Entwined with You

Entwined with You From The Moment I First Met Gideon Cross, I Recognized Something In Him That I Needed Something I Couldn T Resist I Saw The Dangerous And Damaged Soul Inside So Much Like My Own I Was Drawn To It I Needed Him As Surely As I Needed My Heart To BeatNo One Knows How Much He Risked For Me How Much I D Been Threatened, Or Just How Dark And Desperate The Shadow Of Our Pasts Would BecomeEntwined By Our Secrets, We Tried To Defy The Odds We Made Our Own Rules And Surrendered Completely To The Exquisite Power Of Possession

Sylvia Day is the 1 New York Times, 1 USA Today, 1 Sunday Times, 1 Globe and Mail, 1 Der Spiegel, and 1 international bestselling author of over twenty award winning novels sold in than forty countries She is a 1 bestselling author in twenty eight countries, with tens of millions of copies of her books in print Visit the author at

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 368 pages
  • Entwined with You
  • Sylvia Day
  • English
  • 02 November 2019

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    You own me, Eva Wherever I am, whatever I m doing, I belong to you Entwined With You was everything I could have wanted I was thrilled with the story, happy with the ending and now am excited for the next books I LOVED IT 5 STARS Since this is book 3 in the series, I am not going to talk about the plot at all here This is not a standalone and should only be read after both Bared to You and Reflected in You.First you can all rest easy because there is NO RELATIONSHIP CLIFFHANGER In fact, of all the three books so far, I d say this one had the most resolved ending of all It ended at a point where Gideon and Eva were together and happy Yes, there were still many unanswered questions for future books mostly regarding external plot lines and milestones that Gideon and Eva still have to cross but there was no relationship cliffhanger There was also real no stupidity and no cheating throughout the book Yes, the characters made mistakes, but they re only human I understood everything that both Gideon and Eva did throughout the book I understood why they messed up and I respected them for trying to fix their mistakes.There was a lot of smokin hot sex and I mean H.O.T but it didn t overpower the actual work they put into the relationship I loved that they didn t use sex as a distraction for working out their issues They d always had intense chemistry and sexual attraction but they were also actively focused just as much on working on the rest of their relationship as well which made them functional as a couple both inside and outside of the bedroom.I loved that they had this intensely passionate, tumultuous relationship but at the core of it all was always their strong, unwavering love for each other Everything else was just details Entwined With You started off right where book 2 ended throwing us right back in the story If it has been a while since you ve read the last book, I would recommend re reading at least the last chapter of book 2 before starting this just to get yourself back into the details of the story In this book, Gideon and Eva s journey continues as they fight their inner demons and nightmares and work together at maintaining and building a functional relationship filled with intense desire, love and commitment One of my most favorite things about Gideon and Eva as a couple is that they TALK They talk through EVERYTHING They ve both been broken by their pasts and are dealing with untold amounts of external stress and yet with them, their relationship always came first I always knew what their top priority was I could just feel it And I absolutely freaking LOVED it I look at you, angel, and I want you so badly I want to be with you, listen to you, talk to you I want to hear you laugh and hold you when you cry I want to sit next to you, breathe the same air, share the same life I want to wake up to you like this every day forever I want you Gideon Cross is the ultimate tortured, Alpha hero He s completely dominant and possessive but at the same time so vulnerable and broken Truthfully, protective and possessive doesn t even begin to describe him though He s also loyal, understanding, powerful, and passionate He is just the perfect balance of everything in my eyes He is Alpha enough to make me swoon but was always logical and rational in his actions I absolutely loved that he always put Eva first He was always thinking of her and it was clear in each one of his actions If it s possible, I love him even after reading this book than I did before starting I ve always really loved Eva too Deeply scarred by her past and also still hurt by things that had happened in their relationship despite it being a missunderstanding , she had to work hard to keep being open Luckily, Gideon helped balance her out He was always insisting on working things through together And at the end of the day, they both just wanted to make things work, and were willing to do anything to bring them closer to each other.I loved that they went toe to toe on everything Yes, Gideon was powerful and dominating but Eva was also strong and independent They didn t clash, but rather they complimented each other Their relationship was always balanced and I could never doubted the value they placed on their relationship You could feel that they were willing to sacrifice anything for each other and never give up I just loved it It was heart warming to an extreme Despite everything, we were stronger than we d ever been And the HEAT ohhhhh the intensity This has got to be one of the hottest books I ve ever read Not that it was literally the most graphic but just that their connection intensified every sexual encounter between them It was scorching Sizzling And, I m not going to lie, they certainly took things further in the bedroom than they d ever gone before There was definitely an oh my moment for me at one point But like I said, I loved that with them it was never all about the sex I loved watching them genuinely, step by step work through their issues I loved being able to see their progress and to see them grow both as individuals and as a couple.The build up of the book s ending wasn t as intense as the last one to be sure but that was totally okay with me Given the context of the story, it didn t feel right to have something super intense in that moment and I m glad the author didn t put some random drama there just for the sake of sensationalizing it I respect her for staying true to the characters.The ending left us in a good place My heart is happy and I couldn t have asked for a better place to pause their story while we wait for