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Room 118 From The Twisted Mind Of New Horror Writer, Jason White, Comes Short StoriesIn Room , A Young Man Just Graduated From University Finds Himself Working Nights As A Janitor At His Hometown S Gymnasium He Works With A Cast Of Weird Characters And A Room Everyone S Obsessed AboutIn Chemical Burn, Alex Accidentally Creates A New Drug By Mixing Chemicals At Work He Shares It With His Co Workers But When He Discovers How Dangerous The Drug Is, Will He Be Strong Enough To Overcome Its Hallucinatory And Addictive Effects In Divorce And The Black Cat, Nick S Wife Wants A Divorce But He Is Still In Love With Her He S Also Been Unable To Control His Behavior, Lately It S As Though Someone Or Something Is Taking Control Of His Mind, Leaving Him A Helpless Passenger To A Life That Is Going Completely InsaneEnter These Strange And Eldritch Worlds Populated With People You Will Care About And Creatures That Will Make Your Skin Crawl Maybe You Will Find Something Of Yourself Breathing Within

I am a podcaster with Darkness Dwells and The Great Lakes Horror Company Podcast with probably on the way I also BookTube as Jason s Weird Reads I am a writer of strange, dark fiction.

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  • 03 September 2019

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    This was a fun, trippy short story It was the type of story where you sit down and look up, dazed about 20 30 minutes later when you re done and say WTH Room 118 is not in a hotel but in a gymnasium Nick, the night cleaning guy, is told to never, ever go near the room So of course you know he goes in Then you wonder if he s coming out Does he Read it and find out Have a little fun.

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    I was aware of the author through his tenure as a Horror Aficionados moderator He seemed like a very nice guy and turns out he s quite a decent writer as well if this small collection is something to go by Not perfect, especially the middle one, but interesting, well written and compelling voyages into madness Perfectly entertaining way to spend and hour for genre fans.

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    I really enjoyed these 3 short stories I ran across Jason s profile on the Horror Aficionados group and looked up his website where I found some info on his books Thought I would pick one up and give it a try I was not disappointed The stories read very fast and were written well Short stories are sometimes hit and miss for me but I thought these were very well done.

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    Do not start unless you have time to finish, three stories you will not be able to put aside, thankfully a quick read because my family would have been without me for a while I look forward to reading from Jason White.

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    I enjoyed slacking off at work in order to read this collection of three short horror stories, called Room 118 , Chemical Burn and Divorce and the Black Cat Room 118 immediately brought back memories of how my co workers at Cracker Barrel treated one of the freezer fridge rooms, when I worked there in late winter 2006 I was living in Naples, Florida at the time I had just moved there and knew nothing about the Cracker Barrel Slayings that occurred at this very restaurant in the 90s.More about that here people avoided it though you couldn t, not completely, for obvious reasons , but to new employees it was a common initiation to be locked in there with the lights out for a few moments Like a Welcome to the Crazy Club ceremony I enjoyed reading Room 118 , and had a few theories about what was really going on in that room something to do with Vampires Something Matrix like I still don t really know or understand, but I enjoyed the story nonetheless Chemical Burn was very well written with beautiful descriptions It reminded me of an off time in my life when I too had some profound experiences It s not fun being scared and confused when your sanity is on the line, but Alex tries to pull through it and do his best to help his affected co workers I really enjoyed this one, because it was VERY dark, spoke to me personally, and had what I would consider a very hopeful and uplifting conclusion Divorce and the Black Cat was super disturbing to read, being you guessed it a cat lover however I feel some revenge was won somewhere in there, somehow it was a very paranoid, boozy story and I sincerely hope the main character has one hell of a hangover and enjoys having tea parties with prison inmates.Thanks to Jason for emailing me the document I hope to read of your stories in the future

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    3 good dark tales from a promising new writer.He makes you feel the fear and the darkness in his writing.Room 118A story of terror and horror One mans obsession with what lies behind room 118 Will there be any horrors behind those closed doors Well done story.Divorce and the Black CatAlcohol and divorce destroyers of the soul But hey leave the lovely cat alone.Chemical burnA thrilling story of a home brewed liquid that you could experience highs from but the creator sees the dangers and needs another road in life Written well again hooks you and engrossing.

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    Synopsis In the gym, there s a room which no one goes near Room 118 For our intrepid hero, the room calls to him as strongly as his co workers warn him away from it Tempted and disturbed, the balance his held Until a friend, another who s heard the call of the titular roon, goes missing Room 118 is a short story, 23 pages long, and serves as a nice introduction to a collection of short stories which the author has released separately Not a bad idea to build interest.Short stories require a different way of working to a full length novel, although a good one can make you forget that Sometimes, a good short story is one that makes you wish for the idea to be built up on, developed into a full length novel Certainly, Room 118 could have that As a full length novel, it could work, and work very well for that As a short story, it works nicely too.It s not perfect by any means There s a certain indefinable something missing, and maybe a little polish needed However, that s a miserable little thing for me to say The lead character works The supporting characters work They re defined well enough a tough challenge in any short story Although the girl who goes missing is a little annoying The build to Room 118 and the warnings work The contents of Room 118 well, that s why I d like to see a longer story Not a bad read, and it s done its job well enough Its made me want to buy the collection of White s short stories What could you ask of it

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    Room 118 tackles one of my favorite horror themes the question of What lies behind that closed door But beyond the suspense of this story, I found the characters to be fresh, believable, and our hero especially sympathetic We recognize these people as though they are our own old friends and co workers we haven t thought of in years The humor and the dialog ring true, and sucked me right into this story As for what IS behind that door You ll have to find out for yourself, but it s a nightmare akin to a Stephen King Bentley Little mash up The ultimate nihilism of this story manages a bittersweet aftertaste that stayed with me for days I also recommend The Serpent s Son and Chemical Burn , two fine examples of new horror.

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    Liked the story and the concept, though I would have liked that it would have gone a little further with the concept Story would make for great discussion.

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    I give this one 3.5 stars I was a little disappointed with the ending I guess I was expecting something a little dramatic.

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