Ditched: A Love Story

Ditched: A Love Story3.5 starsReading Ditched felt like I was unravelling an onion with so many intricate layers incorporated into the story The book at times felt highly like a mystery novel rather than a contemporary YA not that I m complaining I enjoyed uncovering the story behind what was meant to be Justina s biggest night in high school and discovering why it ended up going disastrously wrong instead Justina had finally decided to take the plunge with her date Ian on prom night, they had been good friends for the last couple of months and although unsure of his feelings Justina decided to make the first move But before she knew it her plans started going horribly wrong Maybe it was a bad idea to get her mum to pick out her prom dress and dye her matching shoes, so she looked like a blueberry compared to everyone else who was glammed up And from then it just got worse and worse.I liked the mystery aspect of this book how the beginning of each chapter started off with Justina noticing another stain on her dress, which would lead to unravelling a story behind the meaningful mark Poor Justina had it all to deal with all she wanted was a few quick moments with Ian, but something always ended up getting in the way My relationship with her in this book was a topsy turvy one, with the little clues were given along the way, I was hoping that she hadn t gone back to the way she was before the reputation that everyone expected of her, but she always made me assume the worst about her And as the book progressed she didn t become the easiest person to like, she was quick to jump to assumptions about people before really knowing what they were like based on snippets of information she had overheard The decision she made at the end was the best possible one she could make and it did show greater character progression, but part of me wished she d opened her eyes and realised what was before her a lot sooner But I guess without the stumbling around in the dark there would have been a huge chunk of fun missing out of this book Ditched was a lot different to what I had been expecting, I enjoyed how each character sucked you in with a different story of Justina s eventful prom night There were some cute and unexpected road bumps along the way which made Ditched quite an addictive read But I wish we had the chance to get to know some of the characters a lot especially Ian But overall Ditched was a fun book which I thoroughly enjoyed. My favorite book so far this year It made me LOL and I 3 the love interest. I finally finished it took some time because of stuff getting in the way but I found some time and read So this book was good I liked it very much it gave me a lot of feels and made me laugh from time to time This is the type of book u can read when your sad or just need so laughs or your just getting over a book hangover I highly recommend u read this The writing was amazing I was kind of if y about the book at first but I m glad I gave it a chance it put a smile on my face A sweet prom story that takes a sort of Hangover like approach to the protagonist s prom night Very cute, very lovable I really liked how the author portrayed Justina as a sort of reformed party girl she illuminated the thought process behind girls who are often seen as sluts and gave us a bit insight into how and why girls do the things they do Also, Ian Totally crush worthy My only wish was for a bit interaction between Ian and Justina other than that, the book was well written and the voice never faltered Very enjoyable. OMG I was laughing so hard throughout this whole book There is SO much going on in this book and it will keep you reading, laughing and in some parts crying.I will start with Justina WOW She is the true definition of hot mess She is freaking crazy and I love her She is a real character, someone to relate to and what happens to her in this book could have or could happen to us in the future i about died throughout this whole book So Justina is going to prom with Ian her best guy friend, add in some jealousy Justina a blue wardrobe,mean girls, the stains, the dogs, tattoo parlor and jumping from cars and she is going to find out what happened and spill it to the lady at the Seven 11 where she is stranded This is one of my most favorite YA books yet, because the plot hasn t been used it is kind of like One Night That Changes Everything but not really.Now add in Ian who is a mystery You can tell right away that Justina is into him but he is hard for me He is totally 100% awesome He does ditch prom but not for the reasons Justina is coming up with and all her assumptions she is making He is panicking because he has no idea where she is and what is going on But all in all he is another awesome character who is real that you can relate too, we girls have all fallen for our best guy friend at one point or another or at least thought he was hot.This book was just plain amazing I loved every page and it will steal your heart just from the description, you will buy it just to see if it is as funny and the description and if funny isn t the word then interesting because how can you say no to a night that has all that listed in it My Rating 4.0 5First thoughts This is a very cute and refreshing novel that I could finish reading very fast It s chaotic, full of misunderstandings and a romance that will make your heart beat faster As a story that is told in two different time periods the present and long flashbacks to the past, it is easy to follow and no questions are left at the end Lovers of light hearted contemporary YA romance will definitely enjoy this More detailed When seeing the cover of Ditched, A Love Story, I actually expected it to end up being Middle Grade, but I loved finding out that it s definitely a Young Adult novel Justina, who has a very unique name, which I love, is telling the story of her prom A prom, which should have been the best night of her life but turned out to be a horrible disaster.The narration is split in two different time periods the present, in which Justina tells her story to a couple of quite awesome people, and the past, in which we can witness how her prom night turned into an exciting but disappointing event Justina is a wonderful main character who is slightly paranoid, sarcastic but just wants to be loved.All of the other character we meet in Ditched, A Love Story are just as amazing Some of them are the clich high school students that need to be in almost every light hearted YA story, others are perfect friends