Look for the Lorax

Look for the Lorax Look Out For The Lorax Dr Seuss S Lovable Grump Makes His Step Into Reading Debut In This Wonderland Adventure Through Hills Of Green Where The Truffula Trees Sway Through Easy Words And Simple Sentences, The Youngest Readers Will Discover The Lorax S Paradise, From Singing Swomee Swans To Playful Bar Ba Loots

Tish Rabe pronounced Robby is a bestselling author of than 160 books for children including 18 books in the Cat in the Hat s Learning Library series She is dedicated to early childhood literacy and sits on the advisory board of Reach Out and Read Connecticut Tish is a proud mom, stepmom, and grandma She divides her time between New York City and Connecticut Visit her on the web at tis

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  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Look for the Lorax
  • Tish Rabe
  • English
  • 19 October 2019
  • 9780375869990

10 thoughts on “Look for the Lorax

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    Good beginner book.

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    I read this by myself

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    Earth Day Storytime There is hardly anything to this book.the pictures save it, sort of.

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    A good first reader book Very simplistic words and concept My son enjoyed it.

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    Personal reaction I love this book It reminds me of the movie, The Lorax, and was a super easy read I can imagine students loving this book, and if they have seen The Lorax, they will recognize certain aspects read aloud to make a curricular connection I would read this aloud to kindergarteners for the purpose of showing rhyming words Although Dr Seuss didn t write it, the book still has rhymes and such, which will be beneficial for the students The repetitiveness within the book will help the students grasp the concept of the book quicker and be successful in reading and following the story independent reading This would be great for early readers in kindergarten or students in first grade, especially if they show interest in the Dr Seuss books Students could read it alone, or read it with a partner, especially if they are younger and need a bit of help with a few words It may help the students if the read aloud during class went first, before the students read it This would help them understand the premise of the book, and could help them if they get stuck on a word while reading it For narrative literary elements that could be taught using the book The repetitiveness could help the students identify patterns within books The rhyming would help the students understand the purpose of rhyming within books A project could be done with both of these, such as finding rhyming words within the book and finding other words that rhyme with the word chosen For the repetitiveness, students could be encouraged to list the repeating actions words and why they think they were used otherThis would be great to watch the movie with They are pretty similar, so it would be great to read the book, watch the movie, read the book again, and then compare and contrast A venn diagram could be introduced within this unit as well, to compare and contrast the movie and the book

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    Look for the Lorax is the perfect book for the beginning reader The size of the book will get the students to feel confident in thru reading abilities The bright pictures also help to tell the story, and help students picture the story in their minds I personally love the Lorax, and was so excited to find book that goes along with it This book is not a Dr Seuss book, but it accentuates the story that Dr Seuss told, and helps kids understand the basics of his book and the movie I really enjoyed following along in this book, and I think it would be such a beneficial read for a beginning reader.This book would be wonderful as an independent read in Kindergarten or 1st grade To help students build confidence and feel comfortable around the book, it would be beneficial to read it aloud as a class first I think that by doing this, students all have a greater chance a successfully reading and comprehending this book The sentences on this page are very short, and often very repetitive, which will help students pick up on the words much quickly There are also some rhyming words, which help to expose children to rhyming, which will help them in their future readings, and in poetry The setting of this book looks very similar to the setting in The Lorax movie Comparing this book to the movie would be a great way to get children to think about the book in other ways besides just reading it The book presents many opportunities for learning in and out of the classroom I think that if you had students retell this book, there would be very positive outcomes This book also has a similar style to the Dr Seuss books, which children are usually exposed to from a young age This book would be a perfect confidence builder for beginning readers, and would work great in any young classroom.

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    Synopsis Look out for the Lorax Dr Seuss s lovable grump makes his Step into Reading debut in this wonderland adventure through hills of green where the Truffula trees sway Through easy words and simple sentences, the youngest readers will discover the Lorax s paradise, from singing Swomee Swans to playful Bar ba loots My Review We read this in honor of Dr Seuss s birthday I was expecting a lot from this book with the Lorax being one of my favorite characters Unfortunately if you aren t familiar with both the original book and movies it is hard to explain It doesn t follow an actual story, it is of a bunch of short lines, while that helps with some sight words and beginning readers, I think a story would have actually helped Being titled Look for the Lorax you would think that he would be a major part of the book or at least be hidden on each page, but no such luck.

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    For reviews, check out my blog Craft CycleThis is a nice, easy to read book Set in pre Once ler times, the book goes through the Lorax s world with simple rhymes and descriptions The reader is exposed to the various animals that live around the truffula trees and learn about opposites at the same time.Growing up, The Lorax was my all time favorite book and to be honest, it s probably still my favorite children s book as an adult While the kids I work with enjoy the colorful illustrations of the original, the text is a bit long for them So finding this book in the Little Free Lending Library was perfect This is a great book to introduce young readers to the Lorax.

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    This brief look into the world of Dr Seuss Lorax, the warrior who speaks for the trees and speaks to us about caring for earth s limited resources, is a fun, if too short, walk into the woods of his domain, and kids who may not have read the classic book or seen the recent film should enjoy this immensely The Lorax is a little guy with a big heart, and maybe, just maybe, he can show us how much heart he does have.

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    This is a level 1 reader I would say on the l.5 to almost 2 level as most of the book is repeatitive rhyming words but there are some longer sentences with harder words to read So if your child is reading on their own they may need a little help with some of it Very cute illustrations are colorful Dr Seuss book.

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