Impossible Dreams

Impossible Dreams This little gem gives all the good reasons to be a movie freak Great comparisons are made by author between movies and one s life. The 2007 Hugo Award winner for best short story.This is such a wonderful story, that appeals to me on so many levels.4.5 starsYou can read it In This Hugo Award Winning Story, Movie Buff Pete Discovers A Video Store Stocked With DVDs Of Films That Were Never Made A Director S Cut Of The Magnificent Ambersons Harlan Ellison S Version Of I, Robot The Death Of Superman Directed By Tim Burton And Even Impossible Visions But There S Something Even Interesting Than The Remarkable Movies The Woman Working Behind The Counter Impossible Dreams is a book that will appeal to any film fan out there as it follows the main character who discovers many bizarre, surreal and unlikely mashups of various recent, trendy and popular titles directors But the films themselves aren t the only mystery that this book holds The worker at the video store is also a complete surprise Funny, strange and original, this is a short but rewarding story and I really liked it. , , ,,, 3 Buen simo Me ha encantado Ojal encontrara un videoclub as Un gran homenaje a los que amamos el cine. I admit I ambiased than usual when rate this story My pa is a movie lover, and I watched some classics that mentioned in this story, so I can imagine the protagonist s feeling at the beginning when visited the shop at the first time This story quickly grasps my sympathy. Cute short story, highly recommended for a movie buff, being one myself i really enjoyed reading it. Sure, movies can be a way to hide from life, but shit, sometimes you NEED to hide from life, to see a better life on the screen, to know life can be better than it is, or to see a worse life and realize how good you have it Movies taught me not to settle for lessThis Hugo winner is the story of a cinephile Pete, who stumbles upon a dubious looking, out of this world video rental place by chance, and discovers that there isto it than meets the eye.This was a FANTASTIC short read filled with wonder In fact, it would practically be a dream come true for any movie buff or even a fantasy lover.I don t want to give any of the plot away, so go read it for yourself I absolutely LOVED this story, so much so that it was such a bummer to come back to real life after finishing it It was also reminiscent of one of my favourite movies, Midnight in Paris. Pete felt a fist of panic clench in his chest This isn t a movie, he said No, Ally said It s better than that It s my lifeNow here s a story for all the movie lovers out there.Imagine a parallel universe were to interact with ours in the form of a little video store filled with movies that were never made in our world A parallel universe where history developed differently and Clark Gable never played in Gone with the Wind.And now go read this short storyRead this for our May Short Story Month Marathon, a personal challenge during which Sandra and I will be going through our short story collection.

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  • 22 August 2019

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