The Stanford GraphBase: A Platform for Combinatorial Computing

The Stanford GraphBase: A Platform for Combinatorial ComputingThe Stanford GraphBase A Platform For Combinatorial Computing Represents The First Fruits Of Donald E Knuth S Preparation For Volume Of The Art Of Computer Programming The Book S First Goal Is To Demonstrate, Through About Examples, The Art Of Literate Programming Each Example Is A Programmatic Essay, A Short Story That Can Be Read And Enjoyed By Human Beings As Readily As It Can Be Read And Interpreted By Machines In These Essays Programs, Knuth Makes New Contributions To The Exposition Of Several Important Algorithms And Data Structures, So The Programs Are Of Special Interest For Their Content As Well As For Their Style The Book S Second Goal Is To Provide A Useful Means For Comparing Combinatorial Algorithms And For Evaluating Methods Of Combinatorial Computing To This End, Knuth S Programs Offer Standard Freely Available Sets Of Data The Stanford GraphBase That May Be Used As Benchmarks To Test Competing Methods The Data Sets Are Both Interesting In Themselves And Applicable To A Wide Variety Of Problem Domains With Objective Tests Here Made Possible, Knuth Hopes To Bridge The Gap Between Theoretical Computer Scientists And Programmers Who Have Real Problems To Solve As With All Of Knuth S Writings, This Book Is Appreciated Not Only For The Author S Unmatched Insight, But Also For The Fun And The Challenge Of His Work, In Which He Invites Us To Participate He Illustrates Many Of The Most Significant And Most Beautiful Combinatorial Algorithms That Are Presently Known And Provides Demonstration Programs That Can Lead To Hours Of Amusement In Showing How The Stanford GraphBase Can Generate An Almost Exhaustible Supply Of Challenging Problems, Some Of Which Maylead To The Discovery Of New And Improved Algorithms, Knuth Proposes Friendly Competitions His Own Initial Entries Into Such Competitions Are Included In The Book, And Readers Are Challenged To Do Better

The Art of Computer Programming TAOCP , Knuth has been called the father of the analysis of algorithms, contributing to the development of, and systematizing formal mathematical techniques for, the rigorous analysis of the computational complexity of algorithms, and in the process popularizing asymptotic notation.In addition to fundamental contributions in several branches of theoretical computer science, Knuth is the creator of the TeX computer typesetting system, the related METAFONT font definition language and rendering system, and the Computer Modern family of typefaces.A prolific writer and scholar, Knuth created the WEB CWEB computer programming systems designed to encourage and facilitate literate programming, and designed the MMIX instruction set architecture.

❴Read❵ ➲ The Stanford GraphBase: A Platform for Combinatorial Computing Author Donald Ervin Knuth –
  • Hardcover
  • 576 pages
  • The Stanford GraphBase: A Platform for Combinatorial Computing
  • Donald Ervin Knuth
  • English
  • 14 February 2019
  • 9780201542752

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