The Ancient Fae (The World of Fae, #4)

The Ancient Fae (The World of Fae, #4) Princess Ritasia Misses The Adventure Of Getting Her Brother And Cousins Out Of Trouble, But When The Hawk Fae King Arrives To Court Her, She Becomes Involved In Trouble Nothing Like She S Ever Faced BeforeThe Hawk Fae King, Tiernan, Must Find A Bride, But Being A Tyrant King, Or So His People Believe, He Must Find A Woman Who Would Help Him To Change His People S View Of How He And His Queen Shall RulePrincess Ritasia Isn T Anything Like What He D Envision His Queen Would Be Like Rough And Tumble, Unafraid Of Danger, And Speaking Her Mind, The Lady Might Just Be The One For HimThe Princess Believes The King Is A Tyrant, At Least At Times But She Discovers He S Not All That He Seems, And She Wants To Learn EvenThe Problem Is That Ritasia Stumbles Across An Ancient Queen S Magical Artifact And Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Between Her People, His, And What Is Dug Up At The Ancient Fae Dig Site

Love, love, love romance, the paranormal, hunky Highlanders with their delicious brogue and hot kilts, so Terry Spear writes about those hunky Highlanders both in medieval times and as wolves in contemporary times Jaguar shifters too And young adult urban fantasy And romantic suspense.She grew up reading mystery, adventure, mythologies from around the world, ghost stories, the paranormal, fell

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  • The Ancient Fae (The World of Fae, #4)
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    Finally Ritasia gets her story This just keeps getting better I loved Ritasia in the previous stories and now she gets her own And King Tiernen is a super cool addition to the characters There is a LOT of action in this story We get to learn a lot about Ritasia and hear an interesting story about how her parents met I love how real these characters are, for all they can work magic Read them in order and plan on getting sucked into a cool new world Enjoy

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    My Thoughts 5 out of 5 Unicorns I loved it Received a code from the author to listen to and review the audio version of the bookThe cover is looks like a teenager with that dreamy I m in love look She is beautiful, though I m not sure that this cover grabs my attention It would be a mistake to miss it though I really love this series with each book I love that this book brings back my favorite characters from book 1 My son was estatic that the old characters were back The narrator is still the same YAY I really love Jeanne Whitehouse as a narrator Stories from Terry have always come alive when I read them, and it takes a special narrator to have this happen when I m listening My son and I listen to the audiobook in the car to and from school together.Ritasia is awesome as a lead because she is fearless and strong This is what I think all female leads should be She won t leave anyone behind and fights for what she believes in Tiernan wants to change how his kind very their king and traditions I really admire what he stands for, and I chuckled at all the things Ritasia put him through It was a great adventure.I highly recommend this series to Fae lovin readers and Terry Spear fans.The only sad part for me is that book 5 isn t an audiobook yet and that I really want to collect this series in paperback for my classroom to share these wonderful stories with my students My son hopes book 5 comes to audio very soon He really loves Terry Spear as an author and keeps asking me for audiobooks from her I didn t think there were any YA appropriate audiobooks, but I just found a Vampire one that I have we can listen to next

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    King Tiernan scowled at the mess his father had gotten him intoall because the heartless man had to die Hawk fae kings were to immediately marry as soon as they were seated on the throne and a suitable bride could be foundLegend had it that the queen always met an early death ordered by the king himself, although it was said that a secret order of assassins was given the task Why Because two sons or a son and a daughter could fight over ruling the kingdom Civil war could ensue So best to ensure the queen only had one offspring And then, she no longer was needed.THE ANCIENT FAE by Terry Spear is simply PERFECTLY FEISTY WHIMSICAL FUN This highly entertaining read is the fourth installment in Terry s World of Fae series All of the books in this series can be read as standalones containing interconnected characters However, I highly recommend enjoying all the books in this series as they are all fantastic I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series and THE ANCIENT FAE is the best yet My full review has been posted at Reading Between The Wines Book Club Check it out here

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    Book 4 I really enjoyed reading this book and learning about the different realms and the ancient fae. and the way twists within the story I wish it went into detail about certain events as I felt they were slightly brushed over but all in all it was good now for book 5 Kay xx

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    RitasiaYay This is a fun one that enjoyed quite well Deadly Fae is still my favorite but this one is good too Thanks Terry for this entertaining adventure

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