The Last Romanov

The Last Romanov She Was An Orphan, Ushered Into The Royal Palace On The Prayers Of Her Majesty Yet, Decades Later, Her Time Spent In The Embrace Of The Romanovs Haunts Her Still Is She Responsible For Those Murderous Events That Changed Everything If Only She Can Find The Heir, Maybe She Can Put Together The Broken Pieces Of Her Own Past Maybe She Can Hold On To The Love She FoundBursting To Life With The Rich And Glorious Marvels Of Imperial Russia, The Last Romanov Is A Magical Tale Of Second Chances And Royal Blood

Dora Levy Mossanen is an American author of historical fiction Her published works include Harem 2002 , Courtesan 2005 , The Last Romanov 2012 and Scent of Butterflies 2014 She is a graduate of the USC Masters of Professional Writing Program and is the recipient of the San Diego State University Editor s Choice Award.Dora was born in Israel as the country was gaining its independence She

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  • The Last Romanov
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  • 24 July 2019
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    This book can be summarize in these three words Of Crap Piece Though you may have to rearrange them.So I m going to completely summarize the crapfest that was this book Because then you won t read them I read this book and finished it to protect you LOVE ME.Meet Darya Her name means the sea oooh She was conceived when her dad mom met and then went all naughty during an auroch hunt Oh did I mention that her mom was an noble named Sabrina Josephine and her family had all the pink diamondsin Italy Quick fun fact there are no diamond mines in Italy and there s not actually diamond mines that solely produce pink diamonds. Her dad was a Russian cousin to the tsar named Borisbecause all Russian noble guys are named Boris So Sabrina and Boris go on an auroch hunt Quick fun fact from wiki The aurochs r ks or a r ks also urus, Bos primigenius , the ancestor of domestic cattle, is an extinct type of large wild cattle that inhabited Europe, Asia and North Africa they survived in Europe until the last recorded aurochs, a female, died in the Jaktor w Forest, Poland in 1627.Yep Extinct BUT WAITthere s Sab Boris get it on and exactly nine months later they have a kid in the forest Somewhere in that time, they had gotten married without anyone counting on their fingers or Sab s pink diamond daddy getting all pissy that his pink diamond had gotten scuffed while hunting extinct animals Oh and it appears the tsarina just found it all peachy.So their kid Darya was born with an opal eye I have no idea what this would look like but it was orangy or some sort I don t know It wasn t really explained, nor did it alter her depth deception, but it seems the little tsarlings liked to poke her in opal eye Whatevs.Then on her b day when she s 16 or something, her parents take her auroch hunting without rifles Because who needs rifles when you re hunting extinct creatures When I go Dodo wrasslin , I just bring a paper clip, and I m fine However, her parents aren t fine.They get gored by the extinct aurochs, which has to be a first.Tsarina then appoints Darya of the whanky eye to guard over the Tsarevich, because she can cure Also she sets up an artist thing for the tsar and tsarina, at which she poses nude, which does not seem to bother anyone Because who doesn t want to carve paint ballet a chick with a whanky eye She then starts sleeping with one of the painters.Oh, and this is important Darya loves ambergris And her mom had a necklace with some in it.So the painter, who is Jewish, and Darya are IN LOVE And she get s preggers4 mos preggers and no one notices Until she loses the kid again, no one notices and never tells painter dude She also meets rasputin, finds a hunk of ambergris, and figures out she s the reincarnation of a Jewish Queen who betrayed her people OHHHHHNNOOOOOESSS.She also learns that Ambergris can do cool thingslike cure hemophilia and stop bulletsbut on the bullet stopping power later.So she cures Alexei with reg doses of ambergris because that would totes work.INSERT REVOLUTIONIn the midst her opal eye cracks This sounds gross, but it s her pain at mother russia Rasputin sends her seeds before getting killed, and she ll know when to use them and she travels with her hunk of ambergris with the family to Tobolsk..and then Ekaterinaberg When the shooting happens she s there but puts her big hunk of ambergris in front of Alexei BECAUSE AMBERGRIS STOPS BULLETS.Then the painter dude finds her and saves her and takes her to a palace where she plants the seeds that raspy gave her and they grow hallucinogenic berries in one day Which makes her life peachy and she settles down in a palace with no one noticing her with her whanky eye.However she knows Alexei is alive, because AMBERGRIS CAN STOP BULLETS and cure hemophilia.She s now 104 and they bring her because there s a guy claiming the throne and only Darya would know him.The convo between her and the claimant is something like this you re not alexei nope, nicholas banged the dancer while at the camp, I m their grandson but you can t get the throne the dancer was Jewish so you re Jewish no i m not yes you are no I m not dudecheck your pants oh MAZEL TOVbut i know where alexei is So Darya goes off to find him and he s in his 80s, almost out of ambergris WHICH CAN STOP BULLETS AND CURE HEMOPHILIA , and living with relatives of Jewish painter dude who shot himself outside of Darya s house while she was taking a bath Alexei has brain of 13 year oldwhich oddly ambergris can t cure Then she goes off and dies while seeing her auroch killed mom and dad and dead jewish guy.The end.Thank god, I didn t pay for it.

