Unquiet Dreams (Connor Grey, #2)

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CATHARGO 2016 is Mark Del Franco s latest fantasy novel, an alternative history where chance and coincidence set the stage for an entire continent to be plunged into war over the use of magic.WHIRLWIND 2014 is Mark Del Franco s first young adult novel, an urban fantasy featuring teens with elemental powers.Mark is the author of the adult urban fantasy Connor Grey books The best order to read t

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 292 pages
  • Unquiet Dreams (Connor Grey, #2)
  • Mark Del Franco
  • English
  • 09 September 2018
  • 9780441015696

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    For a full review, check the Bitten by Books website

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    This book depending on who you ask could be considered urban fantasy or a paranormal I read the first novel in the series, and I liked it, but the second is a great improvement Del Franco is a talented new writer who really has improved from his first effort In his universe the Fey have come over and are openly living in human society and have for quite some time His main character Connor used to be a detective with the Fey Guild, but he was kicked out when he lost most of his powers in a freak accident Now he is a druid who can only look at essence the way Del Franco describes magical energies but not manipulate them In this book, he is involved in a mystery involving the death an important guild official and a teenage human gang member who no one cares about Read the story, to find out what happens The series reminds me a bit of Kelly McCullough s Code Spell series as well as Simon Hawk s Nightside only better written than Nightside If you like either one of those series, I think you ll like this book Also, if you re fond of Jim Butcher s Harry Dresden, I think you d like this series only in this book, the main character isn t growing in power in a world that doesn t believe in magic, he s trying to figure out how to regain his power or live without it in a world where he used to be a powerful person.

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    Very imaginative, and the climactic scenes are snazzy I like Connor, the main character, a druid with mysteriously damaged powers I also like his friends Murdock, a human cop who s acquired some strange new personal energy known as essence in the vocabulary of their world Meryl, who s an astonishingly powerful druidess with an endless supply of sarcasm and whose description sounds as if she d love to hit the mall with Abby from NCIS and Joe AKA Stinkwort a flit small fairy , who is a funny and adorable sidekick I also like that Connor and Meryl are still in the flirting stage and that she gives him a hard time about his attitude The plot was very political, with lots of backstabbing and evasiveness.

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    When Connor Grey got a phone call at 7 AM from his friend, Detective Leonard Murdock, about a dead teenager who seemed to be dropped from the sky, he didn t expect that the kid would ended up as a part of another investigation by the Guild the death of a one of the directors at Boston Guildhouse, Alvud Krudge Soon, the two deaths brought Connor and his group of friends Murdock, the hip researcher Meryl Dian, and oreo loving flits, Joe, into a conspiracy that threathened to destroy the Guilds and Consortium, with humans caught in the middle.I must say that the second book flows better for me that the first Maybe because all of the world building with its technical jargons have been introduced in the first book This time, it is easier for me to get into Connor and his relationship with Murdock, Meryl, and Joe There is a couple of twists here that I don t see coming, one being Connor having a big brother that is a whoa moment for me and the climax when the brain of the conspiracy is revealed A good mystery with a touch of magic and the Fey universe, as well as characters that I m quite fond of most especially Joe, the flits, love him I love how Connor starts to learn about how his past arrogance when he is still a Guild member is wrong, that the true friends he have are those who still stick with him even if he no longer has ability except for sensing essence I would love to know about what the mass in his head is all about how it can help him now , the progress with Murdock I think he will become than just a human detective, much like Karen Murphy in Jim Butcher s Harry Dresden series , as well as, uhm, can I count a small romance between Connor and Meryl grin I m a fan of Jim Butcher s Harry Dresden and I definitely enjoy this too It s a good addition to a VERY FEW urban fantasy series with male protagonist I m looking forward to reading book 3 and 4

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    In the same day, Connor examines two different crime scenes One, a dead human teenager, the other, a prominent elf and Guild director who has also been murdered The cases appear to be connected with a strange new drug and a brewing gang war, but what is truly behind the deaths has far greater implications than anyone anticipates.It s been a couple of years since I read the first book, but I got back into this world easily enough Another quick and entertaining read.

