Love Nobel Prize Laureate Toni Morrison S Spellbinding New Novel Is A Faulknerian Symphony Of Passion And Hatred, Power And Perversity, Color And Class That Spans Three Generations Of Black Women In A Fading Beach TownIn Life, Bill Cosey Enjoyed The Affections Of Many Women, Who Would Do Almost Anything To Gain His Favor In Death His Hold On Them May Be Even Stronger Wife, Daughter, Granddaughter, Employee, Mistress As Morrison S Protagonists Stake Their Furious Claim On Cosey S Memory And Estate, Using Everything From Intrigue To Outright Violence, She Creates A Work That Is Shrewd, Funny, Erotic, And Heartwrenching

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    Morrison directs a cacophony of voices, hazy facts and anachronistic timelines that converge into the ever changing, multi faceted meaning of love At the center of the story, the ghostly figure of Bill Cosey, the iconic owner of a prestigious hotel located in the East Coast in the forties and orbiting around his powerful absence, the shifting testimonies of different women who played an important role in his life and death.Can a man grieving for the loss of his wife and son find solace in youth without being a child molester What kind of love bonds two girls to a lifetime of malicious rivalry, jealousy and yearning that sprouted from misunderstanding and shame How many women slaved over in the shadows, adoring the public icon of a man, both evil and saint, while racial discrimination ripped apart families and exploited their children with total impunity Morrison s prose resembles a mournful chant to the fatigue of living, the burdens of loving and the permanent scars caused by loss Offbeat lyricism from an omniscient narrator who remains anonymous until the last pages of the book brings light into the obscure rhythms of this fragmented puzzle The man remains elusive friend, benefactor, father, lover and abuser His haunting presence diminishes as the fate of those who loved him resolves itself regardless of the past.Contrarily, the women of his life become perfectly delineated their voices reach such perfect clarity that they challenge moral distinction and years of censure and repressed silence to achieve communal vindication.And love, with all its cruel beauty, triumphs over despair, even when life is nothing but a tenuous reflection of the things that could never be.

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    Young people, Lord Do they still call it infatuation That magic ax that chops away the world in one blow, leaving only the couple standing there trembling Whatever they call it, it leaps over anything, takes the biggest chair, the largest slice, rules the ground wherever it walks, from a mansion to a swamp, and its selfishness is its beauty Toni Morrison, LoveIt s almost September and I ve managed to keep my Morrison a month reading streak alive Eight Morrison s later and she never fails to surprise me, even though these are rereads I enjoyed Love, a well written book with a lot of fodder for discussion The strange thing is I don t think I ve ever heard anyone mention it I wonder why it doesn t have the same appeal as some of her other books Love begins with our narrator introducing us to the coast community the book is set in she talks about the past in nostalgic tones, how things have changed, and how things haven t changed The main story itself is centered around the legend Bill Cosey, a black entrepreneur, and the women in his life who fight for his attention his very young wife, daughter in law, grand daughter and a few others Even though Cosey has been deceased for a couple of decades, he is still a very strong, disturbing presence in the lives of these women.This is a sad story of misunderstandings, bitterness, cruelty, hurt and anger The three women share a house and we aren t sure why there is so much hatred between them Morrison reveals things slowly and in a non linear manner, and I m left wondering how on earth women s lives can be fulfilling if they are centred solely around men, especially when this competition is encouraged, which, in this book, resulted in very strong feelings Hate does that Burns off everything but itself, so whatever your grievance is, your face looks just like your enemy s Finally they stopped, moved into acid silence, and invented other ways to underscore bitterness.Like friendship, hatred needed thank physical intimacy it wanted creativity and hard work to sustain itself When it comes to Morrison s writing, what stands out to me most are her descriptions of things, in particular how she uses colour it s often a short poetic respite from the tough subject matter she writes Jade and sapphire waves fight each other, kicking up enough foam to wash sheets in An evening sky behaves as though it s from another planet one without rules, where the sun can be plum purple if it wants to and clouds can be red as poppies This was an emotional whirlwind of a book and Morrison takes us in so many different directions, down many paths of discoveries There is plenty of food for thought in this one families, their secrets and their hurts The problem for those left alive is what to do about revenge how to escape the sweetness of its rot So you can see why families make the best enemies They have time and convenience to honey butter the wickedness they prefer Shortsighted, though.

