars I enjoy the colorful views about humans that you discover.The only thing that bothered me during the read was the repetitive use of the words rightness or the right of you At first it was because one character reused it numerous times, but then other characters also used it and it rang falsely in my head, but by the end of the book I could see it was a cultural thing to say and it didn t grab my attention any.Yes the book ends in a MAJOR cliff hanger, but we are vindicated as the author has nicely added the first little bit of the next book so you aren t stuck throwing the book or emailing him death threats Plus the next book in the series was already out when this copy was published, and the third book was supposed to be out two years ago So you are able to hop book to book regardless of cliffhangers or waits for the third book.

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    Lots of fun, great characters, good story It is always exciting to find a new author that has potential, and this one does His universe building is very good, and importantly, original enough to be enjoyable I ve read both his first two books straight through, and am looking forward to the third one Its nice to read a feel good book sometimes

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    It was a good enough story The writing was ok, but some of the scenes repeated themsleves For example, some of the same language was used when Val met Ellie as was used when Mike met her It felt like deja vu.I did enjoy his characters of alien race a lot of cool life forms

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