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Right State Story was a nicely contorted conspiracy, the art felt average Not great, but acceptable to pass some time. I wanted to read this because I absolutely love love love Johnson s graphic novel Incognegro While I was unable to put the book down, I hardly understood the premise The lettering and illustrations made the novel difficult to understand all by themselves And honestly, i m not quite sure what I think of Right State The book was not terrible 2.5 stars. Just In Time For The Fall Election, This Race Against Time Political Thriller Follows An Ex Special Forces Commando Who Goes Undercover With A Militia Group That S Plotting To Assassinate The Second African American President Of The USIn The Week Leading Up To A Major Campaign Speech, The Secret Service Discovers That An Extremist Militia Group Is Plotting To Assassinate America S Second African American President The Best Chance To Advert This Crisis Is To Infiltrate The Group Using An Ex Special Forces War Hero Turned Conservative Media Pundit Named Ted Akers While Aker S Politics Make Him A Hero To The Right Wing Fringe And No Friend To The Current Administration, He Takes The Assignment And What Follows Is An Adrenaline Fueled Race Against Time To Stop A President From Dying And A Country From Being Ripped ApartAn Original Graphic Novel By Mat Johnson INCOGNEGRO, DARK RAIN And Andrea Mutti When I finished this book, I really wanted to write a review but I just didn t know how I had read reviews of it both good and bad I m not sure I agree with any of them Right State is a powerful thriller that takes an extremely political stance which would likely appeal to readers from both side of the political arena because, I m sure this book will give you whatever you want to take away from it It grapples with the extremes of our political system Punditry vs humanity Left vs Right Mainstream vs Outlier Sounds fantastic, right But in the end, I finished reading and felt oddly blank I felt no clearly defined, no right or wrong about my political state, and no better or worse The illustrations were gripping, the characters felt very true I, however, was left only with the horror of my own apathy and I had been expectingsomething, anything. Could have been so much better It has an interesting protagonist, an interesting villain and even an interesting villain s wife Yet, most of the story moves the hero from one point to another, listening to crap talking bullies and shouting into his phone seriously phone they don t have anything better in the secret service and how come they can t trace his phone In the end, it also comes into a disappointing ending, with a stupid plan it is unbelievable anyone though it would have been working in the first place What a sham This is an excellent book and appropriate for what is happening in America right now A Veteran turned Talk Show Conservative is asked by a former lover to infiltrate a Right Wing Militia group who is plotting to kill the 2nd African American President He is forced to examine his past and own bigotry when he discovers that the group is planning to incite racial tensions as a part of their plan Mat Johnson is the type of writer that is needed in America because our nation needs to examine its own racist legacy The artwork is excellent and realistic A must read for those who love action with a bit of social commentary. Un thriller fantapolitico che si concentra sull attentato al presidente degli stati uniti e sui gruppi paramilitari statunitensi Storia nella media, disegni nella media Godibile, non trascendentale. Not my favourite, pretty flat story line This one just didn t do it for me The basic premise is all right, but the characters were underdeveloped Worse still, there were many, many points where the story was choppy, and the transition from one panel to another, or from one page to another, or sometimes even in conversation between two panels, felt like something had been cut out that would have made that transition smoother.It was mildly okay at best. I like Mat Johnson s work, especially Incognegro and his Hellblazer Papa Midnite miniseries, so I was looking forward to Right State It was ultimately, however, disappointing The premise itself is fairly preposterous a high profile, centrist pundit is enlisted by the Secret Service to infiltrate a right wing militia that is plotting an assassination I never felt that the main character s struggle with his own growing belief in the militia s ideology was satisfactorily developed to be plausible It could have potentially worked, but it would have required subtlety and nuance in terms of politics than what is evident here.As a political thriller, the story takes some predictable turns before throwing in an unlikely red herring that raises some unresolved plot questions The plot also requires some very high profile political figures to make some very stupid decisions and expose themselves in ways that real, savvy operatives would know to avoid The art by Andrea Mutti is also disappointing I like Mutti s work on The Executor, but here, some characters become indistinguishable, or are often inconsistently drawn, and clear transitions or establishing shots are missing For example, in an early scene, two militia members are killed in a shootout, while two others survive, yet it s never clear that than two militia members were present in the first place This graphic novel had the potential to be cool, timely, and resonant, transcending genre boundaries to make a strong comment about today s complex and contentious political landscape and to offer a warning for the future Unfortunately, it doesn t live up to that potential.

Mat Johnson is an American writer of literary fiction who works in both prose and the comics format In 2007, he was named the first USA James Baldwin Fellow by United States Artists Johnson was born and raised in the Germantown and Mount Airy communities in Philadelphia.His mother is African American and his father is Irish Catholic He attended Greene Street Friends School, West Chester Univers

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  • 26 October 2019
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