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    Women clawing at and after the same man is a horrific thing to see, but hella fun to read Maybe fun isn t the perfect word to describe Toni Morrison s Love This is Faulknerian, not only in its language and flow, but its molasses thick and dark emotional resonance Love is like seeing a feminine take on Absalom Absalom a beautifully shadowy Southern power a corrupting energy that devours good souls.An aloof man of substantial means in a Floridian coastal town of decades past is the sun around which competing planets revolve These planets are women of various backgrounds all with some claim upon the man s radiant energy Their world turns toxic as the reader witnesses the evils of too much radiation These off tilt and colliding friends are ripped apart, scorched whenever they come in contact with their beloved sun.Morrison is a master at her craft, an absolute pleasure to read for those who can stomach a non linear storytelling style She will come at her topic at multiple angles You must put the pieces together Never fear, by the end this amoebic puzzle will come together in a portrait that is gorgeous, enlightening and heartbreaking Love is life confirming, even if life can feel like one long, extended death Perhaps it s not a good way to describe ANY of her books I could be wrong, I haven t read them all, but jeez louise the woman writes some deep, depressing stuff

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    The Dark Side of LoveIn a solid historical background, emphasizing a variety of cruelties perpetrated towards women, Love explores the negative side of the feeling that goes by the same name.In the plot, a rich man dies, leaving behind a small bunch of women fighting for his possessions.The strong bonding each woman shared with the deceased male, triggered all sorts of rivalries between them.What else can I say Sometimes the beauty, sometimes the poignancy Moon has a dark side too

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    Love was typical Toni Morrison It starts out requiring 110% of your intellectual being, otherwise, you are lost from the gate And that is what happened to me This book was very confusing and hard to get into The character depictions, the indepth descriptions of a oceanside town, the timelines, spirits from the sea claiming lives,etc was just too much to concentrate on I often found myself going back and rereading passages to figure out relationhips amongst the characters It wasn t until I reached page 107 or so that the book either started to flow, or my mind was clear enough to understand That aha moment was like a breath of fresh air and redeemed Ms Morrison as one of my all time favorite authors.Love can mean different things to different people based on their relationship with the person or thing they are in love with The premise of this book is the love between two childhood friends who are made to hate one another by the very adults whose guidance and affection they needed to survive As most of us know, in order to hate, you must first love, and love conquers all, even hate The problem is, hate consumes so much of us in terms of time, and energy So here we have two childhood friends, taught to hate, and wasted lives that find them in a quandry some 50 years later, realizing that thier love for each other is stronger than their hate Unfortunately, this realization comes too late well not really in terms of forgiveness.Ms Morrison s tale also deals with other social issues that probably unsettled many readers, but that is her writing style Slavery, oppression, child molestation, self hatred, it is all there, even the narration of a kindred spirit The ending left me wanting closure and June Viviane having some form of blood ties to Bill Cosey, her Good Man Tracy L Darity is the author of He Loves Me He Loves Me Not and LoveLike Snow In Florida On A Hot Summer Day.

