Circumference of Darkness

Circumference of Darknessbrilliant thriller An excellent read.very fast moving and great for a techie like me Slightly dated in a few technical details but fun nevertheless.The ending feels a bit contrived but the overall plot is superb.Best part was that I had mailed Jack about a quote he used in the book and he actually mailed me back in a day Now that s taking care of your fans highly recommended if you love fast moving action thrillersDJ This Electrifying Debut Thriller Delivers A Gripping Tale Of Big Brother Gone Mad Amid A Modern World On The Verge Of Endless War Brimming With High Powered Suspense, Here Is The Brilliant, Frighteningly Believable Story Of Three Masterminds Locked On A Breathtaking Collision Cours The Outcome Of Which Will Determine The Fate Of The United StatesCircumference Of DarknessTwenty Two Year Old Jeannie Reese Is A Computer Wunderkind And The Top Architect Of Next Generation Security For The Department Of Defense Her Latest Brainchild Is IRIN, The Most Powerful Surveillance Technology Ever Developed To Date, IRIN Has Remained Ultraclassified And Inactive But On The Day A Shocking Act Of Terrorism Strikes US Shores, The Presidential Order Comes To Launch Jeannie S Creation Against The Dark Forces Behind The AttackKnown Only As Phrk, Forty One Year Old John Fagan Is A Legendary, Reclusive Computer Hacker For Years He Has Expertly Hidden Himself While Operating Freely Within The Shadows Of The Internet S Background Noise He Has Remained In Complete Seclusion Despite His Infamy As The Author Of A Slew Of Massive Electronic Crimes And Despite His Long Ago, Now Eerily Prophetic, Scenarios Of Terrorist Warfare Against AmericaUnder Jeannie S Direction, IRIN Gathers And Analyzes Endless Data And Unearths Phrk If She Is To Stop The Next Stage Of A Terror Campaign Clearly Begun Years Before, Jeannie Will Have To Find The Berhacker But That Is Only The Beginning For She Soon Discovers That Phrk Is Being Held By The Leader Of A Vast Terrorist Network, Who Now Plans To Use This Unique Genius To Conceive And Deliver His Final, Fatal Blow A Devastating Nationwide Wave Of Unparalleled DestructionFor His Part, Phrk Is Used To Working Alone But All That Will Have To Change He Has A New Challenge, One Unlike Any He S Faced Before How To Provide Jeannie Reese With One Outrageous, Impossible Shot To Short Circuit The Perfect, Unstoppable Scheme He So Masterfully And So Unwillingly Helped To Create From The Hardcover Edition Conspiracy theory plot I liked how he weaved a wild scenario around 9 11 and it s heretofore unknown aftermath.Tech jargon Of course it s all computer internet AI programs and the jargon gets a little overwhelming sometimes.Character development The main two characters I liked, but the development was somewhat forced and awkward Romance was awkward, but that kind of fit their personalitiesContinuity abrupt leaps in POV and time that were confusingOverall for a debut novel, this was pretty good As a thriller, up until the climax, there were only small bits of action and suspense. A great first novel by Jack Henderson that was full of action, surprises and romance There were a lot of details in the book that probably took the author a lot of time to research and figure out I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrillers with twists and turns, a book that you cannot put down until you are finished with it. Shades of Wag the Dog I loved the characters and the plot in this story Home grown terrorists are just as crazy as foreign born terrorists and just as dangerous I loved the computer interaction and Kate s persona was spot on for an AI There is room for in this world so I hope I get to read them. Gripping thriller I loved the tie ins with computer technology and the mad rants of the ultra right religious fanatic.I remember Clancy s scenario where a plane hits the Pentagon and takes out enough people to wherein his protagonist becomes Prez.This book also stirs memories of De Mille s Wildfire. If you like 24 , you will definitely like this quick,explosive reading There is no dull moment in this suspenseful book Hope you all like it Personal suggestion, read it at the cold miserable rainy night so you will be wrapped in a heat of the greatest adventure. this is a solid little thriller it s getting hard for me to give those above 3 stars any since the genre tends to be fairly derivative but for a present day, political intrigue and zealot happy book, this was pretty good i enjoyed the tie in to real terrorist events, and the book has pretty strong character development considering the genre, as well that leads to one of the few downsides, such as they are even as they were slightly different, the characters all felt cliched, in a way intelligent, misunderstood girl intelligent, misunderstood guy gay sidekick masculine, sacrificial lamb the only good part i can say about all that is there was no one hero, and one of the hero types dies the first 50 pages are so are somewhat uneven overall in fact, my only other complaint was the penchant for monologuing it happens early on, then a few times but overall, the writing is fairly tight, and the plot turns kept me turning. Really exciting book, centred on a couple of super brainy geeks, some crazy computer programs, lots of action, and a plot for overthrowing the government What s not to like There are various techie references thrown into the narrative which I appreciated, although I did note a few minor mistakes How many compilers create a Windows executable which contain the text of source code comments, for example The mistakes were not a big deal at all though.For me, Henderson s writing style is easy and enjoyable to engage with, and the characters are expressed very well I felt myself relating to them and building up a real sense of who they were.A great read for geeks, nerds, and anybody who likes a bit of action and intrigue.

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➮ [Read] ➪ Circumference of Darkness By Jack Henderson ➺ –
  • Hardcover
  • 528 pages
  • Circumference of Darkness
  • Jack Henderson
  • English
  • 10 February 2017
  • 9780553805154

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