the rest of the series to be released.It has been confirmed that there will be 2 books in the series after this one The Crossfire series will now have 5 books.I have loved this series from the start and if the next two books are going to continue Gideon and Eva s story following the same path that these first 3 books have taken and just continue to develop their relationship together without stupidity or excess drama, then I m all for it At first, I thought I would have wanted the happily ever after we would have gotten had this been the final book but I can honestly tell you that I did NOT feel that any of the issues were dragged out, or just put there for the sake of creating text There was no drama for drama s sake and everything that happened both made sense, kept me engaged or fanning myself and was believable for the characters.Also, given the amount of issues they still have to work through which I won t name in order to keep this spoiler free , I m honestly very happy that they re getting books I think their story could easily take two books to tell it in and there are still so many things that I personally WANT to see them work through that we would never have been able to see if the story had wrapped up in just this one book.I know some people said that the ending left them desperately wanting , and while I respect their opinion, I just don t get it to be honest The story HAD to end somewhere and since we know there will be books I was completely happy with the ending Yes, in the issues external to the relationship, there are still unanswered questions but, if there weren t any, then how would we ever have books Gideon and Eva were happy and together at the end For the ending of a mid series book, I couldn t have asked for anything better Personally, I loved it Totally loved it Gideon and Eva continue to be one of my absolute, all time favorite book couples and I can t wait for of their story Basically, if you loved the first two books, you should absolutely read this As a final note, I just want to share this with you It s a message from the author that I really love and tells me all that I need to know about this series Is it possible for two abuse survivors to have a functional romantic relationship Eva Tramell Eva s question is the core of the Crossfire series The answer she receives Absolutely. , gives her hope that she can find her way there with Gideon I hope their journey touches you the way it has me We all deserve a happily ever after Sylvia Day My casting for Gideon and Eva VIDEO INTERVIEW with SYLVIA DAY by Aestas Book Blog I was given the incredible opportunity to interview Sylvia and ask her questions about her inspiration for the CROSSFIRE series and where she sees the series going in the future The interview is spoiler free WATCH HERE For of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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    Sweet dreams, baby, I whispered, wrapping my arms over his around my middle.His mouth curved against my neck My dreams already came true I loved this book I am SOOOOO happy I enjoyed it and it didn t disappoint me I think keeping my expectations low after the disaster of Reflected worked It had amazing drama Great story line The characters felt mature like they didn t cling they way they did in Reflected The seemed wayh stable There was a lot of sex, but this had chemistry and love making. NOT I want to fuck you because I m an insecure person kind of sex they had in Reflected.So I d say the series has taken a drastic improvement turn D I m VERY happy But I have a theory here I think the author re wrote the WHOLE book after she gave out ARCs for Entwined and it sucked Already people were pissed with Reflected because it didn t like up to half the people s expectations including mine.Hence the 6 months delay from the original 31th Dec, 2012 date we were promised.There are rumors floating around about this, people speculation I think its true If she s actually done that I m super glad and happy that she did because this book worked Because if it was like Reflected, I d totally dump this series There is a limit till how much you can bare rubbish and stuff dragged out. Eg Pretty Little Liars and I stopped it mid season 3 I would have done it here too but I m glad this book turned out so well D DGideon You own me, Eva Wherever I am, whatever I m doing, I belong to you EvaTHIS BOOK IS A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER THAN THE FIRST TWO.The characters have matured in the period of these two three months they have been together.We learn so much about Gideon He actually opens up I was so glad to read about his dark past. it makes me feel comfortable and connected with the whole story because you finally understand They weren t clingy They were evolving, slowly. step by step growing up and growing together.The one thing I liked the most in this novel was what the word Crossfire ment to him Day One of my life was the day I met you Ah, Gideon. you say stuff like that and totally make me want to throw my heart at you You and me on a deserted tropical island where you d be perpetually naked and I could slide into you at any moment I set one hand on my hip and shot him a look Sunburned and bowlegged Sexy And then you say this and I m like Yupp, throwing my panties too You re different, he said, touching my face Of course I was The man I loved had killed for me Don t know if thats the sweetest thing ever or the creepiest thing ever. BTW. I APROVE Hahahah PThis plot had a new twist, it was like a little detectivy type I d say..We got to see of the side characters a bit of their story I LIKETatiana. the only word pops into my head when I think of here is HATE and YUCKThat Deanna bitch is a whore whom I want to SLAP very hard.face Jean Fran ois has issues, I mean c mon man use your sexy face, charm and money to lure your bitch of a wife back Hate the wife too SLUT.The book doesn t have its HAPPILY EVER AFTER yet, Its got its HAPPY ENDING and there is NO CLIFFHANGER Yes, dear reader, you re right This can t possibly be the end.Gideon and Eva s journey isn t quite finished yet I look forward to seeing where they ll take us next.All my best,Sylvia See, you can t say stuff like this without giving us anything for book 4 First only I am highly pissed because I wanted the book to end here After the ever dragged Reflected I wanted them to end here in Entwined I won t complain much about a book 4 after reading this because this book was written really well I enjoyed it.It has amazing drama, a great story line thank god for small mercies But again there was too much sex Its like reading a bloody prono.