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    Maybe my mind was elsewhere that s generally the case these days but this felt smudged like an old photograph, or an old movie cut up and rearranged out of sequence, until the last 50 pages, when everything started snapping into focus sharp enough to cut.If this book is relatively obscure among TM s work, I guess it s the subject matter that some find hard to stomach all these child brides and sociopaths and bodies frail, damaged, at risk, humiliating, only rarely a source of pleasure and delight.I liked the most attractive and sympathetic character for me was a black teenage boy They need all the support they can get from literature and anywhere else

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    Ovo je fenomenalno i briljantno napisana knjiga Tesko je povjerovati da na dvjestotinjak stranica mozes dozivjeti ovakve kompleksne odnose i da nije neprimjereno, nazvala bih je obiteljskom sagom.Jedan od onih klasika koji nije najjednostavniji za citanje u smislu da zahtjeva ozbiljnu koncentraciju zbog konstantnih vremenskih skokova i na trenutke otezanog nelineranog, razbijenog pripovijednja premda ne kao sto to nalazim u Faulkneru a vidim da se takve paralele uglavnom vuku No, stil pisanja je toliko prekrasan i ne znam s kojim bih ga sad mogla usporediti Osjecaj je kao da sam procitala knjigu poezije i sad mi je bice na miru neko vrijeme Najveci paradoks u cijeloj prici je sto se ona sastoji od uzasnih dijelova i ostavlja bas gorak okus To mi se dogadalo i s Cestom, knjiga koja izaziva tjeskobu i uzas, a u isto vrijeme, ima li ista ljepse Okosnica radnje je Bill Cosey, vlasnik ljetovalista i pripadnih postratne afroamericke srednje klase, koji je unatoc tome sto je mrtav vec 25 godina i dalje glavni pokretac radnje i svih gotickih, poremecenih odnosa medu likovima Studija je to o ljubavi i posvecenosti mrznji, osamljenosti i oprostu Kroz 9 poglavlja, rasplice se prica o Coseyju i to kroz oci razlicitih naratora i naratorica S jedne strane, zaposljava mjestane i zaista je poslodavac za pozeljeti, s druge strane, bogatstvo je stekao nasljedstvom od svojeg djeda koji je afroamerikance cinkao Zeni jedanaestogodisnju djevojcicu i to iz posve perfidnih, prepredenih i degutantnih razloga Upropastava prijateljstvo svoje jedanaestogodisnje zene Oprez i svoje unuke Christine na nacin da predatorski iskoristava djecju sklonost krivnji To malo prijateljstvo pretvara se u dozivotnu, patolosku mrznju Nakon smrti ostavlja hotel koji se iz luksuznog mjesta pretvara u gotovo kazalisnu rusevinu i podlogu scenama kakvih se ni Henry James ne bi posramio Ostali likovi sluze kako bi oslikali prilike u kojima se afroamericko stanovnistvo nalazilo, a posebno mjesto zauzima lik Mlade koja se pojavljuje u nekoj verziji sluskinje kao sto u svim juznjackim romanima, sluskinja obicno i jest centralni lik koja je naratorica obiteljske povijesti , a ovdje je simbolom neceg demonskog i izravan medij i poveznica mrtvog Coseya sa svijetom zivih Ali prica je to koju bi mogla nazvati vecom od zivota, dijelom i zbog tajanstvene naratorice L, a dijelom zato jer je to savrseno stilski napisan roman Ni ne cudi, zena ima NobelaMislim da je najljepse to sto sam vec na prvoj stranici ponavljala isti ulomak u sebi jer je naprosto predivno zvucao, sto mi se isto ponavljalo na desetke puta kroz citanje i sto svejedno nisam imala pojma da ce to biti bas jako briljantno napisan roman Rijetko nailazim na gradaciju u tom smislu, da me obuzme podivljali kresendo, a da svako poglavlje ranije doslovno za nijansu priprema teren, pa na samom kraju izade nesto tako veliko i prelijepo.Ovo je moj prvi roman Morrisonove tako da sam preko svake mjere zanesena Znam da ona geografski bas i ne pripada najdrazem Jugu, ali osjeca se u njoj, a meni to dovoljno da se raspametim 3

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    I found this book to be a bit disjointed and found it really difficult to connect to any of the characters Why they were all fighting over the same horrible man, is beyond me