who I just wanted to hug all the time Characters of the latter category are The Mikes, Serenity, Bliss, Hailey and, of course, Ian.All in all, Ditched, A Love Story is a cute story about love and a girl s journey to finally find it I would recommend it for everyone who is looking for a fun novel to distract them from heavier topics It s a fast read and will definitely not fail to make you smile Actually I m sure that it will make you laugh out loud at certain points, as it did with me I received an eARC of this novel via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. This is such a cute story that left me laughing and smiling so much I adored that characters and her story telling of what happened that night It s so crazy and exciting that it totally leaves you smiling This story starts off with a girl crazy in love, swirling into a turn of events that will have you laughing One thing I enjoyed about this book is the main character Justina After fighting her feelings about Ian, things have turn out not what she expected I enjoyed reading about Justina and see her crazy roller coaster emotions I remember being a teen and realize now that the things I thought were so important that if they didn t get fixed right away that I would die, were petty things Justina has bouts of her emotions going everywhere And like her, I did the same thing too Always crying, whining over dumb things It was good to see a teenage girl act the way I acted when I was young.The love interest in this story is nice I like how both were scared after what was done to both of them and seeing them enjoy each other s company is a nice touch to the story Seeing them around like chickens with no head and the crazy things they did is even funnier I admit that some of the things done may seem overboard, but it did come together nicely at the end of the story.With that said, this book reminded me of the movie The Hangover Dog swapping, late night burger stops, and plenty of drama, Justina night is filled with stories I m sure the reader will never forget Have a crazy dress you mom made you wear to prom Well then, read this story It will give you a prom night you will never forget. There S A GirlJustina Griffith Was Never The Girl Who Dreamed Of Going To Prom Designer Dresses And Strappy Heels Not Her Thing That Said, She Never Expected Her Best Friend, Ian Clark, To Ask HerAnd There S A BoyIan, Who Always Passed Her The Baseball Bat, Handle FirstIan, Who Knew Exactly When She Needed Red LicoriceIan, Who Promised Her The Most Amazing Night At PromThen There S A DitchBut When Justina Is Ditched, Figuratively And Literally, She Must Piece Together Stain By Stain On Her Thrift Store Dress Exactly How She Ended Up Datelesswith Only The Help Of Some Opinionated Ladies At The ElevenTo Get The Whole Store, Justina Will Have To Face The Boy Who Ditched Her Can Losing Out At Her Prom Ultimately Lead To Finding True Love 3 and a half starsI really enjoyed this I thought that it was a funny, cute story and it kept my interest It s nice to read a cute romantic comedy now and then It wasn t as good as Anna and the french kiss by Stephanie Perkins or Amy and Roger s epic detour by Morgan Matson for example but it was quite sweet.Some people might not like the main character but I did She s just a girl trying to get rid of a reputation , basically a girl trying to find out who she is and not be known for her past mistakes She s not always perfect but I liked her character She was funny and genuine.The plot was fast paced and entertaining It follows Justina on her prom night She wants to take her friendship with her friend Ian to the next level and thinks prom night is the perfect night to do it This leads to a funny night of mishaps If this book is nothing else, it s amusing Just the fact that she is wearing a blue dress with matching shoes, nail polish and corsage is enough to make me giggle Especially when she describes herself as a blueberry.And the daisy ring Both sweet and funny As well as the idea of the Robin Hounds.I like that the story is told in flashbacks to a couple of people at a convienence store My only complaint and its not huge is that I wish I had gotten to see of Ian and Justina together Or even just Ian in general He wasn t present in much of the book so there was no real sexual tension really Because he was MIA most of the story.However, from flashbacks and such, I got to see what a caring, sweet guy he was Yeah This book has personality It would make an entertaining movie. I m usually a sucker for cute, fun reads, and I thought this would be what I was looking for, but I was wrong I gave it a two rating for being okay I mean the concept of falling for your best friend is cute, and her crazy adventures were funny, but I thought the MC was super annoying with her personality and the constant interruptions And I don t like it when books are narrated in this ditzy tone a lot of chick lits tend to do The story was told in flashbacks like the Hangover movie , but I found it to be too chaotic.Like I said, focused on Justina s crazy adventures than the romance Mellom shows enough of Ian for me to like him, but most of the story was about Justina s everything is going wrong night So I didn t have the connection to Ian or the relationship that I thought I would.As for the telling of the story It was all over the place I m sure Mellom wanted to imitate the movie Hangover, where they character goes back through to the story to figure out what happened that night But it s not like Justina got drunk or anything to forget what happened She was just telling the story to the store clerk and visitors.And I was very annoyed the way the story was told Justina s narration kind of annoyed me I m not sure exactly how to explain it but she almost talks about it in a ditzy way with all these interruptions You know exactly what I was picturing Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde as she was talking to her nail technician.The story was still cute, but unfortunately, I was just disappointed the way the story was told.

Robin Mellom is the author of THE PAGES BETWEEN US middle grade book co written with Lindsey Leavitt , THE CLASSROOM, a middle grade series Disney Hyperion and a new picture book series, HANNAH SPARKLES, both from HarperCollins Coming in 2017a new middle grade novel from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, CONFESSIONS FROM THE PRINCIPAL S KID.Robin has taught grades 5 through 8 and has a master s

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