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    Another good entry into this series The gee whiz portion of world building was mostly taken care of in the first book, so this one got to delve into the relationships a little deeper as well as explore the world a little I must say that the big plot twist actually surprised meusually those things don t Will have to reread someday to see if it was because I was truly bamboozled or if there were a lack of clues Now, onto the third book

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    Very good urban fantasy in which Connor encounters trolls and dwarves and tree spirits, oh my

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    Second in the Connor Grey urban fantasy series about a down and out Druid with very little power in Boston.My TakeLots of misdirection in this one and an interesting peek into gang warfare from street to the upper levels of society.This is good experience for Conner as I sit here in my easy chair as he discovers the hard way how the little people feel, how they re treated He used to be one of the elite Thinking the same way I have to wonder if del Franco is setting us up for a future installment where Connor takes a top position Oh, that s a good one I love Meryl s remark about getting evil eye repellant up as she s infested with Christian missionaries I suspect a romance down the road between Meryl and Murdock I have my doubts about Keeva She screwed up in Unshapely Things and she does it again here I m curious as to how she ll muff it in the next story, Unfallen Dead.Poor Murdock, everybody makes him as a cop.It s typical police work Lots of late night visits to bars, nightclubs, and back alleys Pushing and poking at the powers that be Examining everyone s angle.Whoa, I can understand Connor s backhanded appreciation for the black mass in his brain that won t allow him to use his magic any II guess it s a good thing when it saves the world.Cute Connor and Meryl are having this running conflict about dating Shoe s suddenly on the other foot and I m curious as to where it will go.SnickerI love Connor s statement at the end to Nigel And it was so true And so typical of a governing body.The StoryGang wars do have their unintended victims, but evidence uncovers drugs and then the possibility of a real estate grab When one of the victims turns out to be a rather prominent activist, it really hits the fan and Connor uncovers than expected with the pissing contests just getting messier and messier.The fallout ranges from Briallen s appointment of Connor as a Guild Director, which upsets all the right people and the Guildmaster s command that Connor ferret out information on some dangerous people against the High Druid s advice.Damn lucky that he s now a Guild Director, however temporary, when he comes under fire.The CharactersConnor Grey is a disabled Druid, kicked out of his cushy position at the Guild and really feeling the kicks to his ego in this one It s certainly a good lesson in being polite to everyone you meet Stinkwort, a.k.a., Joe, is a flit and has been hanging about Connor since before he can remember He s a foot tall with wings and the ability to teleport Lady Briallen ab Gwyll is a powerful Druidess in the world of the fae and she s Connor s friend She s also named him as her alternate for the Guild board if she ever has to be out of town Virgil is a gargoyle who drops cryptic comments to Connor Callin Grey is his older, screw up brother who lives on the shady side.Detective Leo Murdock is the cop that Connor works with on fey cases In Unshapely Things , his essence changed, which is all for the good in this story.Keeva macNeve is the new Community Liaison Officer from the Guild and the Guild and the local police get on as well as the cops and the FBI DruidsHigh Druid of the Bosnemeton Circle, Gerin Cuthbern leads all the druids and druidesses in New England A major jerk Somehow he missed the memo on equality AND manners Meryl Dian is the Guild s archivist and a Druidess with a strong dreaming ability and she and Connor have become friends Nigel Martin is a powerful Druid and was Connor s mentor Conner was his prize pupil Since the accident he wants nothing to do with him and belittles him every chance he gets.Hala is a drys They are essence incarnate, the heart of the oak Almost a goddess to the druids The essence of Float.The DanannsRyan macGoren is the current fairy golden boy Handsome, rich, powerful, no morals, and a Guild Director Just the guy for Keeva The Clure leads the Cluries, a clan of hard drinking fairies who specialize in chaos They either start the party or know where one is I ll bet they end every party Gillen Yor is High Healer at Avalon Memorial and is an Old One as is Briallen Maeve, the High Queen at Tara Guildmaster Manus ap Eagan is the power in the Guild and he s dying Tibs is a brownie who s been with him for almost ever and is Connor s buddy in and out of bed.ElvesI suspect that Janey Likesmith, a dark elf with the Office of the City Medical Examiner is going to become a part of the cast The Marchgraf, Alvud Kruge, is an elf activist working to clean up the Tangle, the worst part of the Weird Trying to get beings off drugs, employed He was also a member of the Guild board Now his wife Eorla, Marchgrafin Kruge, is agitating for it Donor Elfenkonig, the elf king Bergin Vize is an environmental terrorist elf who couldn t handle the power coming off a ring.Street GangsMoke and C Note are trolls and rival gang leaders facing off Moke leads the TunnelRats, dwarves, while C Note heads up the TruKnights, all fairies and elves Banjo leads a gang of dwarf mercenaries and can see the future Dennis Farnsworth was in the wrong place while Crystal Finch simply got lucky.The street gangs are mostly race restricted with the fairies sticking to their own, the elves and dwarves to theirs and the humans to theirs It s when you get to those upper levels that it gets much trickier Croda was a troll who worked as a cleaning lady at Unity for Kruge.The Weird is a neighborhood in Boston to which the fairies, elves, and things that go bump in the night gravitate.The CoverThe cover is a bit hokey with its graveyard scene and the tilting tombstones, but it is accurate for its finale with Connor at the cemetery.The title is a bit lame as it simply refers to the Unquiet Dreams that Connor and Meryl are each having.