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    Dammit to hell, Toni Morrison.Why do you do this I really need to read this author than once every seven years because I always forget what a beating she doles out in her worn but lovely velvet gloves.Here is a pictorial representation of what it s like to read a Toni Morrison novel, this one being no exception Going along, so lovely There s an undercurrent of discomfort but just pull your jacket tighter and you ll be fine It s worth it for the view Only then there s a crack, a loud snap, and the ground shakes a bit and you turn around and AAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH Everything is broken and buried, everything is covered in breath robbing heaviness It s so cold, so dark, so horrible And then the sun comes out and the dogs arrive but who the hell cares because you re too done for.Oh my god, every single time.Everything from here on out is me being all ranty and plot discussing so go ahead and move on to another review instead of opening this can of spoils view spoiler This is a ghost story.But you don t know that for sure until you re done.It starts with L s Love Yes 1st Corinthians, ch 13 memories and then goes to a young woman answering an ad placed by one of the crazy old Cosey women There are two crazy old Cosey women Christine Cosey, who, in the beginning, grabs a garlic paw isn t that adorable Not a bulb, but a paw I love that while she watches the young woman from the ad saunter away Christine was beautiful once and she s a fine cook.Heed Cosey, who is supposedly the meanest woman in town, is the one who placed the ad She lives in her bedroom upstairs in the Cosey mansion, hands gnarled from arthritis, mind warped from age Maybe Maybe it s not from age.Other characters step in as well The girl answering the ad, the girl who wears knee high, or were they thigh high boots, and short skirts, she calls herself Junior There s Vida and her husband, Sandler, and their grandson, Roman But the main character in all of this, the one we never hear from directly, is Bill Cosey.Bill Cosey had run the swanky Cosey Hotel and was a local celebrity, a well to do, self made black man who brought in the best music acts and knew everyone worth knowing This is his legacy as told by his admirers, those who knew him, and those he ruined There s some excellent imagery in the beginning Bill Cosey is dead and the two Cosey women have just been separated from fighting at his funeral two words, hissed into their faces, stopped them cold Christine closed the switchblade, Heed picked up her ridiculous hat and moved to the other side of the grave Standing there, one to the right, one to the left of Bill Cosey s casket, their faces as different as honey from soot, looked identical Hate does that That s how their story goes he is always between them and at first, they seem like sisters but then you learn that one is his wife and the other a relation, but not sister or a daughter One is his wife and one is his granddaughter and it seems strange that they would act the way the they do toward one another but you know it will be resolved eventually so you move on.Mae enters the story as a memory Turns out, she s Billy Boy s widow and Billy Boy is Bill Cosey s son by his first wife, Julia Poor, fragile Julia Christine is Mae s and Billy Boy s daughter so that makes her Bill Cosey s granddaughter The family silverware, purchased not long before Bill Cosey died, is marked with CC Christine Cosey supposes that s her grandfather s way of apologizing to his granddaughter for being so horrible during her childhood.We just don t know how horrible he was, not yet.Bill Cosey has his admirers, chief of which is Vida who worked at the hotel and will not have Bill Cosey s memory besmirched But then there s her husband, Sandler, who went on fishing trips with Bill and had a much better grasp of who the old man really was, though he knows there s no point in telling his wife Vida and Sandler are watching their grandson while his enlisted parents are both overseas Roman works for the crazy Cosey women, doing errands around the mansion and such He never knew Bill Cosey but he does his best for the women the old man left behind.And there s L I love L She is the crabbiest old curmudgeon but she also tells things as true as she can and she protects the Cosey family in a way Bill never would.From Christine s perspective, this story is about men and how society is set up to serve them and how that doesn t work out well for anyone, ever, especially not women.From Junior s perspective, it s about survival and looking for a man who loves her, specifically the ghost of a man who didn t love any woman except maybe his mistress.The mistress She also only exists as a memory Her name was Celestial and she was probably the only woman Bill had honest feelings toward which may be why he ruined her so badly.So you meet these people and hear snippets of their stories told haphazardly, nothing is linear Bill Cosey is a