Sweetest Mistress

Sweetest Mistress In A Weak Moment Of Honesty, Wyle Divulges His Deepest Desires He Doesn T Want To Possess Melissa, He Wants To Worship Her Together They Explore With A Hot Spanking, Scorching Phone Sex Call, And A Humiliating Anal Play Session, But The True Test Of His Limits Comes In A Form Neither Of Them ExpectSweetest Mistress Is An Erotic Romance Novella Featuring Explicit Sex, BDSM, And Graphic Language Not Intended For Those Uncomfortable With The Subject Matter Or Under Eighteen

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sweetest Mistress book, this is one of the most wanted Skye Warren author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 68 pages
  • Sweetest Mistress
  • Skye Warren
  • English
  • 15 August 2019

10 thoughts on “Sweetest Mistress

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    Male POV Short read Quirky, likable narrator Unexpectedly humorousEnjoyed

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    4 stars Contemporary Erotic NovellaFemdom isn t my preference in erotica I usually like my doms to be hot alpha males But having the story told from the insecure, flawed, average hero Wyle s POV and getting insight into his dominatrix mistress fantasies was hilarious and highly entertaining There s one angtsy scene ensuing from a misunderstanding, but otherwise it s flippant and funny as hell at times At least it was to me The Femdom BDSM element is on the light side as well and mostly involves fantasy role playing.This is the second story I ve read by this author and I enjoy her writing style It s a great erotic novella, especially for a freebie.Here are a couple of examples of the hero s sarcastic, self deprecating humor view spoiler Do you want to come in for coffee she rushed out in a whoosh of a breath Coffee Coffee meaning sex, right My dick perked up, well versed in the coffee sex synonymy That s what coffee means, but did she know that She was awfully young, no matter her few years of working after college or her fancy new job title Yes, I breathed It was a scary proposition A girl like her, practically slumming with me It could be something bad That would explain why she d wanted me I d be desperate enough to do it But I had a suspicion that if she wanted me to shove food in her orifices while chanting satanic rituals, I d ask if she preferred bananas or zucchini That s how much I wanted to fuck her. hide spoiler

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    This book hooked me from the beginning and pulled me away from another book I was reading I d actually give it 4.5 stars I thought the hero was very believable and it was easy to understand his motivations In some erotic books, the sexual encounters are hyped up, fantasy like than real In Sweetest Mistress, the encounters seemed very true to life, the way you would expect them to occur I particularly enjoyed the voice, and the humor Very well written.

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    I should say that this story isn t for everybody, but if you enjoy male submissive play than it s fun The plot is thin, and the female lead, Melissa, is a cypher, but Wyle made this story for me His character voice, and brutal honesty was so endearing that my main points of frustration with the plot of the story is that I wish he had a better love story Wyle is a submissive that really has no point of reference to know what he is, but he expresses it so clearly in his internal monologue He is surprised that he is so lucky to get a date with a beautiful, sexy young girl He is humble and hopeful that he might get a good night kiss, so when he gets MUCH he is so fucking thankful he is willing to go further than he has ever gone before with a woman.If you like femDom Malesub play this will be an entertaining read, but know that the plot is thin, and there s little to no explanation for Melissa s dominant ish behavior and sexual knowledge I say ish, because she is really wishy washy, saying things like I like it if you do I don t know if it s meant to make her look manipulative, i.e that her permissiveness Wyle the courage to express his own desires However, it just feels off She switches from doe eyed, sweetheart to a large and in charge Dominatrix with now perceivable rhyme or reason At one point I wondered if she had Dissociative disorders multiple personalities , but that is not the case While this flaw in the character was distracting enough to pull me out of the story at times, I loved Wyle enough to ignore Melissa s annoying flip flopping Again, Wyle made this book for me His internal monologue had me laughing, and even offered some very true insight about how fucking crazy contradictory and plain confusing women can be when it comes to sex especially, those who dabble in kinky sex play If you can t tell, I m kind of smitten with him, and I really wish he had a better partner than Melissa.The sex is hot, lovingly described and surprisingly faithful to actual D s play Totally worth the download, and honestly I wouldn t have minded paying for it either Warren s writing style, and male characterization was impressive and a delight to read This review is brought to you by two beers, and half a bottle of wine.

