The Studfinder General (For the Manor Bred, #1)

The Studfinder General (For the Manor Bred, #1) Lady Rowena Collingwood And Her Sisters Have Just Lost Their Father And, Thanks To The Rule Of Primogeniture, Are About To Lose Their Home Likewise But Rowena Refuses To Sit On Her Bustle Waiting For A Hero To Save Her A Determined Spinster At Twenty Two, Plain, Willful And Slightly Eccentric, She Has A Plan To Make Her Own Fortune The World Of Victorian England Might Be Heavily Weighted In Favor Of The Male Sex, But Rowena Found A Way To Use Those Antiquated Inheritance Laws To Her Advantage Aristocratic Families Often Find Themselves In Trouble Without Sons To Inherit Their Estates Sometimes The Marriages Of Gouty Old Men To Virginal Young Brides Don T Make Fruitful Matches And Sometimes The Wives Of Dukes And Knights Decide To Take Matters Into Their Own Hands With A Little Help From Rowena, The Studfinder GeneralHer Secret Life, However, Is About To Be Threatened By A Man From Her Past The One Man Who Could Undo, Not Just Her Very Private Business Scheme, But Also Her Corsets With A Will Just As Stubborn As Her Own, The Earl Of Landisdowne Means To Bind Her Up In A Plan For Revenge He Hasn T Forgotten The Time She Kneed Him In The Family Jewels Neither Has SheWarning This , Word Highly Erotic Story Contains M Nage Sex, BDSM, Bondage, Spanking, Chastity Chains, The Use Of Sex Toys, Shaving, And Genital Piercing If You Do Not Enjoy Reading Explicit Scenes, Then This May Not Be The Book For You It Is Intended For An Adult Audience

Georgia Fox lives in the countryside on twenty peaceful acres Harsh in the winter, but heavenly in the summer She loves good company, good movies, good books and excellent brandy She enjoys sun in the mornings, but in the late afternoon it makes her sad Her favorite kind of holiday is a cabin surrounded by woods on a private tidal cove In her life she s done a little bit of everything and som

[Download] ➵ The Studfinder General (For the Manor Bred, #1)  By Georgia Fox –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 206 pages
  • The Studfinder General (For the Manor Bred, #1)
  • Georgia Fox
  • English
  • 04 June 2019

10 thoughts on “The Studfinder General (For the Manor Bred, #1)

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    DNF at 69%This book was dumb For a Georgia Fox story, this is the worst Usually Like her stuff but this fell horribly Skipping to the last chapter, I can tell you, it ends in a cliffhanger.

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    This book is a historian era adult romance book There is Rowena and her two sisters and mother Rowena is a very independent spirited lady I liked her from the start Their father dies and leaves them on the mercy of their neighbors b c in the that time, only men could inherit land, homes, etc Rowena mother is a very spoilt, selfish woman She uses their predictment to land her self a new home and wed one of her daughters off Rowena sisters are very demure and do as their mother says no questions asked Their mother intends to wed one of the obedient girls to her former lover and new Earl and continue on with their affair Things don t go as planned though The Earl has no intentions of starting up the affair again or in wedding anyone but Rowena There is another catch Rowena has no intentions of getting married The witty batter between Rowena and Mason was great They both gave it as good as they got from each other Can t wait to read book 2 to see what happens after their tiff This is a cliffhanger of sorts.

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    I enjoy this author very much, however, this book was a hard one for me as I really wanted to like it but found the ending to be lacking Every other series this author has written I purchase the next installment immediately upon release but this time I am not sure that I will continue with this one and if I do it won t be an immediate buy Glad to have the next book in the Seven brothers series coming soon.

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    Oh, wicked A Regency romance with a brilliantly subversive and resourceful anti heroine Her haut ton lover who would also be her Dom and her husband as if she would allow him to be either one Think Beau Brummell does BDSM and you get the vibe Better yet, get and read this book

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