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    You see that That, right there That s me Well, I m slightly feminine looking with a better rack.But yeah, that look on that face I m wearing the same one And I just finished this book Now, I know what you, Crossfire fanatics, are thinking But, HOLD ON A SEC Okie dokie I m a huge fan of Miss Sylvia Day, too Before I read this, I was counting down the days until it was released So remember that Because First of all this series was planned as a trilogy, right If I ve read the right blog posts and articles, this series was supposed to be a trilogy And then after the second book, good ol Day decided to expand it into FIVE books.Now, as much as LOVE Gideon I was excited I mean, that was like CHRISTMAS hearing news like that As long as Gideon was in the picture, I would be stoked if she decided to make it a TWENTY book series Sign me up But then I read this book.And see, here s the problem The first two books were made for a 3 book series And then this one, the THIRD one was made for a 5 book series.So, basically, what we have is an author adding water to an AMAZING soup, trying to get it to last longer, right And praying like hell we don t notice Well, I noticed AND I AIN T HAPPY I mean, so much was going ON in this book but nothing was happening Eva was still worrying about the Nathan debacle view spoiler Who s dead by the way hide spoiler

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    4 We Are All Officially Crossed Cross Stars If souls could be mated with wishes, ours would be inextricably entwined Gideon and Eva What can I say about a couple that defied all odds, fought everyone and anything standing in their way, clawed each other heart out, fixed it up and put it back to together but never returned it They just kept them and gave their own to the other to hold safe, forever A couple that drowned its problems with sex That couldn t sleep together, afraid of lashing out in the midst of a nightmare That has demons screaming in its head every damn hour of a day and a past that haunts and torments their reality and future That fear still rules their actions They dared to dream, to hope but they had to make the ultimate sacrifice to have a chance together And for Eva to feel safe again I won t apologize I d do it again So, they crumbled and almost died in the process You were with me The whole time There wasn t a second that passed when you weren t on my mind You own me, Eva Wherever I am, whatever I m doing, I belong to you Together again, they have to keep a deadly secret, battle their own deep rooted fear, family, friends, exes, reporters, police HELL the whole damn universe for what is rightfully theirs Love and a happily ever after Will Gideon manage it out of sheer force of will or Eva s inability to use caution and just plain logic will once again tear them apart You ll never lose me, angel, he vowed Wherever you go, however far, I ll be right here with you This third installment in the seductive and highly erotic Crossfire Series will push your boundaries, drive you crazy, awake all your senses and make you totally mad You will fall deeper and irrevocably in love with the one and only Gideon Cross and you will pray for this book not to end.Gideon is once again a sight to behold Tender and violent, a wild animal, leashed only by the love of a woman Possessive, arrogant, protective to the extreme and sexy beyond any measure I couldn t get enough and I swear that every damn time this amazing man opened his deliciously dirty mouth I had a mini orgasm What the hell was I supposed to do, Eva I didn t know you existed Gideon s voice deepened, roughened If I d known you were out there, I would ve hunted you down I wouldn t have waited a second to find you But I didn t know, and I settled for less So did you We both wasted ourselves on the wrong people The rest of the book felt to me like a hot mess, straight out of hell Eva just plain infuriated me Her reluctance to take a leap of faith, for the man that committed a FREAKING murder for her was really maddening Second guessing herself, Gideon and their relationship every second page, being insanely jealous BUT going out and talking with her ex and well I will give her that dealing with a horrific situation with her parents, this girl has a lot on its plate.That s right woman Pull your head out of the sand, look what you got right in front you and SCREW THE WORLD Don t get to this book looking for answers and resolutions You will only get frustrated Read it as a chapter in Eva Gideon s story, another hurdle for them to overcome, a sexy and intense read that will arouse and make your heart sing and simultaneously cry.WE ALL NEED A MAN LIKE GIDEON IN OUR LIFE My dearest and bestest friends, Debra, Joana and Kristalia, thank you once again for an awesome buddy read It was a pleasure to share Gideon with you And it was so much fun drooling over hot pics and complaining about Eva And you can enjoy their AWESOMELY HAWT reviews, here Debra s Review Joana s Review Kristalia s Review Keeping reading to find out my reaction to the book s delay from hell, Gideon s ownership and how we managed to pull off one hell of a buddy read Earlier this year or better, late the PREVIOUS yearI was just browsing through my not yet released list, when something unexpected caught my eye Entwined with You Crossfire, 3 by Sylvia DayExpected publication June 4th 2013 by Berkley COME ON SERIOUSLY It was delayed EVEN MORE NOW, it s freaking JUNE YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.I m actually experiencing a Gideon withdrawal sniff But don t despair My wonderful girlfriends, Kristalia, my personal beautiful crystal and Joana the amazing, reminded me that Gideon is always with us I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS An awesome buddy read on 06 08, to share all the Gideon loving.You guessed correctly Me, Debra, Kristalia and Joana, are setting aside our Karina Halle obsession, to delve into Gideon s seductive world No pressure to finish, no worries, pure HOT, FUN And if you want to join, just let us know D Of course we are, Gideon Of course we are

