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Melody in Lingerie This was a fairly mild fantasy of a shy, bookish young woman who secretly likes dressing up in sexy lingerie and naturally gets picked up in a lingerie store by an older, ultimately dominant man A real guy would no doubt be vilified for attempting such a pick up But this is a fantasy, and determined to keep realism locked firmly away With the sex at first sight plot, the heroine suddenly leaps from shy and virginal all the way to dominated slut in the blink of an eye, going on to be penetrated in every orifice while she s at it Overall, it reads like a fairly straightforward Literotica or story, without too much sophistication or particularly interesting characters, and easy to read to the point of almost seeming childish in its language. Quick and nasty Just the way I like em Well, the nasty part Not necessarily the quick part If this teaser was meant to intrigue me about our intrepid young heroine then brava It worked. id give this no stars if possible this read like a porno script than erotica i can buy getting turned on modeling lingerie for someone i find it difficult to understand having sex with a total stranger who just happens to be a part of some weird sex ring but getting turned on by being called a slut and whoreand calling ypurself that come on like women dont have enough issues with men they dont need any help treating us like crap thanks the whole story left me feeling pretty disgustedand wondering what kind of woman could have written this crap bdsm my eye this isi dont even know what it is It s so funny how you can tell who reads erotica on a regular basis and who doesn t based on what they say in their review It was a good short Hot and to the point I d never read this author, so I m glad for shorts like these so I know if I should spend money on future ebooks And believe me,I ve read a lot worse It seems like Imogen can actually write, so that s a plus Bdsm isn t really my thing, so I think I ll try one of the Carolyn ones Popular Ebook, Melody In Lingerie Author Imogen Linn This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Melody In Lingerie , Essay By Imogen Linn Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Pretty good for what it was but the random sexy rich guy is getting old. Well WrittenThis book was well written and a good read.It makes you wonder where the author is going to take us next.Look forward to the sequel From now on, if anyone asks you what they should read after Fifty Shades of Grey, your answer should be Imogen Linn s Melody series Fifty Shades was the merely the starter, Melody is your BDSM main course I don t want to spend too long on Fifty Shades but it always struck me that the seduction wasn t really the right word for what happened I know half a dozen straight guys who would have happily played with Grey s Ben Wa balls knowing who he was The Melody series is different If you want seduction and BDSM, this is what you need Melody is your shy are retiring type who has a dirty little secret I love those dirty little secrets , she has a thing for lingerie My kind of girl At the weekend, she spends her time shopping for the most scandalous pieces of lingerie to wear underneath her clothes and it is on one weekend trip that everything changes.Meeting a well dressed, polite older man in the lingerie store, Melody begins an innocent enough relationship that ends in complete seduction with a whole load of kinky BDSM thrown in The changing booth scene develops into sordid sex Just the way I like it.The seduction is played beautifully with the story providing the right balance of the believable and down and dirty fantasy If you want BDSM and seduction look for Melody. Melody in Lingerie, book 1 of the Melody series by Imogen Linn gives us shy college student Melody who has a secret passion for sexy lingerie under her usually dowdy clothing Her guilty pleasure is to go shopping for the lingerie where she meets a man shopping for his wife She offers to show him what the lingerie looks like on her so he can compare it to what it will look like on his wife It is only when she is in the dressing room that she realizes she is in for than modeling.I liked Melody I liked how the man compared Melody s outlook against his It is when Melody sees what he is talking about that she can let loose and enjoy herself She is na ve but she plays the man s games so well These were some hot sex scenes She is then given the option to continue in the future or end there The choice is hers I know what option I would pick I look forward to seeing what Melody chooses. Melody in Lingerie is a short erotica by Imogen Linn This story was just okay view spoiler In this story, Melody is shy and quiet She loves lingeie and while picking out a new outfit, she meets an older man who s picking out outfits for his wife He asks Melody if she can hold the outfits up so he can get an idea of how they ll look on his wife, who has the same figure Sure she does Obviously Melody is naive and inexperienced She offers to try on the outfits, after some not so subtle hints that he wants her to The shop keeper locks the dooragain, obviously this is planned She tries on the outfits with him in the room and each outfit is skimpier than the last He has her look in the mirror and tell him what she sees and they start telling a story together about the man and young woman in the mirror Eventually, this turns into a sexual encounter That s all folks hide spoiler

I write erotica, often with a BDSM kink.I was born in Chicago in the 80s no, I m not telling you what year a girl has to have some secrets I was always a bit of a wild child My stories are mostly about good girls who end up submitting to dominant, older men Autobiographical Who, me I try to write my sex raunchy, and make the situations and characters believable For me, if there s no bui

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