Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with Your Baby

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with Your BabyI meant to read this when my first was a newborn but never got around to it Hogg would say it s because I didn t have my baby on the E.A.S.Y routine I would say codswallop , so I figured I d give it a shot before my second Even though I read the whole thing, I m not really sure what the book is actually supposed to be about The subtitle promises secrets of how to calm, connect, and communicate with your baby Most of that information is limited to Chapter 3, which is about slowing down to listen and respond to your baby There are two helpful charts in that chapter about noticing the baby s signals and ideas for how to interpret them I thought Chapter 3 was the most useful chapter in the book The other idea promised in the beginning of the book is information about Hogg s E.A.S.Y routine But again, this is limited to only one chapter, Chapter 2 Initially I thought that Chapter 2 was simply an overview of E.A.S.Y and that chapters 4 7 would as promised provide detail about implementing each part of the routine Instead, Hogg spends each chapter delineating her personal philosophies about eating, playtime, sleep, and self care rather than actually giving any detail about how her philosophies fit into the routine Anytime she mentions someone disagreeing with her philosophy she says that their views are codswallop or poppycock and continues to reiterate that if you just follow E.A.S.Y then your life will be perfect, without actually giving any reasons why her E.A.S.Y method is better than the disagreeing viewpoint But, um, how am I supposed to follow E.A.S.Y again Since most parenting books do that, it really wouldn t have been that bad if I didn t find many of her ideas completely outdated and or laughably unrealistic Mom should take a nap every day from 2 5 while an endless stream of visitors, who apparently don t need to have jobs themselves, come to babysit and do light housework Yeah, must be nice For a book written in 2000, she spends an awful lot of time talking about dads as the dum dum partner who needs to be given concrete tasks so that he can feel involved with his own baby And moms, you have to remember not to criticize how dad puts on the diaper because he s learning as if mom isn t, too and you re encouraging him to be a parent Of His Own Baby She also has scorn for women who do extended nursing because OBVIOUSLY they must be doing it for themselves and the secret joy and power trip over dum dum dad they get from having a toddler treat their nipples like a door knob Hogg also states that she does not advocate beginning bedtime stories until the baby is 6 months old and can sit up and focus Goodness gracious As a literacy specialist, that line is enough to make me want to burn this book and give it a one star rating, or negative stars if I could To be fair, though, she never says not to read to your child at all until 6 months, only that she doesn t advocate bedtime stories until then, which is what saved the book from the fire But, codswallop Poppycock Read from birth Read from birth I purchased this book following the recommendations of other new moms on great website, by the by My husband and I sat down to read it together, but after an hour going through some of her material, decided it wasn t worth continuing I think we read the second and third chapters Leaving her annoying writing style aside for the sweet love of god, I m not your luv and don t like being talked down to , no part of her book is based on scientific studies or fact The one study she does cite doesn t remotely support what she wants it to From the good research that s currently out there, as discussed at and other websites, some of her basic ideas cannot be supported letting your baby cry it out sometimes harmful, does not equal independence , feeding your baby every 3 4 hours newborns typically feed often in the beginning and babies cluster feed during growth spurts , formula feeding is just as good as breastfeeding studies consistently show that breast milk is better for the baby in the short and long term I could go on The helpful things she does have, like the feeding and activity chart, and the list of baby s cues can be found online for FREE. TRACY HOGG HAS GIVEN PARENTS A GREAT GIFT The Ability To Develop Early Insight Into Their Child S TemperamentLos Angeles FamilyWhen Tracy Hogg S Secrets Of The Baby Whisperer Was First Published, It Soared Onto Bestseller Lists Across The Country Parents Everywhere Became Whisperers To Their Newborns, Amazed That They Could Actually Communicate With Their Baby Within Weeks Of Their Child S Birth Tracy Gave Parents What For Some Amounted To A Miracle The Ability To Understand Their Baby S Every Coo And Cry So That They Could Tell Immediately If The Baby Was Hungry, Tired, In Real Distress, Or Just In Need Of A Little