hero, of sorts, for creating a community black folk could be proud of, giving the finger to Jim Crow and offering up this hotel with these jobs Then all the stories start weaving together to form a picture and the avalanche comes roaring at your face as soon as you feel you ve gained some solid footing.From the story of Heed on her honeymoon in a creamy beige dress with red silk roses sewed at the shoulder, the low cut bosom gathered for breasts somewhere in her future record scratch What Has her age been mentioned, yet How old is she They played wrestle in the mornings She has coloring books HOW OLD IS SHE 11 Heed and Christina were childhood friends and Heed was 11 when Cosey bought and married her I m going to throw up.Now it s super gross that Heed called calls him Papa.Vida and others in the community blame Heed for all that and they forgive Cosey Ugh UGH Like an 11 year old had anything to do with the situation Worse, Christine s mother, Mae, cannot stomach the trashy little Upbeach girl coming in and displacing her, rightful heir to the hotel, the mansion, and Cosey fortune, and proceeds to poison the girls friendship, one that has already cracked thanks to the perversions of a terrible, egotistical, sex crazed old man, an old man whom Mae fawns over and, yet, loses everything for, including her own daughter.Those crazy Cosey women, they have so much reason to be crazy.Seriously Imagine being 12 and having your best friend married to your grandfather Imagine being shut out of your family because of a child bride, one you want to play with but can t because your grandfather is busy playing with her Imagine being sent away in order to avoid internal conflict, growing up and becoming and activist, then returning home to find your former best friend, who is also your grandmother, having completely turned against you and you hate her for so many reasons.Imagine being 11 and so in need of a parental figure but also understanding the shame of wanting sexual advances because they mean love, but only in a dirty way, so being torn when a man you admire gives you both but, in the process, takes you away from your childhood, your friend, your life, and sets you up far above what you re ready for, what you ve been educated for, what you ve ever known, subject to ridicule and hate when he s not around.OMFG It s so messed up.So that has all come to light and the rest of the story falls into place but at this point, it s nothing but an exercise in emotional exhaustion It s like you ve just only noticed the soft muscles holding you have been a boa constrictor all along and there s no point in struggling.In the end, Heed, broken from a fall from the attic to the floor below, and Christine finally sit down and talk Their childhood love for one another pokes its face in, shyly, wondering if there s still room for its presence They talk about L and how they miss her Love She d died awhile ago, standing in the cafe, smothering pork chops They laugh over their old call to one another, Hey, Celestial which is an additional stab considering who Celestial was, considering she is the CC on the silverware.Junior, the lost soul who could have been found through the women in this family instead looks to her good man, the ghost of Bill Cosey for guidance and is lead astray just like all the others, another broken woman in his wake, another who can t receive love even when she catches it in her hands.Of course, there was one woman who wasn t broken by Bill Cosey There was one thing that Bill Cosey never had There is one little bit that eludes so many of these characters though every single one wants it so very badly It s in the title of this stupid, fucking, well written, painful book.I must go have a lie down, now I m worn out hide spoiler

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    I ve been thinking about what to write for a month since I finished reading Love, waiting to be clear about what I want to say.That moment may never come, so now I m launching in and will come back to add later.It wasn t until the end of the book that I began to understand the title in all its complexity.It feels as though Morrison is exploring ways in which love may be warped, corrupted, twisted here ending mostly in hurt and hatred The only exception to this is the tiny family unit of grandparents and grandson Romen, who are kind and decent people, offered perhaps as a small pool of light in what is a very dark tale Interesting that I should need to use light and dark here as descriptors, tied as they are so often to skin colour, race and racism.The emotional territory of this book was so terrible that I struggled to read it, kept having to put it down and go away It was a Book Club read, so I knew I needed to keep going, and I wanted to understand about why Morrison had written it A quick bit of research in the University Library catalogue took me to a string of titles like these and here I will now have to find my notes

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