The Warlord's Messengers (Warlords)

The Warlord's Messengers (Warlords) ACCELERATED READER PROGRAM SELECTION This Lively Story Reads Like A Folktale With A Scientific Twist It Explains The Math And Children Receive A Valuable Physics Lesson As Well Debon S Paintings, In Pleasing Earth Tones And Primary Colors, Reflect The Book S Humor And Adventure School Library Journal Children Will Enjoy Both The Satisfying Story And The Distinctive Paintings, Which Are At Their Dramatic Best As The Wagon Races Down The Road BooklistThis Is The Sixth Book In The Acclaimed Warlord S Series, Acclaimed For Its Unique And Artful Approach To Introducing Math Concepts To Young Readers Each Mathematical Adventure Is Set In Ancient China, And Encourages Children To Use Their Imaginations And Math Skills To Find Solutions To The Characters DilemmasIn The Warlord S Messengers, The Warlord S Presence Is Requested At The Emperor S Banquet In Just Two Weeks, But He Is Sixteen Days Away By Horseback Faced With A Situation That Threatens The Warlord S Honor, Chuan And His Friend Jing Jing Must Reach Him In Time To Deliver The Invitation And Assure His Punctuality Using Their Math Knowledge, Ingenuity, And The Wind, The Children Devise A Sailing Cart And Reach The Warlord S Camp Two Days Ahead Of The Emperor S Messenger, Just In Time To Deliver The Invitation And Save The Warlord From DishonorLike Each Book In The Series, The Warlord S Messengers Includes Instructions For Making A Math Related Craft Following Chuan And Jing Jing S Sailing Adventures, Kids Are Encouraged To Make Their Own Windsock To Measure Wind SpeedThe Warlord S Series Includes The Warlord S Puzzle Activity Tangram Puzzle The Warlord S Beads Activity Abacus , The Warlord S Fish Activity Compass , The Warlord S Puppeteers Activity Puppets , And The Warlord S Kites Activity Kites , All Available From Pelican

Mrs Pilegard was raised on a cattle ranch in

California s Sierra Nevada mountains Her latest mathematical adventure picture book is illustrated by British artist Fiona Hodgetts and translated by Maria Cassandra Nah Ayuso Nicolas Debon, the artist with whom she collaborated on the Warlord Series, includes a horse somewhere in the illustrations in each of their seven books to celebrate her first

[EPUB] ✺ The Warlord's Messengers (Warlords) Author Virginia Walton Pilegard –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Warlord's Messengers (Warlords)
  • Virginia Walton Pilegard
  • English
  • 08 May 2019
  • 9781589802711

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    I like how the author tells us which book the Chinese created that refers to the invention listed in the book I enjoy the historical aspects of these stories too.

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    Young Chuan and Jing Jing are concerned when an invitation arrives for the warlord, but he will not receive the message in time The friends brainstorm a faster way to travel and invent a wind driven carriage These sailing carriages were mentioned in Chinese literature 1500 years ago The book ends with directions for creating a wind sock another Chinese invention.

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    While I liked this one, I liked the Warlord s Beads better In this one, Chuan and the puppetmaster s daughter figure out a way to get a message to the warlord in time so he won t be disgraced by being late to see the emperor.Great illustrations.

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    Wind sailing Not as specific a math story Mostly shows how the children get the idea to use sails on land to get their cart to travel faster than a horse Stories have continued to add and refer to added characters along the way For example, now Chuan has his friend Jing Jing to help him.

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    This book is another good read but is a departure from math concepts and instead is of living engineering book A fun read but less math y.

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    In ancient China, Chuan and Jing Jing invent a cart that sails on land in order to quickly reach the warlord with an important message from the emperor.

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    Kid heroes Windsock activity.

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