Frozen In Time

Frozen In Time Set In Ancient Greece, A Time When The Spirit World Of Gods And Goddesses And Other Immortal Beings Bleeds Into The World Of Mortals, Frozen In Time Is A Rich Vampire Tale Of Betrayal And Revenge, And The Eternal Longing For Blood And Love After The Death Of His Wife In Childbirth, Philip, Grief Stricken And Suicidal, Joins The Army Of His Half Brother Alexander, With Whom He Has A Very Uneasy Relationship But The World Of Immortals Has Other Plans For Him And The Vampiric Monster Scylla Plays On His Grief By Seducing Him In The Form Of His Dead Wife Horrified When He Discovers That He Too Is Now An Immortal Blood Drinker, It Becomes His Life S Quest To Escape Scylla, Find A Way Of Destroying Her Forever, And To Hopefully Reunite Himself With His Dead Wife S Soul In A One Way Or Another

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[PDF / Epub] ★ Frozen In Time  By Marie Symeou –
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  • Frozen In Time
  • Marie Symeou
  • English
  • 03 August 2018

10 thoughts on “Frozen In Time

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    Philip is very much in love with his wife, when she dies in childbirth he is heartbroken and joins the army There he falls under the spell of a woman who appears to look a great deal like his deceased wife It turns out to be the blood drinker Scylla, after she turns him Philip is determined to destroy her Meanwhile his wife is reborn as the Swan Lady, Sirona, in the enchanted paradise of Demar, he goes there to get branches from a tree that only grows there and falls in love with her He begs her to wait for him to return from turning Scylla to stone But while he is away she marries Finn and returns to the mortal world where she begins to age.By the time Philip finds her again she is an old woman on her deathbed He promises her Death is not the end Book 2 Bound by Death

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    I didn t read much of this book and I don t think I will finish it It s just bad.

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    Very unique story Loved the flow of how everything unfolded I will be looking forward to the next one

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    Although enjoyable it meandered all over the place, you had to concentrate on keeping up with who was who, who had been reborn, different names etc

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    I am really enjoying this novel Who doesn t love history and immortals

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