RxThyme Gilchrest Is An Honors StudentThyme Gilchrest Is PopularThyme Gilchrest Is On Student CouncilThyme Gilchrest Is A Drug DealerLike Piecing Together A Logic Puzzle, Thyme Has Organized A Complex Trading System That Enables Her To Obtain The Meds Her Friends Need They All Come To Her To Diagnose Their Problems And Provide The Cure Be It Prozac, Ritalin, VicodinShe S Therapist, Doctor, And Pharmacist All In One She Helps People And That Makes Her Feel A Little In Control A Little Capable Of Dealing With Her Own Frantic High School Life Because Thyme Gilchrest Is Nothing If Not Good At Dealing

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  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Rx
  • Tracy Lynn
  • English
  • 09 July 2019
  • 9781416911555

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    Rx certainly isn t original, and it has afterschool special written all over it, but it s not a bad book and its main character is no conventional drug dealer The trouble for her is that she s giving away restricted medications and diagnosing her friends with mental illnesses, and it s not long before the consequences hit her like a brick wall.

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    I started reading this Ripped From The Headlines novel when I was bored at work on a Wednesday night It s a pretty quick read, so I had made enough progress in it by the end of the night to feel like I had to finish it.Basically, Rx is the story of Thyme Gilcrest, a grade grubbing honor roll student who, succumbing to academic pressure, begins taking Ritalin as a study aid As with all stories that run the gamut of after school specials, this choice to Thyme running out, and she begins to dundunduhhh deal drugs Prescription drugs, hence the title She gets Paxil for Genivieve so she won t be so awkward around people, Valium for Kevin so he can relax to give class presentations, and thinks she is at least helping people by diagnosing and treating their mental disorders Following the downward spiral plot model, nerdy little Thyme eventually even gets caught up in the party culture of her small Connecticut town small, but it has a party culture anyhow for the purposes of the novel showing up with a party sampler of drugs for everyone to share.Basically, none of the characters in the book is likeable or sympathetic and almost everyone is using prescription drugs illegally Thyme is the epitome of needy, sad high school girls Best friends Lida and Suze are a joint smoking hippie hookah smoking party girl, and a poster child for unsafe teenage sex, respectively Thyme s parents both use drugs, her mom at one point notes she needs to contribute to the xanax pool for one of her coworkers who is flying out on a business trip Even Will, the love interest, who is the only character who is against the use of drugs he refuses to use Ritalin for what has been diagnosed as ADHD isn t likable He is known for destroying a student s bike, and later throws an iceball at a Hummer based on his holier than thou ethical code I hate Hummers too, but I am mentally stable enough to see that a snowball fight might not be the best venue for my political soap boxing.In short, yes, illegal prescription drug abuse is bad Yes, I get it, Tracy Lynn or your real name, Elisabeth J Braswell, what s with all the pseudonyms but this story is lame, the moral is heavy handed, and your characters make me want them to get caught and thrown in the slammer.

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    Thyme Gilchrest struggles with her homework, unable to concentrate She tells her parents, and suggests trying Ritalin, but they don t listen Maybe they re too busy having wine after work.Will has the opposite problem His parents think he has ADHD, but Will is just lazy And now he has a bottle of Ritalin he doesn t want Thyme pockets it, and realizes she is not the only one who could use some assistance Soon, she s got a system set up, and is the dealer at her school for legally controlled substances She swears she s going to stop, right after the SATs Or maybe after the crucial second marking period Whatever Now she s getting invited to the cool parties, instead of just the lame ones the kids with the highest GPA s in school go to And that s what she always wanted Right

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    January 9 Most of the book just made me angry but there were a couple moments I found funny endearing really the only things saving this from a 1 star rating My favorite was in chapter 24, right after view spoiler Will broke up with Thyme hide spoiler

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    Rx by Tracy Lynn is about students in a New York high school that begin to take study aids to help them focus on the material the school gives them The book focuses on Thyme Gilcrest, a junior in high school who starts to take Ritalin to help her complete her work and study for SATs She becomes addicted and has to start dealing to support her drug habit In the book, Thyme says to an acquaintance, This isn t the answer, it won t fix anything You re supposed to be sad This will justput it off Page 243 This shows us how young adults and even adults want to use drugs as a way to dilute the pain they are feeling People think it is an easy way out, but the high is only temporary I chose this quote because it gives us an understanding of why people turn to drugs and drug abuse Personally, this book was relatable because this is a rising problem within young adults, and it was interesting to read about how someone who abuses thinks I did not have any dislikes about the book, it is easy to read and can be hard to put down.

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    It was hard for me to get into this book for some reason The writing was not was I was used to, and it started kind of slow But as I kept reading it finally picked up and it wasn t a bad book in the end.

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    Really well written, I was hooked the whole way through

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    This is a quick read, pretty good It s one of those topic books that s gonna age itself out because of all the almost necessary pop culture references and slang Topic prescription drug abuse.I m a bad person to review this, since damn, I wish I d had access been on half those drugs in high school And I was in the same social circle as Thyme Fighting to stay in the top 10% of the class.Except I was like Meera And I didn t figure out till sopho year of college that I didn t want to be a drone But I had pretty bad undiagnosed depression through those years I like the snarky tone of the protagonist Very real life breaking the 4th wall and addressing the readers with the now, if this were a movie, this would be where I d fall on my knees thank god I d missed X happening to me and give all this up Sorry, real life doesn t work that way Hardly a how to manual, and it does address the dangers of drug addiction, but I m surprised it didn t cop out with of a happy ending The author s afterward nonwithstanding Not great unless you re into the pop culture and YA tone It ll bore most people over 16 Unless you re a drug abuse counselor shrug

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    Rx by Tracy Lynn was a very interesting book to me This book really opened my eyes to different kinds of drug abuse, not just the one s you hear about frequently cocaine, marijuana, etc I never thought of the perceived good kids or the smart kids being the ones to take any sort of drug However this book really showed how easy it is to fall into the trap of prescription drug addiction One time , that s what most people say, just this once and I will never use ritalin again I just need it to do this presentation today It s under control.I think that the way Thyme ends up selling the drugs and obtains the drugs in the first place is very relatable This makes the whole idea of taking, buying and selling prescription drugs seem like it s no big deal as long as you have it under control Overall I really enjoyed this book and how the storyline seemed relatable and easy to visualize.

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    I was really excited to read this book as soon as I bought it I shouldn t have been The main character is despicable on almost every level, whiny, annoying, bland I couldn t bear to read about her perceptions, maybe this is just me but I couldn t stand it The only reason I gave this two stars is because it was fairly realistic and it did have some elements of things that go on with prescription medications in high school Even though I did manage to find some holes in the plot that were than likely not intentional, it was still horrid to find lack of detail where there should have been If this is Tracy Lynn s first novel, I may cut her some slack but please, for the love of books, keep your annoying, bland characters out of main positions especially if they don t change throughout the book.

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