The Price of Redemption

The Price of RedemptionA truly insightful depiction of the finance industry Written with lucidity and character, G.R.Dobson blends his rich experiences into this fantastic novel For this reason, this book is one of the best financial novels I have read Gavin Tells it how it is I wish I could give it 4.9 points I really want to reserve 5 points for masterpieces, but I feel I am doing this book a disfavour by only giving it 4 stars The first half builds up the background, explains how the financial world works, which was totally unknown to me, and goes into careful details about the characters, travels, itineraries etc Once into the second half, the pace picks up very rapidly, the world turns ugly and you suddenly see the important difference between the rosy atmosphere in the beginning and the surprising development at the end Nothing quite goes like you expect or perhaps would have wished it to go and the book gets impossible to put down It is a remarkable mix of an educational book and a suspense thriller Definitely worth a read When The Large American Financial Group CSF Appoints Mark Telford S Appletree Capital Management In London To Handle A Large World Wide Fund, The Champagne Flows In Expectation Of The Fees This Will Generate Euphoria Is Short Lived However, As The Temptations Of Unbelievable Wealth Stoke The Self Justifying Ambitions Of The Players, In A World Where Amorality Can Easily Degenerate Into Criminality All Is Not As It Seems And Mark Telford Finds Himself Drawn Into A Web Of Intrigue, Complicated By His Amorous Involvement With The Beautiful Compliance Officer Nancy Lindstrom As The Situation Worsens Telford Finds Himself Threatened By Ambitious And Ruthless Executives To Whom Greed And Duplicity Is A Way Of Life It Leads To A Disastrous Denouement At A Lonely Farmhouse In MichiganGavin R Dobson S First Full Length Novel Lifts The Lid On How The Thin Line Of Probity Can Easily Be Breached When Unimaginable Wealth Is The Daily Tool Of The Workplace This is not normally my genre of book, and I know nothing about the finacial world, but I went in with an open mind Unfortunately though very informative, and extremely well written, it just wasn t my thing I picked up and put down this book several times thinking I just wasn t in the right frame of mind After trying to finish this book for a few weeks now, it s official it s not the book it s me, and I feel so bad about it, but it s just not my thing I would highly recommend this read for anyone who is into this genre of book, unfortunately it wasn t for me.I received a free copy of this book in an exchange for an biased review.I want to thank Gavin R Dobson for allowing me the chance to review this book. The Price of RedemptionBy Gavin R DobsonAppletree Capital Management of London has just been appointed by CSF, a large American financial group, to oversee their expansion to the international scale Soon though things begin to become peculiar, and then deadly.Ok so the good things first This novel is well written as well as it seems to be well researched I am not a financial mogul so I cannot say one way or another as factual It is a corporate espionage book full of the big bad big brother coming down on the independent London office trying to remain virtuous Not a bad story line all in all, the problem I had was that it was muddled down with so many seemingly useless details I had a hard time making it through For instance there were a good two pages where it was nothing but an itinerary this does not make for exciting reading, though towards the end the story did pick up immensely The other big problem I had was that the author tried to incorporate romance into the main story line I repeat tried, it ended up falling flat, there was no real emotional connection written into that story line which is a shame considering it would have made the ending much poignant For More Reviews be sure to visit my blogs at Quick page turner The key character is a scumbag as far as ethics and morals are concerned but so are most of the characters he deals with I picked up right away the set up that was occurring but the author held my attention throughout the remainder of the book Not bad. There are so many good things to say about this book I like the way you re hurtled into the story right from the start, with a speed and gusto that just keeps picking up pace as you go The subject matter is refreshingly different, taking you into the internal machinations of the global world of finance It was an eye opener for me to understand just how the world of investments works, what decisions are based on, what securities exist, what type of people are drawn into the field, and how and why it can all go wrong.Dobson s characterisations are spot on, and as a reader you are drawn to each one, loving and loathing his main players, as you re meant to.Throughout the story you get a sense of impending danger and risk taking, yet each twist and turn still takes you by surprise.In all, I d recommend this as something enlightening, topical, and different from the norm. I really enjoyed this book A real page turner I always love a thriller and this book brought an exciting new dimension to the world of investment fund management Not as boring as I used to think Creditable plot and characters draw you into the murky world of greedy and corrupt financiers who will do anything for their indecent bonuses. I was delighted to receive this book in one the GoodReads giveaways This is the author s first novel and he has a book you don t want to miss I haven t read a book this good in ages Characters well developed, book well researched and a topic that is important to everyone these and how to make the most of it investing in the International market When you starting reading you will feel like you are sitting right there with the characters In my mind as I read the book, I pictured Thomas Gibson who plays Aaron Hatchnor on Criminal Minds as the character Mark He wants to do things right and takes care of his people.I m looking forward to Mr Dobson second novel This one was really great I do hope this will be coming out in a Kindle version. I really enjoy books involving the inner workings on Wall Street I downloaded The Price of Redemption and could not put it down It is a great combination of suspense and finance Gavin Dobson does a thorough job of explaining a highly complex strategy that was prevalent on Wall Street in the early part of the decade The plot moves at a very brisk pace with the main charter Mark Telford moving from success and accomplishment to the realization that he has gotten himself and his firm involved with a business partner filled with corruption and greed The book has some very interesting twists and turns that kept me anticipating the final outcome The Price of Redemption was not only informative but an extremely enjoyable read I would highly recommend it and look forward to future books from this author.

Born in Germany, schooled in France, England and Scotland, followed by Universities of Dundee MA and Edinburgh LLB Scottish lawyer, worked banking finance in London, Chicago, New York and Scotland.Currently farming,writing and misc voluntary work.Published author of 8 books The Global Investor Probus 1994 , Tales of a Free Spirit Librario 2005 The Novice Librario 2007 Chicago Burns

[BOOKS] ✪ The Price of Redemption Author Gavin R. Dobson –
  • Paperback
  • 258 pages
  • The Price of Redemption
  • Gavin R. Dobson
  • English
  • 06 August 2017
  • 9781906775285

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