TLC Tracy Also Dispelled The Insidious Myth That Parents Must Go Sleepless For The First Year Of A Baby S Life Because A Happy Baby Sleeps Through The Night Now You Too Can Benefit From Tracy S Than Twenty Years Experience In This Groundbreaking Book, She Shares Simple, Accessible Programs In Which You Will Learn EASY How To Get Baby To Eat, Play, And Sleep On A Schedule That Will Make Every Member Of The Household S Life Easier And Happier SLOW How To Interpret What Your Baby Is Trying To Tell You So You Don T Try To Feed Him When He Really Wants A Nap How To Identify Which Type Of Baby Yours Is Angel, Textbook, Touchy, Spirited, Or Grumpy And Then Learn The Best Way To Interact With That Type Tracy S Three Day Magic How To Change Any And All Bad Habits Yours And The Baby S In Just Three DaysAt The Heart Of Tracy S Simple But Profound Message Treat The Baby As You Would Like To Be Treated Yourself Reassuring, Down To Earth, And Often Flying In The Face Of Conventional Wisdom, Secrets Of The Baby Whisperer Promises Parents Not Only A Healthier, Happier Baby But A Relaxed And Happy Household As Well I really loved this book I will recommend it to everyone who would like to understand how their baby communicates I really feel like I can understand what my babies are saying and asking I like the author s style of writing because I felt like she was my friend and right here helping me People complain that she bases everything off of experience and not science and that she doesn t know anything about breastfeeding Well, I ve read two la Leche League books and I really have had enough of their information, so her ideas were refreshing and helped me to not feel guilty about my decisions to cut back on my breastfeeding the boys so that I can be a better mother to them You obviously feed hungry babies and you don t go longer than 3 hours between feedings until your baby is 4 months old So, it seems right on to me I LOVE her ideas about flexible routines E.A.S.Y Eat, Awake, Sleep, You It s not as rigorous as Babywise and it s very baby friendly You learn how to read your baby s cues and to know what their language means I am calmer around my boys and I move slower too She has great ideas about calm baths and my boys haven t cried once since I started following her advice She describes infant massage in a way I can understand.Where sleep problems are concerned, her ideas are the best for us She isn t for making a baby crying it out alone, nor does she take the polar opposite of sleeping with your baby and feeding them all night long You stay with your baby at their crib and help them fall asleep w o you rocking and holding them for hours This has saved our lives because we were rocking Clark to sleep for hours and he d wake up screaming as soon as his little body touched the crib After your baby is 3 months old, she has a Pick Up, Put Down method where you pick up your baby and soothe them but as soon as that need is met you lay them back down This is if you ve done accidental parenting which is what we did and you need to fix your problems If you already have big problems or you need to help your baby learn to sleep in their own crib after sleeping with you, please read this book before you make them cry it out If it doesn t work and CIO is best for you, then by all means, do that She says that too Tom and I have tried PU PD for two days now and we had to pick up Clark 23 times the first night, five the second, and tonight he went down the first time She also has a DVD that I checked out from the library More great info on that as well She has a second book The baby Whisperer Solves all Your Problems which is if you are starting her method after your baby is born and you have problems I m reading this one right now and it is a necessity if your baby is already here or older than 3 months Anyway, that s my review. I read this book before my baby was born, thought it was great, and foolishly thought myself well prepared to handle my baby Fast forward a few months to after my baby was born nothing in the book was helping at all I thought, surely I was remembering the book wrong, or not applying her ideas correctly, so I read it again Completely useless I bet that if you have a very easygoing, laid back baby who isn t very needy or fussy, this book might be helpful But for me and my extremely fussy baby, it did nothing than make me feel like a bad mom And looking back now, I m laughing at some of the ideas in this book Ask your baby s permission before picking him up Always refer to him by his name rather than the baby Please That s EXACTLY what every new mom needs to know When your baby is shrieking at you, make sure to ask him if it s okay to pick him up first Remember to wait for a response before you act Oh Also We get that you re British You don t need to continue saying things like duckie and luv every other sentence I figured it out the first time. This book saved my life It