Hunter's Planet (Aliens Vs. Predator, # 2)

Hunter's Planet (Aliens Vs. Predator, # 2) The Best Time Of Machiko Naguchi S Life Came In The Wake Of The Ryushi Colony Massacre It Was Then That She Abandoned Her Human Heritage And Ran With The Predators As A Dedicated Hunter But It Was Only Two Years Before She Returned To Live With Humanity And Work For The Chigusa CorporationLiver Evanston Is An Ambitious Developer Who Has Built The Ultimate Hunter S Paradise A World Just Beyond The Reach Of Human Regulations, Populated By Ferocious Genetically Engineered Animals But Evanston Didn T Plan On Being Patronized By The Galaxy S Most Ruthless Predators Or The Aliens They Brought Along As Prey As His Human Customers Fall Victim To The Unscheduled Hunt, Evanston Realizes That The Predators Must Be Curbed, And There S Only One Woman For The Job But There S Even To This World Than Meets The Eye, And Machiko Naguchi May Only Have One Way Out To Take Complete Control Of The Deadliest Planet In Known Space

Mark Grant with Bruce King ,

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  • Hunter's Planet (Aliens Vs. Predator, # 2)
  • David Bischoff
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  • 06 September 2018
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    Terrible Gave up First book was great, big disappointment.

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    I don t know how this got screwed up You got aliens You got predators The cover to the first book was amazing, and the story matched.This book was a huge struggle to get through And I don t know how that was possible 8th grade me loved the first book, loved aliens and predators Great stuff This book though had nothing of interest The cover is a lie, we see nothing of Machiko s time with the predators The cover strongly suggests that we would Instead we see a bunch ofi am not sure whata little bit of predator even less alien I really don t remember much about this book What I do remember is chugging through it, my brain not even registering most of the imagery, and finally finishing the book while I was at my the bankruptcy hearing trial thing for my parents I didn t go in, just sat in the waiting room reading this awful book.That wasn t the reason I hate this book, I hated it because it didn t deliver on aliens, predators or the main character s time amongst the preadators Which is the book that I wanted to read.

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    I must have started this novel four times, set it aside thinking it was part 3, then picked it up again after clarifying it was book two I will say this one time and one time only SKIP THIS BOOK It adds nothing to the story and the fight scene at the start and another at the end is repeated and far better written in War The premise of this novel is flimsy at best, the characters have all the depth of a petri dish, and the tone is completely different from Prey If I were reviewing it in the lens of being a sequel to the trilogy, I would have to give it 1 star But, because, in my mind, it s not part of the trilogy which is now a duology , I will review it as a stand alone novel It gets 2.5 Did I like parts of it Yes, I did It was easy to read It had ridiculously flowery moments like this It plumbed the depths of her soul and biochemistry, bringing up the thunder of valor and the uncontrolled explosion of adrenaline which I thought were fun, albeit hyperbolic to the extreme It also had lines like this, which made me laugh cutting into the throng of aliens, slicing, dicing, and generally churning up the Hard Meat into chunky style puree, acid flavour and Hunting with her pack had come to make multiple orgasms mild and mundane Yet, that was the problem The book was too funny, too light hearted And there was so much showing rather than telling Machiko s actions are often described rather than viewed through her eyes She also has a rawness, a vulnerability, a need to prove herself, in Prey and War that is lacking in this novel Yet, the action scenes were fun, if not tension filled, and there is an amazing scene of Predators fighting a T Rex that made me spit out my coffee But there are two many random characters As much as I loved the action scenes in the new The Predator movie which I dragged my husband to see in the theatre , the characters in that movie were given too much attention By that I mean there were too many for the story to handle This book felt the same way There s Machiko, her android, the bad guy, his security woman, the lawyer, the other lawyer, the love interest, the dickwad, a bunch of other mercenaries And some dead people we also meet Plus, the Predators Get rid of most of them We didn t need that scene where Machiko is sexually harassed by walking toxic masculinity we already know she s a badass having her flip some douchebag around is unnecessary, especially for so minor a character , we don t need her making gaga eyes at some guy who has no personality or sexual prowess, and we didn t need to spend so much time with the damn lawyers The android was funny just have her fuck him instead if we need her to get her rocks off for some reason I can t say much about the plot, since it was flimsy at best There was no tension Stuff just happened in sequence and the pacing was off Overall, I guess I d say I did enjoy reading it, because it was entertaining, funny at times, and there was a T Rex, but it leaves a lot to be desired.There was also a part where a Predator thinks about something being hoisted by its own petard This is a Shakespeare reference Unless, a this Predator was super into human literature, b there is a Predator Shakespeare out there who just so happened to use the same phrase, or c maybe Predators call bombs petards , it s completely wrong for him to be thinking that A weird anachronism I guess It annoyed me.