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    1,5 2 bored out of my mind STARS November 15th 2014I m enraged right now because I ve just wasted a huge amount of highly valued time on this book that I will never be able to take back.And why did I have to waste my time on rereading a book I didn t even like in the first place BECAUSE THE AUTHOR PUT 1,5 YEARS BETWEEN BOOK 3 AND BOOK 4 When I realized that I didn t remember ANYTHING about the story, I was left with no choice but to go through the same torture, again, before Book 4 came out What was the result I ll get to thatFirstly, I would like to thank my lovely ladies JASMINE, SUPREET and FLO for being all kinds of cute and funny throughout our rather painful Buddy Reread This was the best BR EVER and Now let s get to the real issueThis book was a MESS.I won t be nice and polite and say It wasn t as good as one would expect It was one of the most BORING, most POINTLESS and my Godthe EMPTIEST books ever.And I m an Erotica reader So that says something. What was going wrong with this book 1 NO PLOT WHATSOEVER.2 THE SAME SEX SCENES OVER AND OVER AGAIN.Even the unnecessary but surprising anal scene was eye roll inducing yawn 3 THE UNBELIEVABLE LEVELS OF STUPIDITY EVA KEEPS SHOWING.I seriously hate her.4 CARY.Ugggh Such an annoying little pain in the a.5 BRETT KLINE.Pathetic.6 ALL OF GIDEON S EX WH RES.Does Gideon have a magic d ck or something What s with all this fuss over him 7 POINTLESS DETAILS ABOUT ALL THE SUPPORTING CHARACTERS.Who the hell cares about them Everyone is reading this damn series for Gideon, dude Don t kid yourselves.8 THE SLOOOOOOOW PACE.I still can t believe how the hell I stayed awake till the end What was going right with this book Not even Gideon Cross Yes I m sorry Will Eda read Captivated by You Why Because I know even now that it will be BAD and I have an itching for a good ol ranting review rubs hands Plus, how could I ever pass the chance to BuddyRead with my awesome besties once FIRST THREE CHAPTERS OF CAPTIVATED BY YOU It annoyed the hell outta me, so read it at your own expense