is similar to Babywise in principal, but much respectful to a baby s temperament It is also filled with practical tips For example, if you are having trouble nursing, there are safe and natural supplements that you can use to increase your milk She even tells you what to expect with side effects I read some of the reviews where people said her program is ridiculous and rigidif you want rigid, read BabywiseThe Baby Whisperer advocates a routine, but she is NOT rigid about it at all She informs the mom to use her best judgement in each situationit helps you become tuned into your child and their particular cries My second child was a highly intense, high maintenance, screaming baby that no one wanted to be near and she made me physically shake in a state of panic from her intensityand it wasn t until I found this book that I started being able to work with her until we found a groove that worked for both of us Today she is the most delightful child you will ever meet Pure sunshine And alot of it I thank to this lady because she helped me to learn to go with the flow and respect my child s intense temperament THis book makes a mom feel good about herself and builds her self confidence It helped me be a relaxed parent even as my children grew up I have given or recommended this book to everyone I know who s had a baby. I knew zilch about babies, so my friend picked this up for me at the library In those first few weeks, I found the book helpful because it had charts to help with understanding a baby s cues When my son was less than 6 weeks old, I thought the author s E.A.S.Y method was bunk I mean, if a baby wants to fall asleep while eating, no cajoling seems to help But by the time he was 2 3 months old, I realized he was on E.A.S.Y eat, activity, sleep, you time And I was saner for it I read the book out of order, tackling the subjects as I needed help with them One of the first chapters has a little quiz to see what sort of baby yours is Angel, Textbook, Spirited, Grumpy , and I actually read that one last Some of the questions didn t really apply to a newborn, so I took it when my son was 4 months old Seems he s a Textbook baby.I liked her perspective, too Some of her ideas seemed a little over the top, but mostly she had very good advice. At first the advice in this book seemed so logical that I was excited to have a plan for how to be a mom for the first time Once my son arrived, I decided that this book was evil.Hogg s basic idea isn t terrible it s the guilt she assigns to anyone who doesn t use or can t follow her method I was in tears than once because I felt like a failure when her advice wasn t working One day I literally threw the book against a wall with frustration I think that action surprised enough to see how ridiculous it was to call myself a failure because her method wasn t working for my son and me.I found other methods and other sources of advice that didn t heap on so much guilt and my son and I are enjoying each other very much now. My big take aways from this book 1 Slow down with your baby go at your newborn s pace, which is way, way slower than you d expect2 Respect your baby s personhood develop an attitude toward your baby like they are a person who is in the room, which they are Let them know what you re going to do next Now we re going to change your diaper Now it s time to eat Now it s time to go to sleep 3 Give your newborn a tour of the house when you first arrive home from the hospital, or, in case of a home birth, shortly after delivery 4 Newborns have a very cyclical rhythm to their eating and sleeping patterns once you discover it and get in tune with it, it becomes much easier to help the baby be comfortable and happy Great book It may seem silly or obvious to focus on talking to your baby like they understand you and including them in on stuff, but doing so really helps YOU, the parent, keep ever present with the fact that you have a whole person on your hands that you re tending to. I found this book completely useless and actually ridiculously funny at times because it was just so off This may work for Tracy Hogg s celebrity clientele who have nannies taking care of their children but it is pretty useless for hands on Moms Her tone is annoying she keeps referring to the reader as ducky Try reading Dr Harvey Karp s yes a real MD Happiest Baby on the Block a much better and useful read We use this book to elevate my son s mattress when he has a head cold So far, that has been it s best use

Tracy Hogg obtained her nursing degree in England, specializing in maternity and neonatal care Her uncanny ability to understand and calm babies led to her nickname The Baby Whisperer In 1997, she founded Baby Technique, through which she consults with parents individually, organizes and teaches group classes, and provides nanny training and referrals She is the mother of two daughters Tracy

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