The Cosmic Internet

The Cosmic Internet Designed To Help Readers Understand The Purpose And Potential Of Their Existence, The Cosmic Internet Is A Record Of The Author S Direct Conversations With The Nonphysical Aspects Of The Universe What Is The Meaning Of Our Physical Lives After Our Physical Lives Are Concluded, Will We Continue To Exist In Some Way Frank DeMarco Addresses These Important Questions And Many Within This Fascinating Work, The Author Makes It Clear That His Conversations Are Not The Result Of A Special Gift, But, Instead, Are The Types Of Communication That Are Available To Anyone Who Is Willing To Make The Effort As Such, This Book Not Only Provides Invaluable Insights But Can Also Spur A Personal Investigation Into The Nature Of Human Life, The Purpose Of Life, And The Way In Which The Universe Works

FRANK DEMARCO is the author of five books, including the non fiction Muddy Tracks and The Sphere and the Hologram, and the novel Babe in the Woods A former journalist and newspaper editorial writer, Frank was co founder and chief editor of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, the powerhouse regional responsible for such best sellers as Neale Donald Walschs Conversations with God series He conducts

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  • Paperback
  • 213 pages
  • The Cosmic Internet
  • Frank DeMarco
  • English
  • 09 June 2019
  • 9780984495542

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    While this book isn t necessarily one for a so called mainstream audience, for anyone who has been on a spiritual path and has deep metaphysical leanings, it is a very worthwhile read in my view As a founder and chief editor of Hampton Roads Publishing, the author clearly knows the craft of writing If you are a person who is seriously interested in what may exist beyond the veil, so to speak, and are fascinated by the concept of communication with the non physical side of life, I recommend this book Here s one of my favorite passages from it You are not alone, and you are not what you think you are We are all part of one being, just as mystics have always asserted Our lives here on earth are the invaluable and irreplaceable prelude to our eternal lives, just as religions have always maintained Life on the other side of the veil that separates the physical and nonphysical regardless of how difficult we find it to envision is closely connected to this physical life, and depends on our choices, just as fairytales, for instance, have always said.The world is a struggle between opposing values, a localized battlefield, so to speak, in a far vaster conflict, again, just as religions have always maintained However, although this is true, it is equally true, as Carl Jung pointed out, that good cannot exist without evil, that any polarity must include opposites, and that therefore for us to be whole we must recognize our own shadow sides.

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