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My Love Is There Such A Thing As Love At First Sight Can Love Be Measured My Love By Joanne Clancy Is A Collection Of Essays About Life, Love And Dating The Book Discusses Different Definitions Of Love, From Coming To Terms With The Reality Of Love To The Importance Of Giving And Generosity And Thoughts On The Death Of A Loved OneThe Book Has Ideas On How To Woo A Woman And How To Make A Man Fall In Love The Importance Of Humour In A Dating Relationship And How To Work On A Happy Balance While Dating Is Also Discussed There Is A Section On First Date Tips And Internet Dating The Last Part Of The Book Deals With How To Realise When A Relationship Is Over And When It Is Time To Move On With Your Life There Are Some Helpful Tips On How To Start Over And How To Prepare For Dating By Dating YourselfMy Love Is A Beautiful Collection Of Love And Life Experiences

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the My Love book, this is one of the most wanted Joanne Clancy author readers around the world.

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  • 13 September 2017

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    I don t read, non fiction ever And here s why As far as life goes, sometimes it can get a little hectic and overwhelming for us all, so to me, reading is an escape I travel the world through different eyes, experience different worlds, and I fall in love lust with many men Delicious sexy immortals with an alpha male dominance that just makes your toes curl and your insides quiver can we say yum Lol So why did I pick this book up I think because I ve always been a sucker for love, and it s mysteries captivate me, I wanted to read this book, but wasn t sure if it d be for me cause there would be no paranormals But when the author asked me to read and review her book I accepted cause I wanted to give non fiction a try And so, here we are now My Love is a compillation of poems, quotes, and life experiences that surround the meaning of love To me, this was an opinion on the author s take on love She pulls on life experiences, both heart warming and devastating, which we ve all experienced at one point or the other in our lives And at some point, her ideas and yours mesh together Sometimes, they don t But if we agreed with everyone, on everything, how much different from each other would we be I like d the writing, I felt like I was sitting with the author discussing the meaning of love and sharing past experiences But I saw a lot of religious references in here, and as much as I respect anyone else s views on the matter, religion isn t something I discuss or like to read too much into The reason being because your views are yours, and mine are mine This isn t to say all that was referenced wasn t good, it just put me off a little Ultimately though, it was a good book, and I d recommend to any non fiction reader who, like myself, likes to read different takes on the love This book was given to me by the author for review.Review is also found on my blog, Darkest Addictions Book Reviews

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    This review was first posted on Melissa s Midnight Musings on August 21 2012.The overall concept of this book is really nice It s full of tips for internet dating, first dates, relationships, etc I see what the author was trying to do with this book, it just didn t work well for me One of the major issues of this book for me was the sequencing I felt that a lot of the essays were out of place, they just didn t flow together well I know that essays are generally supposed to be treated as separate entities, but with the subject matter, a lot of the essays seemed to overlap, but they didn t do so in a way that was really cohesive With a little bit of swapping, I feel that the flow could be improved, which would really enhance the book overall.In one particular essay, titled Giving and Generosity there was a lot of scripture and quotes from the Bible I found nothing wrong with the content or the quotes themselves, just the frequency of them In this particular essay scripture was quoted every one or two paragraphs, and as someone who doesn t have that much experience with them this was a little off putting I also felt that the frequency of these quotes detracted from the underlying message of this essay.I did enjoy the fact that this is full of nice ideas for how to improve your relationship, as well few particularly poignant poems that remind the reader that they shouldn t take love for granted It s passages like these that I wish there were of because they really stop to make you think.A lot of the content in this book is common sense, but it is nice to have the reminder of these activities and ideas Along with the thought of a lot of the ideas in the book being common sense, there was an element of repetition that bothered me as I was reading There were a lot of ideas that were repeated throughout the essays, in exactly the same wording One in particular stands out because it was mentioned no less than 5 times I ve had one or two first dates in my time or some slight variation thereof.By the last time of seeing this line I was saying out loud We know that already So have most of those of us who are reading this book One great section that I really liked was towards the end where the author is describing potential places for a date in London She notes several restaurants whose cuisine sounds delicious And she also makes note of a lot of other places to go go for dates such as some of Britain s public gardens and other well known attractions.I had also hoped that there would be of the author s personal experiences mixed in I find it easier to connect with books like this if there are personal anecdotes and I feel that may be part of the reason that this book didn t work as well for me.Overall, this is a nice book that with a bit of polishing could really be wonderful I d recommend it to someone looking for some basic tips on first dates I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    I really enjoyed my love because it s a book that defines the many different types of love that we value in life I liked the fact that it talked about the different aspects of love and that it should be unconditional The way the author would share with us her experiences on relationships, online dating, and dating advice tips was an interesting way to see her point of view on that as well get ideas on how to pursue it The short stories intertwined in the book were great too, some made me sad and others made me laugh The story called Death of a loved one and the short story in Giving and Generosity really had an impact on me Both were really devastating stories and it just made you really think about your own life and how grateful someone should be with it, and how some people have it a lot worse then you do Another part of my favorites was the part about giving and generosity The way we should, if we can, help the poor I just thought that whole chapter on that was amazing and I think everyone should really read it and perhaps it can open up people s hearts The very last words that stood out in my heart The Bible tells us to share generously with those who are less fortunate than ourselves Weare not meant to live hard hearted or self centred lives A greedy, miserly life leaves us devoid ofanything but an empty craving for possessions, power or status.What are possessions, status and power if our lives are empty of love and kindness andgenerosity We should not look for a reward for our generosity The look of thanks andhappiness in another s eyes should be reward enough He who gives to the poor will never want, but he who shuts his eyes will have many curses Proverbs 28 27 that last quote is simply amazing I would really like to thank Joanne Clancy for giving me the opportunity to read a copy of her book, thank you so much, I really enjoyed it