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    I have a fascination with the Russian royal family The tragedy surrounding their deaths has always fascinated me and I ve read a lot of what s been published, novels as well as histories biographies I was excited to see this one a story I m familiar with told from a different perspective sucks me in every time Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this book.The piece Mossanen adds to the story is a woman from the fringe Her parents were friends of the Romanovs, but of course not of their social standing When Darya becomes an orphan, she is brought to the palace to look after the Tsarevitch What follows is a descent into mysticism, as if there wasn t enough of that in the real Romanov palaces I didn t buy it I didn t believe that Darya s powers came from the ambergris I didn t believe she would stay in the same city where her beloved royal family was murdered I didn t believe she would pine for her lost love like some Russian Miss Havisham for decades I can t tell you why I finished it I think on some level I keep wanting the end of the story to be different This book was unsatisfying on almost every level for me.

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    Perhaps this book was given to the wrong reviewer, because I opened the pages already thrilled with what I was about to read To me, there is nothing interesting than the end of the Romanov dynasty Nicholas II and Alexandra meeting up with the mad monk, Rasputin This particular true historical story is still one of the most fascinating to be found in fiction.In 1991, Darya Spiridova receives a knock on her door There, standing in front of her, is a man in uniform who has an official letter, telling her of a secret meeting that the Russian Nobility Association is going to have These are the people, like Darya, who wish to bring Mother Russia back In order to do so, they must find a descendant of the royal Romanov blood to put back on the throne.Darya is not a normal modern day Russian, nor was she normal back when she was a Romanov favorite and lived in the palace looking after their only son and the heir to the Russian throne Yes, she is now one hundred and four years old, and Darya looks as if she hasn t aged a day Although many believe she is a witch because of her one opal eye that sees all, she is far than just that She lives with her Little Servant inside the old Entertainment Palace, where Nicholas and Alexandra held symphonies and ballets the only Imperial residence that was not confiscated when Russia came to an end The palace is surrounded by multiplying butterflies, which many see as the Romanov spirits that still haunt the land And one of the conversation pieces of the book is the tiny Faberge egg that hangs around Darya s neck, which gives off a scent that is beyond anyone s imagination as to what it really is.As the readers find themselves at this emergency meeting, they also begin to get the entire story of the Romanov s the birth of their only son and the frightening end to the family as they got caught up in the world of Rasputin, and were finally killed to make way for a new Russia Darya believes that the Tsar s son was not killed that night in the House of Special Purpose, and she is intent on finding the young boy who suffered from hemophilia and was watched over by a monk who seemed to know Darya s every thought.Yes, I could go on and on forever, but the best sum up of this incredible story is imaginative, thrilling, interesting, fast paced with characters that will have you glued to every page as you relive a historical time period that will always remain the perfect blend of myth, truth and fantasy Enjoy Until Next Time,Amy

