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➥ [Ebook] ➠ The Golden Age #1 USA By James Robinson ➯ – Online-strattera-atomoxetine.info

The Golden Age #1 USA

The Golden Age #1 USA World War II Was Over.

And For The First Generation Of Super-heroes, It Was Just The Beginning... The Beginning Of The End.

The Golden Age,
an Elseworlds Too Close For Comfort.

Book In Prestige Format.

Paul Smith is a comic book illustrator

➥ [Ebook] ➠ The Golden Age #1 USA By James Robinson ➯ – Online-strattera-atomoxetine.info
  • Paperback
  • 45 pages
  • The Golden Age #1 USA
  • James Robinson
  • English
  • 08 February 2018

10 thoughts on “The Golden Age #1 USA

  1. says:

    Normally I love any Elseworld story line but this one I was just not able to get into despite the WWII time period. The drawings were first rate, I had some issues with the lettering and when the witing went to cursive I found it almost too messy to read and I can read my doctor's writing. While some parts grabbed me and story flow shifted so much for me to ever really settle into what the writer was trying to do. I only bought book one, there are three more but I am just not invested enough in what was going on to bother with the other three.

  2. says:

    No sé por qué me tardé tanto en leer este comic si la verdad es que está muy bien, sobre todo a nivel premisa, aunque justamente este primer tomo sea poco más que una larga introducción. No sé si lo leeré completo en lo que queda del año o lo arrancaré en enero, pero seguro que más años no lo cuelgo.

  3. says:

    Edición española. Libro uno de cuatro: Una mirada diferente a una era diferente.

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