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    Synopsis Connor Grey s druidic powers may be diminished, but he is still able to consult for the Boston Police Department Now Murdock and Connor try to link the murders of a gang member to a high ranking elven diplomat Both are caught in a power struggle between Celtic fairies and Teutonic elves Grey the traces the source of these hostilities to a powerfully compulsive drug called Float Which, of course, leads to a conspiracy that could destroy the fragile unity of the fey and human communities.This book moved alot slower than I liked for the first 200 pages or so First, Murdock and Connor are called out to investigate the death of a human boy who died wearing the colors of a gang It appeared the boy was dropped from some height Which then leads them to the death of Alvud Kruge who had been trying to unify the races together Of course, Keeva, who has been drugged with Float, finds every way possible to stall the investigation into Alvud s murder Of course, they are put in their place and refused access to the information concerning Alvud s death.Then, of course, it took the entire book before the real villian was exposed which after you read it, makes alot of sense in so many different ways I was actually hoping it was Keeva since she is a nasty piece of work, but no such luck this time around.I like the interraction between Murdock and Connor, and NO, I don t want the writer to take his personal preferences and put them into this book It s even interesting now that Murdock seems to have gained some essence in his body after almost being killed in Unshapely Things Unfortunately, or fortunately for the series, Connor still has a block in his brain that nobody can figure out It keeps his powers diminished, but not unable to protect himself And, NO, he actually does NOT get his powers back in this book He is given a boost from a source that leads him to stop the destruction around him.Of course, this wouldn t be a good series without Meryl, the snarky but courageous druid that Connor has a thing for Joe, the flit is back, and we even have a sighting of Connor s long lost brother who comes and helps save the day.Overall, this is a good read, but not a great one There is only two real action packed sequences, and they come near, or at the very end.

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    Book 2 in the Connor Grey series.Things haven t changed that much, Connor is still struggling with the black spot in his head He is flirting with intent with Meryl and he has made contact with his brother, but things are strained between them He still helps out Murdock who after the finale of the last book has some issues with his bodily essence His aura is messed up and affects his physical strength No one knows what is going on with him.They start with two deaths one, a street kid, a human and maybe part of a gang, and the second, is of an explosion than a death The scene is very gruesome The remains are identified as Kruge, a high ranking elf and a member of the Guild board He has been campaigning for years to clean up the Weird and help people who live in the Tangle the worst section of it This is an unpopular decision with property developers who would prefer to just move people out.Keeva pushed them both off the influential case, but the they investigate, the they think the two are linked, but politics boxes them in at every turn Plus Connor is distracted Briallen had named him her druid alternate for the Guild meetings and never changed it after he lost his powers She is away and he causes some consternation when he attends in her place, but luckily, is given an all access magic Guild rep ID card Phew just as well He needs it There is major conflict between all the factions druid, elf, fae, dwarf, unseelie, human and solitary fae.And there is a new drug on the streets called Float It is dangerous than recreational because it has a compulsive behaviour altering affect It may be supplied by the gangs, one recently taken over by a new troll in town.Everyone has to attend Kruge s funeral, setting it up for another huge finale.There is back story and information about existing characters, a couple of new characters and a lot input from other races.On a rethink, I upped it to four stars It deserves than some other books I have given three to recently.

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