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    I usually give a book 100 pages before I give up I nearly quit at page 71 on this story, but pressed ahead as it momentarily got interesting I can t believe I read the whole thing A confused jumble There s certainly a story in there somewhere, perhaps a good one, of the end of the Romanov royal family of Russia and potential in a fantasy way modern fallout But the telling was not up to the concept The primary stumbling block seems to be the author s inability to tell a story of a hundred years ago without such jarringly modern terms and characters that it kept knocking the reader out of the story Clumsy Too much back story Yeah, I know, the whole story was back story, but still Phraseology she lets loose laughter , plants a kiss , to live as one with wild life walking with a rifle over her shoulder, ready to blast said wildlife A thriving population of Aurochs in Russia in 1884 They ve been extinct since 1627 The magical properties of ambergris Sure, why not A clove of cinnamon Likewise, while she manages to create a feeling of authenticity around the Romanovs, her fictional cast is too twenty first century Her Rasputin comes off like a dirty old con man than either holy or crazy Mossanen seems to have a good feeling for her characters, she just can t convey it into words.Even two stars would be a gift This could have been a really good read it s not.

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    I yield, too much hocus pocus magic stuff for my blood and when

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    Like its heroine s inexplicable opal eye, THE LAST ROMANOV by Dora Levy Mossanen shimmers with tantalizing mystery and brilliance Readers will delight in sharing the journey of the bold and self possessed Darya through the corridors of the Russian Imperial palace during the final days of the Tsar s reign as she cares for the young and sickly heir, finds herself the beloved muse of a celebrated Jewish artist, and grapples with Rasputin s revelations about her ancient past Filled with rich period detail, THE LAST ROMANOV is a testament to the enduring power of love and honor, but most of all, hope.

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    Un fantasy storico trovato per caso nel reparto dell usato al Libraccio, ma che ho acquistato quasi ad occhi chiusi dopo aver letto la trama Infatti, credo sia stato proprio un segno del destino perch mi piaciuto tantissimo Consigliato a tutti coloro che hanno amato il film d animazione Anastasia, poich il libro come se fosse la sua versione al maschile, in quanto l erede scomparso dei Romanov non la granduchessa, bens Aleksej La protagonista Darja, una donna di 104 anni che racconta di essere stata l istitutrice del piccolo zarevic Vive in un palazzo fatiscente, un tempo appartenuto alla famiglia reale, e tutti si chiedono come abbia fatto a sopravvivere alla strage del 1918, ma soprattutto come possa essere ancora cos giovane, dato che non dimostra pi di trent anni Infatti, il romanzo si articola in flashback e scene ambientate nel presente in cui Darja vive, ovvero il 1991, anno della caduta dell Unione Sovietica Un aspetto che ho apprezzato moltissimo la fedelt storica nei fatti narrati Durante la lettura, ho ritrovato tutti gli avvenimenti studiati a scuola o che conoscevo per cultura personale, e si sono intrecciati in maniera perfetta alla storia che Darja personaggio di fantasia voleva raccontare.L ho trovato un libro completo c la politica, l aspetto artistico, la storia d a, la superstizione, grande protagonista nella famiglia Romanov Inoltre, penso che l autrice sia stata molto abile nel caratterizzare i componenti della famiglia la zarina Aleksandra, cos devota alla religione, lo zar Nicola II, incapace di governare un Paese e ne segner la sua rovina anche dopo l abdicazione Da ci che ho letto in giro, anche le granduchesse sono state riprodotte fedelmente all interno del romanzo, dunque questo mi ha resa felice perch il tutto risultava credibile.Poi c lui, il mio preferito RASPUTIN Vi dir , stato strano leggere del mio alter ego, soprattutto perch non era quel rottame che cade a pezzi del film, bens l uomo viscido e promiscuo realmente esistito Tuttavia, la scrittrice riuscita a trasmettere quel senso di inquietudine durante le sue scene, dunque gli ha reso giustizia lo stesso Darja mi piaciuta come personaggio, ed stato interessante scoprire da dove provenissero i suoi poteri Comunque, il romanzo mi ha trasmesso un po di tristezza perch la storia della famiglia Romanov rimane la stessa in tutte le sue versioni, quindi non stato facile leggere la scena dell esecuzione o anche l uccisione di Rasputin Infine, trovo che il finale sia giusto, poich essendo uno stand alone, mi sta bene che sia leggermente aperto e lasci libera immaginazione al lettore Nella mia mente, Darja ha ricominciato a invecchiare, e trascorre gli ultimi anni della sua longeva vita al fianco del piccolo ma ormai grande zarevic, Aleksej 5 stelline pi che meritate.

