The Garden Of Burning Sand

The Garden Of Burning Sand If this story had centered on Africa, it would have been a good crime investigation law court story of justice, as well as a story of a nation at the brink of change Within are the people, customs, society and traditions of Zambia in the modern world However, it is told through the eyes of aprivileged North AmericanZoe Fleming is a whiny, rich, woe is me American and her story interferes with the story of Zuyeya and Africa She gets in the way As the story progresses, it becomesabout Zoe and her issues with her past and less about justice in Africa. Oh dear This is my second Addison high expectation created by the reviews dashed on delivery Whilst trying to create action and maybe adventure as our rich and privileged heroine zooms around the world, from the US to South Africa to Zambia and round again this book lacks depth The countries are from a travel log, the characters are cardboard and the issues are excessive I m starting to feel that Addison needs to focus on one thing Maybe rape, OR disability, OR Aids, OR the legal system OR politicians OR social ills, OR family dynamics as opposed to a mish mash of everything I m left none the wiser about anything I wasn t moved or compelled to do anything about anything I simply don t care I don t even want to watch a documentary about Zambia, let alone visit the country I m annoyed with myself for bothering to finish a second Addison novel when I could have moved on to somethingcompelling I must check myself I suspect that Addison s are about to pop out every few months I must resist the interesting topics in Africa and rather listen to talk shows than hope for anything interesting in the way of insights from Addison I read A Walk Across The Sun by Corban Addison and found it to be an incredibly well written book with I loved even though the theme was challenging The Garden of Burning Sand, is an equally challenging book, this time set in Africa, with similar themes The poverty, neglect and sexual exploitation of young women and children in Africa are very serious topics and ones which can t be taken lightly, added to this is the situation of Aids and all that surrounds it I found the story and main characters convincing, though a touch too stereotypical, which was a pity I also thought that perhaps on this occasion less would have beenThe author tried to tackle so many very serious issues that perhaps eventually this let the story down somewhat. I feel bad giving this book only two stars, because I think that Corban Addison can write really well and there were some very good sections The problems came with the main character, Zoe She was annoying beyond belief, professed to love Africa so much, yet was constantly sneering and rolling her eyes at things that weren t Western, and of course, she had to be beautiful, rich and a senator s daughter I didn t understand why her African boyfriend would bother with her or vice versa They didn t even seem to like each other that much.The author excelled at writing about Africa and the problems facing its people If he had written a novel with Africans as the main characters, this could have been an excellent book He needs to trust that people will still read a book that is not about Americans The same flaw afflicted his first novel as well For some reason, his writing is mucheffective when he is not writing about his own country Maybe he is trying so hard to make a point, that the characters come off as whiny and obnoxious.Some of the best writing came from the girl s mother s diary, recounting the events that led her to prostitution I would like to have readof that, and less of the whiny Zoe s unresolved angst Zoe didn t like her father, Zoe hated her stepmother, Zoe had issues from when she was 17really We all have issues from when we were 17 and most of us aren t cushioned by trust funds and houses on the Vineyard Time to grow up, Zoe.Let the story tell the story, and make the point, and eliminate the do gooder American with the unresolved conflict, in the next novel, please They add nothing and really distract from the main storyline. This book was an eye opener for me Reading this book I got a peek at how people like us, with just the same needs, feelings and rights live in fear of living with nothing Unprotected, physically, mentally and lawfully It is so not fair but what do I know, a white teenager in a country that most people don t starve or aren t afraid of leaving their house at night Someone that has all the basics and doesn t give a second thought at how lucky I am The novel deals with rape, AIDS, superstition and poverty It shows how a simple DNA test could save children s hope by putting away criminals that violate their person How a lot of death could be prevented by knowledge and self preservation Many people in Africa are suspicious of white doctors and medicine I don t blame them, mind me still believe in healers with herbs and potions and only think of going to the hospital as a last resort, and most of the time too late The story was very interesting, fast paced and mysterious It was a good blend of love, family, respect,courage, willpower and what s right or wrong All of the characters were very well developed and two of my three favorites didn t ever show up in the book Charity Bella, Zoe s mom, and Kuyeya. I couldn t help being tied in knots reading this novel although a work of fiction it was inspired by real issues and offered an authentic glimpse into the horrifying world of child sexual assault in the sub Saharan Africa This is actually of story of good people struggling to do right in this world.This novel is a page turner and weaves together romance, family and human rights issues While exploring a wide range of pressing world topics including the treatment of women in Africa Mr Addison s poignant novel takes us from the red light areas of Lusaka, Zambia, to the luxurious rooms of Washington D.C high ups and to the splendor of Victoria Falls The Garden of