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Color Your Life Alter The Colors Around You To Improve Your Quality Of Life Color Has Been Used For Thousands Of Years To Represent An Individual S Mental And Emotional State The Colors That We Surround Ourselves With Allow For A Deeper Exploration Into The Inner Self Used Positively, Color Can Have A Profound Healing Quality, Enhance Our Well Being And Improve Our LivesNow, In Color Your Life, Veteran Color Therapists Howard And Dorothy Sun Explain How Color Can Be Used To Promote Health, Healing, And Personal Growth This Book Will Help You Discover How To Do Your Own Color Reflection Reading, Learn About Your Aura And Chakra Colors And Discover How Color In Your Life Can Be The Answer To Spiritual Growth And Well Being

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Color Your Life book, this is one of the most wanted Howard Sun author readers around the world.

[Read] ➲ Color Your Life  By Howard Sun –
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Color Your Life
  • Howard Sun
  • English
  • 05 March 2017
  • 9780399165009

10 thoughts on “Color Your Life

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    At first the lack of color in this book was very disheatening What was frustrating was that there is supposedly a link in the cook to the color wheel the authors are using so that you can print the colors out on your home computer Well, after searching and searching I couldn t find the link I e mailed the authors who explained that due to high cost involved that the publisher was unwilling to place the colors inside the actual book Pretty sad on vehalf of the publishing company What was nice was the fact that the authors actually mailed me a copy of their color wheel from England to my hme in Florida Ver generous and appreciated Now, for the review itself..unfortunately, the colors that please me and give me joy and happiness are completely opposite of what the book predicts chooses for me I truly do believe that color can change one s life Much of the insight used in this book is logical, creative, imaginitive, and unique Personally, I simply imagined using my colors in place of those recommended.I would recommend this book to any one who feels that their surroundings plays an integral part in their happiness.

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    I received Color Your Life How to Use the Right Colors to Achieve Balance, Health, and Happiness by Howard Sun and Dorothy Sun for free through Goodreads First Reads giveaway After reading this book I m still skeptical on color therapy and color changing your life I think Im skeptical after reading the book then I was before hand I found the description of people based upon their color choices to be slightly vague The descriptions of everything else in the book was very descriptive I really enjoyed the personal accounts of color therapy and how they affected and changed the lives of the the people involved However one thing I did not like was the lack of color in the book It was hard to try and pick out three colors that I had an emotional connection with and liked when the colors weren t in front of my face and I had to go searching to try and figure out which colors were being used.

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    This book had some interesting ideas about color and how it can work in your life but the whole theory had some pitfalls for example, in the CRR test, you pick three colors and those tell you what about your life, your current situations, and where you need to focus attention But if you hate a color like I hate yellow , you ll never pick that, no matter if that s an area of life you might need to be considering Just sayin They add two colors to your basic six, and that throws off the standard complimentary color set up, as well as forcing them to bring in an 8th chakra most often you deal with 7 main ones , and they are very set in that each chakra is ALWAYS one color So, interesting, but take it all with a huge grain of sand I ve explored other natural healing ideas that stand up much better.

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    A fun read The book explores the many facets of color what your favorite colors can tell you about yourself how to choose the right colors in clothing for your skin type color in the home using color in meditation, visualization, and healing Included as well is the scientific explanation of color and its historical use Thank you to the Goodreads First Reads Program for sending me an uncorrected proof of Color Your Life.

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    Maybe it s because I was reading from an uncorrected proof, but when I read a book about how color can change your life, I expect to open the pages and actually see color There wasn t any Because of that it just couldn t hold my attention so I didn t finish it Also, the first color test that I did was actually very much the opposite of who I actually am Really disappointed

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    I found this to be an interesting read, and well written with the scientific explanation of color and its historical use This book explores the many aspects of color what your favorite colors can tell you about yourself how to choose the right colors in clothing, in the home and how to use color in meditation, visualization, and healing I enjoyed this book.

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    I think if you can get past the fact that the only colors in this book are the ones on the cover, you will be fine I have marked up the book and am making plans to add Magenta in my life Thank you.

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    Nothing SPECTACULAR but has interesting theories on colors and is rather enjoyable albeit goofy at times Would reccomend to people getting into spirtuality and self improvement, if you don t believe colors can affect your thinking then this book won t turn any skepticism around.

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    A wonderful book about the theory and practice of color therapy Classic in the field.

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    This book is about the theories and benefits of color therapy How exposure to different colors can affect one s health.I found it enlightening, although I m not sure I completely buy into it.

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