Laiden's Daughter

Laiden's Daughter2.5 stars First half was pretty good, if you can handle the damsel in distress.I think it fell apart at the end when this very small tiny woman that had no backbone at all in the beginning, suddenly turned into Xena warrior princess without any training swinging a sword Way to silly.Lots of promise though as I did like the way the Hero and the other characters were written But the inconsistencies with the heroine took this down a notch All in all pretty average and I was a bit surprised at the high average rating of this book both here and on But then tastes vary a lot What bugs me, might not bug someone else and vice versa shrugs. Scotland, She Believes Men Are Not Honorable Nor Are They Kind Until She Meets One That Changes Her Heart Forever Betrayed By Lies Told Before Her Birth, Aishlinn Is Raised By A Harsh And Cruel Stepfather Her Life Is Forever Changed One Horrifying Night When She Is Forced To Flee England For The Safety Of The Scottish Highlands Rescued By A Fierce Band Of Highland Warriors, Aishlinn Soon Learns That Honorable Men Do Exist She Finds A Strength She Never Knew She Possessed And It Will Be Tested To The Limits When She Is Forced To Make A Heart Wrenching Decision Allow The English To Kill Those She Loves, Or Surrender For The Crime She Committed She Is Everything He Never Knew He Wanted In A Woman As A Fierce Highland Warrior, Duncan McEwan Has Survived Numerous Battles, Bed Countless Women, And Survived A Horrific Storm At Sea He Has Scaled Mountains And Even Survived Hand To Claw Battle With A Cat O Mountain But None Of That Could Have Prepared Him For How His Life Forever Changed One Fateful Spring Day When He Rescued A Lass From A Freezing Stream He Will Do Anything To Keep Her As His Own And Will Risk Everything To Keep Her Out Of The Hands Of The English This book has everything a Highlander book needs, all the elements were there, but that wasn t good enough, the book I think was lacking where the writing is concerned.I think it was Aishlinn s character that is the reason I didn t enjoy the book much, it was very inconsistent, one part she is this shy and clueless orphan, and the next she is fighting a battle and killing men The writing was immature I think, which can be remedied in future book I was not really impressed with this one, but it made really want to go and grab a Garwood RATING 2.5 Hearts I pretty much agreed with the other three star reviews of this book, right down the line, for the same reasons Interesting story, characters.Lagged a bit at times.Heroine needed to get a sense of humor.Her personality flipped on a dime mouse to ninja.Save me from the sacrifice of stupid women.However, I enjoyed this book enough that I will pick up the next in the series at some point It was foreshadowed some in this book, and could be interesting. This is my first time reading Suzan Tisdale s work, and I enjoyed her writing style It was easy to read and follow the story The characters both main and secondary were likable, the plot was intriguing It had dual POV, had plenty humor and was not overly long to become tedious I liked Aishlinn for the most part She lived through abuse and that kind of conditioning by her stepfather that made her believe anything he told her and be grateful for it But she escaped into Highlands badly hurt and stumbled upon Duncan and his riding party I liked her resilience, her kind hearted nature and that ability to see the best in people I didn t care for her naive notion that if she gave herself up to the English that she thus would save her family and clan from danger Did she think that her new husband would just let her go He raced to her rescue in the end and got hurt for no reason I just really dislike when heroines go off half cocked thinking they are saving everyone, when instead they only make it worse I loved Duncan He is charming, kind and loyal He treats Aishlinn like a princess It was really amusing to watch him struggle and try to overcome his jealousy when it came to Aishlinn and all the men who could not take their eyes off her Their courtship was sweet and romantic He and his clan helped Aishlinn to finally see her true beauty and know that she is an intelligent and brave young lady The plot twist in the end was unexpected, and I loved it Aishlinn s life finally was as it should have been since her birth The ending was lovely Duncan and Aishlinn are just one of those couples you can t help but look and sigh over because they are so cute together I liked how the Highland accent was presented in the book It gave the story zing I enjoyed the story, and recommend it. This was a gripping and emotionally charged story from the first page The developing romance was engaging and tender It was sweet torture how the author kept the hero and heroine apart but the anticipation made it all the satisfying and passionate when they finally came together Highly recommended to lovers of Scottish Historical Highlander romances. Aishlin has spent her entire life being abused by her step father and brothers After escaping from being raped by an English lord, she runs into the Highlands and is rescued by a warrior, Duncan As she slowly begins to heal and fall in love, the identity of her long lost father is revealed and a shocking secret comes forth.This book was very well written with only one historical howler and was pretty clean the sex scene is 3 4s of the way through the book and is on the wedding night Not to mention a lovable giant named Wee William who has a soft spot for babies. I just finished Laiden s Daughter last night, and I can t stop thinking about the characters today.I have a special place in my heart for the Scottish Highlands, so when I saw that this book featured fierce Highland warrior Duncan and his clan I knew I had to read it.Aishlinn suffers endless tortures before being taken in by the MacDougall clan She has been beaten to near death when they find her, and her spirit is near broken Through time and love, she is able to regain a strength she didn t even knew she possessed.Of course, my favorite part was seeing the transformation through the eyes of her champion, Duncan He is honorable and gives her time and space to heal, all the while falling deeper and deeper in love with her.Their love story is sweet and slow to unfurl, which is just the way I like it When they finally come together, it s like a double hot fudge sundae, all rich and sweet and you never want it to end On Facebook

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  • Laiden's Daughter
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  • 12 November 2017

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