BANANA FISH 1Wow this was not what i expected, the story is quite dark and gruesome but really well done, the characters are well developed especially the main protagonist Ash he reminds me of Andrew Minyard so much I m off to watch the series now. Thought I d check this out as I m in love with the anime The anime is set in modern times where this is not but I still think the story is great and I m looking forward to seeing how the manga differs from the anime. Amazing Books, BANANA FISH 1 Author Akimi Yoshida This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book BANANA FISH 1, Essay By Akimi Yoshida Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Banana Fish is one of the fascinating manga that I have encountered, equally for its engaging story, fascinating characters, and circumstances surrounding its advertisement Branded a shoujo manga because of its shounen ai or boys love subtext, this is a work filled with a degree of violence, sexual and otherwise, that is totally outside of the scope of the shoujo genre In fact, such a category is a total misclassification There s very little, in fact, in the first volume beyond an astonishing scene in the third chapter, which I ll get to to sexually titillate readers who are looking for representations of queer love or sex In fact, the opposite is true Much like the Salinger story from which the manga gets its title, the manga makes masterful use of euphemism to avoid reproducing sexual violence whilst engaging with it quite seriously.Ash Lynx, the main character, is enslaved for the purpose of sexual exploitation by a mob boss, Papa Dino Dino and Ash s interactions in the novel are charged with terrifying tension, but any explicit details are left unsaid between them Indeed, another mobster, Marvin, makes an allusion to liking Ash s videos The reader is to understand these videos to be pornographic in nature, as Marvin goes on to say you re still not too old to be a star Thus, the disturbing cocktail of sexual exploitation and pedophilia is exposed without the need to narrate explicitly the events of Ash s tragic past This goes a long way of making the use of these topics seem engaging and honest, rather than as props to prove the universe of the fiction is gritty and dark though it is certainly that.The selling point of queer love in the context of shoujo manga is not the terrifying suggestions of rape Marvin threatens Ash with, but rather the budding love affair between Ash and Eiji, a visiting photographer from Japan However, precious little romance passes between Ash and Eiji in this first volume, and only the generic classification draws attention to the inevitable direction of their relationship The euphemism that makes the disturbing themes palatable serve to narrate their relationship as well In the third chapter, in Ash and Eiji s first exchange, the feminized infantilized but not effeminate or childlike in actuality Ei chan s eyes fall to Ash s bulging gun, his piece close enough to be a homonym to penis , and Ash takes whips it out for Ei to hold To express that degree of sexual charge in a mundane exchange is fairly impressive, particularly in a manga This textured and robust literary sense follows from the Salingerian evocation of the Banana Fish.The fascinating symbol works on two registers Within the fiction of Banana Fish, the characters are aware of the status of the banana fish drug, the spectre and lynchpin of the plot s forward momentum, as a reference to Salinger Dr Steven Meredith tells Ash, When you meet the banana fish you want to die It s the fish of death referencing the suicide of Seymour in Salinger s story The self awareness of this reference, however, takes nothing away from the symbolic register Banana fish operates in all its phallic, homoerotic, and pedophilic valences throughout the text Dr Meredith taking the moment to explain an aspect of the symbol is a fascinating creative choice Yoshida has other winks to the reader both her reader and simply one who is well read , with the Faulkner Penitentiary and a police detective named Charles Dickenson.For a text with so much violence within its pages, it s the negative space of sexual violence that deeply unsettles and sits solidly at this manga s tumultuous core Though this is certainly not a shoujo manga I d make the argument for seinen as the most applicable genre it will be interesting to see to what extent the Ash and Eiji relationship gets played out on the face of the text and to what extent it will be metaphorized and metonymized The care with which Yoshida handles the explosive theme of sexual violence, sex trafficking, and child pornography in this first volume imbues me with a great deal of hope that her thoughtful engagement of these topics will continue in a thought provoking, rather than sensationalizing, fashion As for Ash and Eiji, they both seem to be deeply compelling characters with far depth, disqualifying them from the category of objectified bodies to sexual titilliate. One of my friends recommended me the anime and being that type of friend who trusts people s recommendation way too much, I decided to give it a shot.When I first encountered Banana Fish, I did not have any idea as to what it was I just watched the anime without conducting any research to what am I subjecting myself into.First things first, be it known that stories involving mafias or gangs and drugs are something that I don t usually read or watch since I personally believe that it is not my genre Imagine my surprise when I watched the first episode of Banana Fish and ended up liking it.I was done watching the first few episodes of the anime when I decided to read the manga series first.Personally, I think that the volume started very slow but picks up the right pace in the middle to the end The art from the manga was very different from the anime since the latter was modernized but is still awesome, nonetheless I find the characters well developed and the mystery revolving around Banana Fish interesting enough to keep me going. I present to you my new obsessionMY BOYS Ugh wow One of my best friends recommended this to me because Ash reminded her of Andrew from All For The Game and holy crap I fell in love The characters are so rich and the plot is layered and intriguing I m so so glad I picked this up. The art s not the best, and idk if this is ever going to get romancy at all, but it s awesome Excited to see this animated, and the oop volumes reissued. I know I ll regret this but apparently I can t stay away from painful things I meant to write a review yesterday Aug 12 when it was the author s birthday, but I forgot so I guess I can slack now, y n Kinda dated, but still with interesting ideas and execution I wished it moved a little faster as I m interested in the longer plot reveal re the mystery drug than the current gang war and police investigation, but will read on.

Yoshida is best known for the series Banana Fish She twice won the Shogakukan Manga Awards for sh jo, for Kissh Tennyo in 1984 and for Yasha in 2002 In 2007, she received an Excellence Award for manga at the Japan Media Arts Festival for Umimachi Diary.See also

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