Bulaklak sa Tubig: Mga Tula ng Pag-ibig at Himagsik (Flowers in Water: Poems on Love and Revolt)

Bulaklak sa Tubig: Mga Tula ng Pag-ibig at Himagsik (Flowers in Water: Poems on Love and Revolt)Giving Voice To Victims Of Violence, The Workers, The Women, The Disappeared, These Are Courageous Love Poems That Address The Paradoxical Nature Of Nation, Of Struggle, And Of The Deeply Personal Often In The Voice Of Woman, Barrios Poems Are Exquisite Guerilla Forays Into The Theater Of Contemporary Cultural Wars We Emerge From Them Having Learned That Love S Secret Name Is Justice SYLVIA TIWON, University Of California BerkeleyDapat Basahin Si Joi Bilang Makata Na Babae, Feminista, Aktibista, At Nasyonalista Magkakatuwang Ang Mga Naturang Katangian Upang Ibukod Siya Sa Kasalukuyang Hanay Ng Mga Makata Sa Filipinas Magkakatuwang Din Ang Mga Ito Upang Higit Siyang Maging Kapani Paniwalang Tinig Kaysa Makatang Babae Lamang, Feminista Lamang, Aktibista Lamang, O Nasyonalista Lamang VIRGILIO S ALMARIO, National Artist For LiteratureOne Of The Most Influential And Major Voices In Philippine Feminist Poetry, Joi Barrios Powerfully And Tenderly Speaks The Twin Passions Of Personal Desire And Social Revolt That Have Propelled The Radical National Struggles For Freedom And Justice, In Which She Has Long Been An Important Cultural Actor And Activist In Bringing Together The Unforgettable Laments And Protests, Cries Of Anger And Consolation, And Songs Of Love And Solidarity That She Has Penned And Performed Over The Last Few Decades Of Feminist And Nationalist Struggle, Barrios Offers Us A Poignant, Vivid And Inspiring Chronicle Of The Life Force Of Sentiment That Is The Hidden And Yet Indispensable Force Of Political Commitment And Community NEFERTI TADIAR, Columbia UniversityLaging Nakaugnay Sa Mga Batayang Isyu Ng Bayan, Tunay Na Makabuluhan Ang Pagtula Ni Joi Saanman Siya Naroon BIENVENIDO LUMBERA, National Artist For LiteratureJoi Barrios Metaphors, Images And Words Attempt To Capture The Impossible Bare Life As A Filipino Condition In Her Lush Tagalog Verse, We Encounter Hopeful Lovers, Murdered Farm Workers, Grieving Mothers Of Missing Activists, Jose Rizal S Radical But Lesser Known Sister, And Countless Filipino Immigrants There Is Love And Loss, Brutality And Beauty, History And Memory In Her Elegant Poems That Beg To Be Read In Both Languages NERISSA S BALCE, Stony Brook UniversityAbout The Author And The TranslatorJOI BARRIOS Teaches Filipino And Philippine Literature At UC Berkeley While On Leave As Associate Professor At The University Of The Philippines She Has Won The Palanca Awards For Poetry, Drama, And The Essay And Was A Recipient Of The TOWNS Award The Outstanding Women In The Nation S Service In This Is Her Third Poetry CollectionRK PANGILINAN Is A Poet And Translator Currently In His Fourth Year Of Graduate Study At The University Of California, Irvine He Studies Translation, Postcolonial And Trauma Theory With An Emphasis On Twentieth Century Literature Of Both The US And The Philippines Pangilinan Translates To And From Filipino And Spanish, And Hopes To Complete His PhD In The Spring Of My 87th book read this year and my third time to give a five star rating.Reading this collection of poetry felt like meeting Joi Barrios in person and connecting with her like an old friend Such a beautiful, beautiful person captured in her mesmerizing verses Joi Barrios is an epitome of a strong modern Filipina smart, feminist, highly educated, brave activist yet she still has that nurturing, caring and loving characteristics of Asian women She is definitely still a woman who enjoys a good old fashioned romance and who will not have a second thought of giving her life to the people she loves dearly She is also not ashamed to tell the world that she has had botox injections, that she came from a poor country as she now resides in California and probably, based on my interpretation of one of her poems, that she made love to a male friend just for the sake of having sex I mean, she is a natural not that I see having sex without love a natural thing but Barrios seems not to care announcing those to the world because that s how she feels about things and she shares her feelings through her beautiful poems It s her life anyway and what she offers is a good poetry book and what I had a great time with it What I am trying to say is in the end, for me, what really matters is that the poet is able to convey her innermost thoughts through her beautiful poems and if is able to connect with her readers, that s a five star book of poetry Bulaklak sa Tubig Flowers in Water is a bilingual book so you, my non Filipino friends, may want to try this out Barrios writes in Filipino and currently teaches Filipino Literature at the University of California, Berkeley Her works here are adequately translated by Mark Pangilinan who by now must have graduated already from his masteral degree at University of California, Irvine I read some of his translations and I thought that he did everything properly meaning without losing the essence, message and lyrical beauty of Barrios exceptionally touching poems I have so many favorites in this book but most of them are very long for me to capture here so I ll pick one that is short and since most of the people who read my reviews are non Filipinos, below is its English translation The poem is entitledTransitand its original Tagalog version was used in Tulaan sa Tren 2 Poetry in Trains 2 I did not see how it was done but a friend told me that the verses of the poems were written on the walls of the city train LRT or Light Railway Transit that traverses the center of the old city of Manila and sometimes somebody reads the poem aloud over the train s sound system What a cool idea Each love affair, its journey.You dive into the deepest oceans,Then scramble to meet the mountain summit.You straddle hope,And cleave steadfast to belief.Each love affair, its journey.Remember.Don t drag your feet.Don t run with eyes closed.In the midst of the journey,stop a moment.Wipe the sweat from your forehead,Press the soles of your feet.Take stock of your heart, andmind not to mislay it by some wayside path.Don t let yourself grow wearybetween journey s end and journey s open.And never,Stop for fearThrough your destination be unknown.There is no final journeyfor the loverwho will travel. I wish I could go and ride the train if and when Tulaan 3 happens Yes, I will leave my car and ride the train just for the sake of reading poems like this.Bravo, Miss Barrios 5 5 This book speaks of so much romance and revolt intertwined It s romanticism that doesn t dismiss struggle It s power that doesn t mock pain 3 Definitely a favorite.


[Reading] ➿ Bulaklak sa Tubig: Mga Tula ng Pag-ibig at Himagsik (Flowers in Water: Poems on Love and Revolt) By Joi Barrios – Online-strattera-atomoxetine.info
  • Paperback
  • 232 pages
  • Bulaklak sa Tubig: Mga Tula ng Pag-ibig at Himagsik (Flowers in Water: Poems on Love and Revolt)
  • Joi Barrios
  • Filipino; Pilipino
  • 13 September 2017
  • 9789712724589

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