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    2.5Q How do you like your kink A I like my kink hot and dirty.Q How do you like your romance A Straightforward and trustable.Q Does mixing kink romance works in a short story A Not always.I was really excited about this short story, and I really liked the synopsis view spoiler Wyle knows he s in over his head with gorgeous Melissa But when he finally divulges his deepest fantasy, to be dominated by a woman, he just might get everything he s ever wanted A hot spanking, one scorching phone sex call, and a humiliating anal play session later, he s sure of it hide spoiler

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    Thank you for the rec Shawna I finished this short story in one night and it was sweet and funny.I like S.W s writing and will check out her other work

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    This is the perfect example of a story that should be a short story It was well written and edited Not all stories are meant to be novels and this one wasn t It did however make a wonderful short story It is also a great example of fem dom, where the domme is not a complete fucking bitch The relationship was sweet and I liked that the twist that the hero was the one struggling with the relationship and not the heroine.

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    My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookI ve been meaning to read Sweetest Mistress for sometimes now, finally I did it today It s a novella, pretty short, of about 6 7 small chapters Narrated from first person POV, this novella was kinda hard for me to rate Mostly because, even though I liked the sex and the storytelling, overall it was just odd I m no expert in BDSM lifestyle but I do read erotica based on BDSM This book talks about femdom and a man s wish to submit to a special woman.Middle aged Wyle is a divorced man and disillusioned about life, sex and other deeper feelings He thinks he s not that good looking and women don t find him hot or sexy After his divorce, the dates he had were pretty uninspiring Today, he s on a blind date set up by one of his close acquaintances The woman in question, Melissa shows up and Wyle is immediately in lust with her But Wyle s thinking he has no chance with such a sexy, attractive woman But Melissa totally surprises him As Wyle was dropping her off, she invites him in for coffee cough and Wyle s coughcough perks up in anticipation And in bedroom, Melissa keeps surprising him in every turn At first, she came off as one of those boring woman to Wyle who likes vanilla sex but soon after, when she asks him about what he wants, Wyle confesses about his thang for submission.Hot sex follows with Melissa in total control I m not really sure if her dom side was instinctual or she did it in the past but she drives Wyle crazy After a few encounters, Wyle gets confused about what is happening Although he likes to be dominated, as far as I got it, he has never had anything like this with any other woman in the past which obviously includes his ex wife He s disillusioned and yet, he feels something for Melissa, who s quite younger than him When Wyle talks to the woman who set the blind date, some information about Melissa doesn t add up and Wyle is suddenly suspicious Is she one of those money grabbing b tches that plagued him often than not What s really happening here Wyle decides that Melissa must be one of them and plans to take revenge to know how, you have to read it.Then, when I thought this might end like this, there is this unexpected but sweet turn in the end of the story that so had me there, which explains a lot about Melissa Anyway, it s a hot story and if you re into BDSM stories, you ll definitely like it I ve come to admire SW s stories, no matter what she writes 3.5 stars.Oh BTW Sex here is definitely NOT vanilla Just sayin haha.I downloaded Sweetest Mistress for free from smashwords early this year Sadly, it s not listed in smashwords any, neither in allromanceebooks But, you can get it from Just check out Ms Warren s website for information.Warning If you do not like BDSM in any form, this novella might not be for you

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    This novella by Skye Warren follows a man, hurt and somewhat damaged also mistrustful of women since his messy divorce who finds himself on a blind date with a young very attractive woman He can t believe his luck when she invites him in for coffee and so their relationship begins, but it is a very unconventional one as the two explore dominance and submission roles that are new to them that lead them to new heights of sexual passion and excitement Restraint is used but as a mentally controlled denial of use of hands arms Problems lie in belief and trust by the middle aged male character Wyle, who can t believe someone as young, beautiful and sweet as Melissa hasn t got an ulterior motive for her relationship and acceptance of his kink, and the truth when it comes was way off my radar of suspicions The conclusion and detail you need to read for yourself The English standard is reasonably good, and my rating is just borderline on 4 stars, as it s quite a good novella.

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    I really liked this story until Wyle got mad Then my hackles got up because I didn t like the view spoiler spanking scene that was done out of anger hide spoiler

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