The Meyersco Helix

The Meyersco Helix I liked it I was kinda rooting for the government in this one Dispite what the readers knew, the government s best information said they had to end the danger whatever it took. I think that this was a very well thought out and written book The detail the author puts not only into the story line itself but into the characters was very admirable The author puts his characters through one hell of a time The main character Dr Stella Christopher has a lot to deal with her fianc is possibly alive after a major accident, she s being followed by not only the Feds but by a band of obnoxious hillbillies and it doesn t get any easier for any of the other characters either The only issue I have with the writing is the way to story jumps back and forth a lot I understand for some parts its necessary due to how many people are involved in the main plot but it sometimes makes it a little hard to follow I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrillers. Totally gripping story, I couldn t fault it Amazing original idea, believable characters, and a really big finish. It was a pretty good book A lot of scientific terms that made it hard to understand though There were just some questions left unanswered such as Why did it not affect Ribicoff Why didn t he die Is it something in his blood or genetic code These questions has been bugging me for a while even after finishing the story Illustrations might also help. This is a novel previously released in the 80s It is truely timeless, as relevant now as it may have been then The characters are brilliantly written with my favorite being Dr Stella Christopher, who just so happens to be the gritty, tough, strongly written female lead.The President is between a rock and a hard place Should he destroy a major American city, in this case Boston, or annihilate the world s population Seems like a fairly easy decisionwell unless you live in Boston.but it isn t and Mr McCoy takes you through the whole mindset of the characters as they battle their inner dragons and the outer one s opposing them as well. Andre Jute writes that this book was first published in 1988 and was re edited, but there was no sign of it being over 20 years old It seemed completely in the now I like a good biological thriller and this was just that The thought that something could so easily escape into the atmsphere and the only way to stop it is with high collateral damage is scary In the main, this story is very much a chase story I did have a problem with it at one point where the pursuers had stopped to do some nasty deeds, yet caught up with the pursued even though he appeared to be travelling via faster means There were some twists and turns that caught me out and as a reader I found the ending to be satisfactorily unexpected. It is really amazing to remember that this book was written 30 years ago It is just as relevant today as it was then.The story is gripping without a doubt The characters will embed themselves in your mind Make sure that you have enough time to get into this book I had a difficult time setting it down As other reviewers have pointed out, this is a unique storyline with amazing characters Pick up this renewed oldie for a simply excellent reading experience. Good story if a little far fetched, but I just couldn t get over the British way of speaking This is set in Boston They don t use that language So distracting. What a ride I don t usually read books in this vein and I really enjoyed the departure Couldn t put it down Enjoyed the strong characters and a little glimpse into the world of biological warfare Stella and Alex stayed with me for a few days after the book left them and I sincerely hope none of their story ever comes true A great read for those of us who would rather not think about the possible disasters we could face while firmly establishing the courage and intelligence that exists and will continue to keep this story from becoming a reality Thank you, Andrew THE MEYERSCO HELIX How The Hell Did We Come To Where The President Of The United States Has Two Minutes To Decide Whether He Will Nuke Boston Or Kill The World Instead An Extremely Powerful Novel Of The Biowar Apocalypse, THE MEYERSCO HELIX Traces The Frighteningly Plausible Accidents By Which The Casual Killing Of A Near Extinct Mole Escalates Inexorably Towards Where An Anguished President S Must Choose Either To Let A Self Propagating Biowar Substance To Kill The World S Population Or To Destroy A Major American City By Nuclear Blast Mr McCoy Gets On With The Job Of Telling Us Exactly What It Is Like In The Heart Of Darkness He Has The Soldier S Eye For Terrain And The Soldier S Eye For Character This Has The Ring Of Truth John Braine Sunday Telegraph THE SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTSK Is The Top Secret US Chemical Weapon That Spells Instant Agonizing Death To Mankind Self Generating In Water, Only A Nuclear Blast Can Stop The Deadly Dust ExpandingBut When A Lethal Cloul Of K Escapes From A Military Research Lab, One Man Survives Charged With Nightmare Energy, Ribicoff Becomes A Walking Carnage MachineAlive Ribicoff Is A Lethal Liability But Dead His K Glutted Body Will Unleash Chemical Slaughter On A Scale That Will Make The Black Death Look Like A Summer ColdPursued By The Massed Might Of US Security Forces, Ribicoff Acts With The Desperate, Ruthless Bloodlust Of An Animal At Bay Until They Corner Him In Boston Where His Fianc , The Biochemist Stella Christopher, Certain That He Will Come To Her, Is Desperately Working On A Cure, Despite The Agents Of Her Own Government Trying To Kill HerBut Will An American President Act With Equal Ruthlessness There Is Only One Way To Cauterize The City Of America S Founding Fathers It Will Be No Tea Party Like The Unblinking Eye Of A Cobra, It Is Fascinating And Hard To Look Away From, Powerful And Unique Edwin Corley Good Books

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