Burning Sand follows the progress in the rape of a young girl with Down s syndrome and the involvement of human rights lawyer Zoe Fleming who is determined to bring the case to justice The action is firmly centered on Zoe and is told through her eyes The plot is well paced and provides some tension as she teams up with Joseph Zabuta At every turn the two are thwarted of their investigation and they soon realize the criminals they seek arecorrupt and powerful than they thought This book is also a riveting mystery.This story is timely, topical and well researched and embraces the full sweep of human experience It deals bluntly with rape, AIDS, superstition and poverty Zoe is an appealing character Her interracial romance with Joseph is well handled as is the treatment of his positive HIV status The story is well done in setting, dialogues and action. Insufferably judgmental, American Zoe Fleming claims to love Africa but spends the entire novel shaking her head, rolling her eyes, or feeling nauseous about things African She apparently has the ability to know in advance who is corruptible pretty much everyone Chimamanda Adichie has discussed the danger of a single story here we get Africa the Aids poverty corruption blighted, only redeemable by Western largesse, in Zoe s expert opinion and she is an expert I mean, she s read Achebe, ffs We getignoring the weight of foreign authority playing on the African suspicion of intellectual disabilites and so muchin the same vein I can t rate this it s actually a reasonable story, if I wasn t African I might give it a three, but I found it offensive. When I began this book by reading the prologue, I hesitated because the writing seemed so stilted and the main character not very appealing to me Since it was the only book I had brought with me on vacation, I decided to give it a go and am I ever happy I did I am sure others have written about the plot story characters so I won t talk about the actual structure of the book or any of the three elements What I truly enjoyed was the flow of the writing and the ability of Addison to feature characters who didn t fit the mold of likeable people and yet were very appealing as the story progressed He also left a very lasting impression on me that was not marred by sordid details, but rather by inference for the most part Unfortunately, I don t have the book any longer as I left it with a woman who needed a book for the remainder of her vacation so I am unable to produce examples of his ability to describe what can only be called horrendous acts, in a way that the reader doesn t feel assaulted I will keep my eye out for future work of Corban Addison. After reading all the glowing reviews given to this book I have to admit that I found it a disappointing read I am not disputing in any way that AIDS is not a major problem in Africa, but so is malaria and other endemic diseases such as Ebola which has caused so many deaths in the past months.I grew up in Zambia and have many fond memories of a beautiful country populated with some very wonderful people I also spent many years living in South Africa and herein is the problem with a book of this type Unless you have actually lived in Africa and discovered for yourself the continent and its people, writing a book after a visit gives readers a rather false impression of the realities of every day life there.A small point perhaps is that I found the writer s description of taking this exit number from this motorway to get from A to B rather like a travel journal and somewhat irrelevant Not what I expect to read in a well written book As one of the main characters Zoe is the typical archetype rich woman who thinks that she has an answer to all of the problems in Africa, without understanding the cultural identity of its people I do have to wonder why such people do not look into the problems in their own countries, of which there are many, before even trying to change the rest of the world.Africa does have problems with corruption, greed etc but when reading the daily press it is not difficult to realise that this is the case in many countries, including those in the so called first world.Finally I have just read an excellent quote from Fuse ODF, an English musician of Ghanaian descent I, like many others, am sick of the whole concept of Africa a resource rich continent with unbridled potential always being seen as diseased, infested and poverty stricken In fact, seven out of 10 of the world s fastest growing economies are in Africa I could not have worded it any better. Lusaka, Zambia Zoe Fleming Is A Young, Idealistic American Lawyer Working With An NGO Devoted To Combatting The Epidemic Of Child Sexual Assault In Southern Africa Zoe S Organization Is Called In To Help When An Adolescent Girl Is Brutally Assaulted The Girl S Identity Is A Mystery Where Did She Come From Was The Attack A Random Street Crime Or A Premeditated Act A Betrayal In Her Past Gives The Girl S Plight A Special Resonance For Zoe, And She Is Determined To Find The Perpetrator She Slowly Forms A Working Relationship, And Then A Surprising Friendship, With Joseph Kabuta, A Zambian Police Officer Their Search Takes Them From Lusaka S Roughest Neighbourhoods To The Wild Waters Of Victoria Falls, From The AIDS Stricken Streets Of Johannesburg To The Matchless Splendour Of Cape TownAs The Investigation Builds To A Climax, Threatening To Send Shockwaves Through Zambian Society, Zoe Is Forced To Radically Reshape Her Assumptions About Love, Loyalty, Family And, Especially, The Meaning Of Justice

Corban Addison holds degrees in law and engineering from the University of Virginia and California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo He began to experiment with writing at the age of fifteen, about the same time he developed an interest in international travel His early works were mostly essays, reflections and travelogues, but his true love was fiction For eight years he searched f

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