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    I m not really sure what to think about this book I am reviewing an electronic copy, which, as such does not really flow into the book format but I understand that it is a collection of essays, so of a non fiction type First of all, the author s speech seems very informal which irks me a bit, usually in self help and other life advice books you don t really see it written as informally as this I m not 100% sure of the author s intended purpose with this book, whether it is simply just an e book or is intended to published, but this seems like a setback.Secondly, this book seemed a little biased towards the United Kingdom this is a phrase that you will NEVER, ever, hear me say again Haha I understand that the author is Irish and possibly living in London or another part of England, but it seems odd for a writer publishing a book that may theoretically read by anyone in the world to talk at length for date ideas in London Again, makes me wonder what the intended audience readers in London Ordinarily I am a huge Anglo phile and London lover, but I feel that the focus of that specific chapter to London doesn t really work.I guess I would say in general that this book just struck me as a little odd I enjoyed the first few chapters essays what have you, where the notion of love was discussed, but I found the explicit tips and suggestions on dating, relationships, fidelity issues, etc strange I m not entirely sure what gives me this impression, but I am wondering if it can be attributed to culture Obviously, the United States and the United Kingdom are not completely alienated from one another and are both global, modern societies, but I m wondering if there is a difference in attitudes and norms in dating and relationships between the two cultures However, I do like the way that the author sometimes starts with anecdotes to introduce the chapters, this is very effective I give this book two out of five stars.

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    I received a free download of My Love by Joanne Clancy.I always say If the bird flies and he comes back to you, then it was meant to be yours, if not let him be free.This book examines the different kinds of love, what it means, and how it can impact your life.I am really fortunate to have a wonderful husband in my life, who has always been there for me, through thick and thin I am truly blessed We are best friends and can talk about anything, even when the other person doesn t agree I don t own him and visa versus Our relationship is built on trust and respect.We choose to live our life together and complement each other Everyday we give thanks for all our blessings.We have two four year old labs brothers , who give us unconditional love, as well as sometimes a headache.These are our babies.Thank you Joanne,for allowing me to reflect on the true meaning of love, and give thanks for all my blessingspast and present If nothing else, this book will make you feel again, stir up your emotions and memories and allow you to be at peace If you are just starting out, this book will give you clear insight, on your path ahead.

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    I would like to thank the author, Joanne Clancy, for giving me the opportunity to read this book about Love and Relationships I enjoyed it very much and was truly saddened by the excerpt that included the love and loss of a child That is one pain I thankfully have not had to endure, I do know a few women that have The author s words gave me a little insight into an area of emotion that is foreign to me, for that I am grateful The views of romance and love were quite similar to my own, however, I cannot relate to the internet dating myself I have a sibling that found the love of her life via the internet, after losing her first husband to lung cancer She also had stated that online dating was not as intimidating as the whole bar scene type.The book is written as though one is receiving advice from a friend, I would recommended it to a few of mine and my daughter s friends I feel that the audience for this book could range from young adult, through to anyone still searching for love, or attempting to maintain their relationship.I read this book in an afternoon, could not put it down I look forward to reading by Joanne Clancy, I like her style of writing

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    I have to start off by saying that the author gave me the opporunity to read her book on my kindle if I could review her book after reading it That being said, here is my thoughts on this book It was amazing I wasn t sure what I was expecting going into this book since its called My Love I thought it would be about mushy love stories I think orginally It s not at all I hate to say it is a book for women, but I feel most of my female friends would enjoy reading this book It was insightful, and inspiring at times The beginning was a good lead into what the book would be about and helps set the tone for the book I sat down and read this book on breaks and lunches at work and when I got home I sat down and finished it I got a few pointers to take away from this book about myself, and I can honestly say I am taking some of this stuff to heart and going to try to apply it to my life I am looking forward to eventually reading of Joanne s work and hopefully that will be soon.

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    I have finally gotten round to finishing this book after a long 5 6 weeks of studying and exams I was also lucky enough to have the chance to review this book and read it for free thanks to the author This isn t usually the type of book I would read but it was very enjoyable and lovely to read about the authors opinions on love and relationships.I really liked My love as it spoke the truth and some of the chapters were extremely insightful and made me change my way of thinking One chapter that I really loved was the one where the author talked about giving all the help we can to the poor, it really got to me and it was probably my favourite chapter out of the whole book.I m not sure if I would read another book like this again, it s not my usual genre of book but it was great and Joanne really has a talent at writing.

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    Copy provided by the author for review All hearts break Sherlock, S2E1Of course, the Holmes brothers are rather missing the reason why all hearts break because all hearts love We forget that all humans have the ability to love, in an almost unlimited amount of ways, which Clancy seeks to remind us of in her book love for children, parents, siblings, spouses, fellow humans first love, last love, beginning love, reigniting love, etc The book has a sweet, old fashioned, sentimental tone to it, a wide eyed naivet that is almost charming in its sincerity, but, in this day and age, a bit of old fashioned sweetness is perhaps needed to offset the amount of bitter cynicism out there.

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    So for a book of essays, I auctally read the whole book, which is saying something for me I love books that puts me in someone else s eyes Take me to a different time, place, era, or world and you got me, as long as you can write to keep up with my imagination, its not hard My Love was okay I m not a real sappy, mushy person, but I do read sappy, mushy books Not my favorite but I have read some amazing ones When I got this book, I assumed it would be another one of the author s storiesBut it was refreshing Nice and happy feelings Good book.

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