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    This booked seemed to jump from event to an event, as if the author was just filling out an outline of plot points The main character was an unlikeable snob who seemed determined to make herself a martyr and who lived in her own head rather than in reality In fact, the characters were unlikeable Not only that, but the writing style itself was disjointed and sometimes confusing.

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    Originally postsed at could happen in today s Russia if there had been a surviving member of the Romanov family This is the question that Dora Levy Mossanen asks in The Last Romanov She takes you through the last years of the Imperial Couple s rule, up to the moment of their execution and possible survival of the teenaged Tsarevich, Alexis Romanov Prepare yourself for one wild ride through history as Darya tells her tale and makes her search for the missing Tsarevich Darya believes it s her divine destiny to guard and protect the young Tsarevich Alexis Romanov from everything that might possibly oppose his eventual ascension to the Imperial throne of Russia She s so focused on her duty to the royal family that she often sacrifices things important to her for their benefit While this is an honorable and often required trait in a member of the royal household, it also shows a single mindedness that might not always make for a good companion, either She lets her care of, and eventual search for, Alexis Romanov consume the remainder of her life Darya is, on the other hand, a loyal and caring caretaker to Alexis as well as a devout and dedicated soul Darya s one distraction from the young Tsarevich and the Imperial Family is her one true love, Avram Their romance is fiery and passionate, made even so by the fact that he is a forbidden Jew For someone of her standing to be involved with a commoner was unheard of at that time, but for this commoner to also be a Jew It was pure scandal Darya and Avram do not let this come between them, however, showing both grace and the strength of true love to overcome all obstacles The way the keep finding one another, despite the odds and political crisis of the time, is both magical and hope for us all.However, despite Darya s complete obsession with the young Tsarevich and what became of him, her story is one of the most interesting I ve read in a long time This era of history, and the Romanov family itself, has long been a curiosity of mine To find such an imaginative and intriguing story set during this time and involving this family was a happy surprise for me Filled with both wild and the sedate historical characters plus just a touch of the mystical, The Last Romanov brings magic and history together in a spectacular way The Last Romanov is a wonderfully well written read for any lover of history or even just someone who believes in the impossible.

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    This is another book I found out about through the Nook Free Book Friday program I downloaded it a few weeks ago, but I hesitated to start it for a while maybe because my knowledge of the Romanovs was limited to the animated movie Anastasia from 1997 Once I got started, though, I found the story fascinating.The story is about an elderly woman, Darya, who is nearly a hundred years old and determined to find out if Alexi Romanov survived the night that the Bolsheviks slaughtered his parents and sisters When Darya was a teenager, the Tsarina invited her to live with the royal family in order to look after Alexi, who had hemophilia For over fifteen years, Darya makes Alexi the center of her world, and eventually she views the Romanovs as her family It s interesting to watch the historical events from 1903 1918 evolve from Darya s perspective When I first started reading, I wasn t sure what to make of the character Darya The author describes her has having an opal eye and she s followed everywhere by butterflies She also has mysterious visions of the Ancient One I didn t know if I was supposed to believe that Darya was a witch or that she was crazy, but then I read an interview with Mossanen where she characterizes this book as a work of magical realism, and things made a little sense Mossanen s description of life with the imperial family is so rich, and their lives seem like something out of a fairy tale She does a great job of contrasting that style of description with the crude, violent reality ushered in by the Bolshevik revolution There is a love story in the novel, but this is definitely not a bodice ripper historical romance Overall, I thought this was a good read.

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