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    Now that I ve finished my re read, I can jump into book 4 I love me some Gideon and I m excited to read some of him 3 Rate the book Not Gideon Rate the book Not Gideon This is easier said than done The book, a solid 3.5 stars Gideon 5 stars, my rating 4 Stars.Lets take a look at my Gideon Gideon Cross had been designed to fuck a woman right out of her mind And his Eva We were two halves of the same soul If you haven t read Bared to You or Reflected in You, you should probably go do that asap, Gideon Cross is not someone you want to miss out on Also, if you haven t read the first 2, this review will contain some storyline spoilers so there ya go Entwined with You starts off right where Reflected in You left off Eva and Gideon are together but not publicly Its not safe for them to be together right now Gideon has proven time and time again he will go to any extremes necessary to protect Eva She is willing to do the same for him Even if it means distancing herself for the time being The first half of the book was a little repetitive my main reason for the storyline being only a 3.5 4 rating a lot of reassurance back and forth, over and over But hot damn it was HOT Thank you What are you thanking me for You did all the work There s no work involved in fucking you, angel His slow smile was pure satiated male I m grateful for the privilege I sank back onto my heels You re killing me You can t be that gorgeous and sexy and say stuff like that It s overload It fries my brain Sends me into a meltdown His smile widened and he kissed me again I know the feeling Eva and Gideon together yep, panties just melted right off of me That club scene Wow Gideon wants to make sure Eva knows how much she means to him He only wants her, no matter what his past was, his life truly began when he met his angel The second half of the book was much better for me I was ecstatic that Eva and Gideon were able to get their relationship out in the open again Not only is Gideon sexy as hell, he gets extra swoony in this book Towards the end, there is some definite drama and complications Thankfully, the couple is able to stay strong, united, together Whatever we face, we face together view spoiler And you ll do it with my name hide spoiler

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    It was what I dreamed off, but I have to be honest that this time there were a few moments that I could just smack Eva on the head especially when she was around her old f ck buddy Brett she s bonkers when she hears things about Corinne etc. but she can be around her buddy all she wants..grrrrr Also there wasn t really a big storyline throughout this book,it was about some loose ends from the previous 2 books but nonetheless I really enjoyed seeing Gideon back And it s official..this series is killing me,in a good way off course but nonetheless it s killing me I prepared myself that this book was gonna be the end and that every little thing would be cleared out between Gideon Eva and all the others, that it would all be peachy for them a dazzling Epilogue The end of this amazing breathtaking series BUT there are gonna be 2 books Once again the waiting is gonna kill me Okay there wasn t a huge cliffhanger but there are a few things that needs to be cleared out VERY SOON..lolGideon. ooohh be still my heart he s perfection in every way

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    After reading this I gave the rating a 3 star But now that I am writing my review and thinking about it, I am changing my rating to 2 stars When I received my ARC in the mail I was so excited to read this I been waiting a long time to finally getting back with Eva and Gideon But what I got was I left a damn good book I was in the middle of reading to start this I feel I should have waited Eva and Gideon talking about their relationship instead of always having sex was nice But it was always going back to the same conversations over and over I felt they needed to re insured their self s so much through out the book it was killing it for me Then it was slow OMG it as so slow I was getting tired of reading it after 30% and it didn t pick up from there Not really, yeah there was a couple of surprises but nothing that is going to get me jumping up and reading my eyes out to finish I wanted to like this book so much I really did I am not sure what is going on with these added characters I can give two fucks about them, I just don t get why they were in the book so damn much I am just confused to where else is this going to take us The book should have just stopped in the last book with a HEA Taking me through this whole process of non scene. I m not sure where else this book can take you The sex was fucking hot as always but with being bored in this book I was tired of reading even those parts Sorry loves, don t hate me cause I didn t like this so much Just didn t cut it for me.

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    If souls could be mated with wishes, ours would be inextricably entwined. The third book in the Crossfire series, Entwined with You continues the often tumultuous relationship between Gideon Cross, the twenty eight year old billionaire and one of the top twenty five richest people in the world, and Eva Tramell.Ms Day does have a lovely writing style, if a little lavender for my tastes in contemporary romance We d mistaken our ferocious mutual captivation for lust until we realized we couldn t breathe without each other.The Plot view spoiler The plot continues some threads from the previous two books The police investigation into the murder of Eva s stepbrother may not be quite over, although Gideon remains in the clear Some problems arise for Eva with her past involvement with Brett Kline Cary, Eva s best friend, has both a steady boyfriend and a steady girlfriend Some interesting developments there hide spoiler

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    Espa ol EnglishEva, si eso es posible, adora m s a Gideon por el sacrificio que hizo por ella, pero la desconciertan las actuaciones de Gideon sin contar con su aprobaci n Aun as est segura que no puede vivir sin l y ella para Gideon es el aire que respira Eva, if that s possible, loves Gideon even for the sacrifice he made for her, but she is disconcert with Gideon s actions without her approval Yet she is certain that she can not live without him and she represents to Gideon the air he breathes.

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