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    After publishing five novels based on Dark Horse graphic novels of ALIENS and PREDATOR stories and later going on to publish nine , Bantam Books tried a strange experiment They created an original sequel to Aliens vs Predator Prey based solely on the graphic story by Randy Stradley, which consisted at the time of 14 two page installments of a strip then titled Aliens vs Predator II from Dark Horse Insider That short story is incorporated into the novel as a flashback consisting Chapter 2, but the other 240 pages are a whole new story.Little did Bantam or Dark Horse know or did they that 6 months later, that short story would be collected as Aliens vs Predator War 0, then followed by a four issue series and a corresponding novelization continuing the adventures of Machiko Noguchi and completely ignoring Hunter s Planet So this novel is a bit of a curiosity, a sequel having been supplanted by an official sequel, making it non canon.The story itself is fun it starts out slowly and the first third is padded a bit too much , but once it picks up, I couldn t put it down A few years after hanging out with a yautja pack, Machiko Noguchi, survivor of Ryushi, is back working a boring desk job for the Company on Alistair Three Until one day a rich dude named Liver Evanston comes to hire her as head of a mercenary team to get rid of bugs on his newly colonized planet and future hunting preserve Of course, she takes the job, and it happens that the planet Blior or Hunter s World is also of interest to the yautja who regularly go there for their rituals But when Machiko discovers that Evanston is building an Alien cyborg army, she decides to team up with the yautja once again and get rid of this menace to the galaxy.The story could have maybe worked into continuity after AvP War, except that one of the main yautja in this book is Machiko s old rival Shorty who is now pack leader and wants to kill her for being a traitor to his race Shorty also has a major role in War, and has a different fate in the official sequel Also, another official sequel titled AvP Three World War was also published in 2011 15 years after this novel , which might prevent Hunter s Planet from fitting in.A fun read, but i recommend reading the Machiko Trilogy first AvP , AvP War and AvP Three World War.NOTE Machiko s name is misspelled Naguchi both times in the back cover summary.

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    While this book did delve into a broad expansion on Predator culture, the story itself didn t quite stand up to the quality of first book, Prey The Hunter s Planet was unfortunately a rehashed, overdone concept of a sort of safari playground for the rich set in space To me, the attempts at expanding on Machiko s character actually made her less interesting than I d found her in the first book Although, a saving grace was the clever comedic relief of her android cohort, who ultimately made it worth the read.

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    Not a bad sequel to the first AvP novel As I ve stated before, these novels are much better than either of the AvP movies.In this one we have a very rich man trying to create a hunter s world, stocked with dangerous game for hunters to come hunt from all over the galaxy Of course, Aliens and Predators weren t part of the plan Then we find out there was to the hunter s world than we thoughtOverall a good novel with plenty of action that moves right along Pretty much exactly as advertised here.

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    Mariko Noguchi s story continues in Hunter s Planet After spending some time amongst the Predators Yautja , she returns to a human colony Soon, she is tapped by a billionaire who is creating a hunters planet where the prey are bioengineered and lethal However, like similar stories from Island of Dr Moreau to Jurassic Park , messing with the natural order of things to create monsters often backfires And it does backfire here as well Noguchi is the only one able to handle the crisis, but she has to take over the planet and once again run with Predators to overcome It is something her boss is not about to allow Fans of the franchise will like this book Anyone wanting a quick escapist adventure read will like it as well Those wanting insight on the Predators and their society will find it here A bit slow in the middle, but once the pace picks up, you read right through the end By the way, I think if the movie makers would have used some of these stories in the AvP movies, instead of the barely passable stuff they hoisted on us the movies would have been much better.

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    Got a bit confused on this one as it jumps a timeline and the third book War, is set between this and the first story Prey Hunters Planet delivers a tale of an apparent megarich oligarch type figure having a bug problem on his own private pleasure planet, if hunting and killing gives you wood that is, so he recruits Noguchifor her skill set.As usual all is not as it appears and pretty soon the bodily waste product hits the rapidly spinning blades of a nearby device for lowering the surrounding air temperature.Predators, Aliens and corporate cannon fodder happily merge in various types of death dealing mayhem.

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    There are two quotes page 96 and page 166 that are attributed to Lao Tzu These quotes come from The Art of War by Sun Tzu Lao Tzu is famous for the Tao Te Ching, a very different book.

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    If you like the first book in this series, you ll like this one as well.

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