Perfecting Kate

Perfecting Kate Operation Perfect Faith Badly in need of a spiritual makeover PS With the exception of breast reduction, cosmetic surgery is out I ve purged my purse Please help me remember that it simportant how I m seen through Your eyes than the eyes of those who focus on the external and pick at my imperfections Help me to embrace 1 Peter 3 3 4 Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God s sight Tall order Kate has to learn to trust God in everything Fixing her looks and trying to change herself to please others hasn t made her happy and has even ruined some relationships Kate, unable to bear children, a little on the plump side, feels as though she will never be enough and that she will never find the right man A man who shares her faith and would be happy to adopt children, rather than having biological children of his own This story is well written, realistic, and engaging Written for Christians , I would not encourage non believers to pick up this book as I don t think they would relate to the story I didn t find it preachy but I am quite sure that this would hold no appeal to non Christians I really enjoyed this book I have read other works by the same author and would definitely readRecommended. I loved it Hilarious and sweet with a ending that made me smile softly opposed to the grins I had shown prior. This book was so realistic it was scary I m not sure I ve ever read a chick flick, rom com, contemporary Christian book that seemed so real For that matter, I don t think I ve read a book period that was this real.It was really real Anyway, the heroine was, of course, relateable on so many levels except where she kept making flippant promises and then breaking them Why The hero was both romantic and also realistic, somehow All the other characters were extremely , but in a real life sort of way noticing a pattern here.This book was also very emotional Not just the laugh out loud moments and swoony bits, but also seeing what all these broken peeps have been through Too Real Not to mention the heroine s relationship with God except for the whole breaking promise thing How hard is it to just not make the promises to begin with.So, if you want a piece of real life escapism how s that for an oxymoron , read this book And if not well, read this book anyway. Well, I m totally cryingTotally crying, having just finished this incredibly poignant story Every emotion leapt right from the pages, straight into my heart I laughed hard and cried just as hard Sweet moments, cute ones, frustrating ones, giddy ones So many feelings, the empathy for Kate was real even though I ve never gone through anything like her painful walk other than totally identifying with her spiritual life Such a real, honest portrayal and I loved the whole thing. It probably goes without saying, since this is a book by Tamara Leigh, but I loved this one What a great story of learning to not only accept, but love the person God created you to be, flaws and all.Loved Clive again, a given, considering he s a male main character by Ms Leigh I really enjoyed their love storyand their individual stories of finding healing through coming to terms with their pasts And the romance was great What an enjoyable, romantic, sweet, funny, Christian romance Fans of inspirational romance will love this one If you think a person who s 5 3 tall and weighs 134 pounds is fat and that anything less than fitted or form hugging clothing is frumpy, then this is the book for you Everyone else is likely to want to shake some sense into Kate or feel bad about themselves since she s medically the ideal weight and apparently wore non baggy but comfortable, modest clothing before she started thinking it made her look ugly One of the unique bits about this novel, though, is that rather than handling her dissatisfaction by unhealthy eating habits, Kate got into a spin of temptation to have operations to fix the perceived problems.Kate was an unreliable narrator in that she often lied, even to herself Her actions spoke truer than her words and thoughts I did like her and the other characters, and they mostly came across as realistic However, I felt it unrealistic that all but one male in this novel criticized her as being fat, for wearing glasses, etc., while only her female landlord commented negatively about her appearance In my experience, men are generally happy with women who are comfortable with how they look whereas women are the ones constantly talking about their weight, what they wear, how they look, etc I also couldn t understand why she called these men friends when all they did was tear her down.Anyway The novel was well written it had good pacing, good world building, and was interesting I m just not the target audience I did like that Kate was also struggling with being barren and knowing she couldn t have biological children This made it believable that she would be willing to consider changing her appearance to keep a guy who said he didn t care about having biological children.This was a Christian book for Christian readers, and I liked the overall issues being dealt with However, for much of the book, Kate did have a tendency to think badly of others for not sticking to the Christian moral standard whether they were Christian or not when she hardly was a picture of perfection in similar areas Like she spoke judgmentally toward one fellow for not trusting God yet she often realized she wasn t acting like she trusted God, either This was one of the issues subtly dealt with in the novel, but if you can t stand Christian hypocrites, then this might not be the book for you.There was no sex or bad language Overall, I d recommend this well written, clean novel to Christians who aren t happy with their appearance This book wasn t so much about feeling happy with how you look as just who are you trying to please Even though this one was a tiny bit corny at points, I gave it five stars because I was so refreshed to find a novel with positive Christian themes instead of the serial killers quoting scripture all the time per the recent fiction trend I stumbled onto this one by accident and couldn t have been happier with the messages both overt and understated about superficiality, real love, and relying on God. Leigh, really took her time on this At times the story seemed to take to long to where it was getting but I really liked the insight and the concept behind Kate s journey overall I also really enjoyed her prayer journal and am considering starting one myself But Leigh never creates the perfect Christian heroine She keeps them real, with their warts, doubts and temptations in tack. This was a good read but no surprise considering who wrote it. Kate S Creed Thou Shalt Embrace Singledom And Be Unbelievably, Inconceivably HappyAH, RIGHTKate Meadows Is A Successful San Francisco Artist Looking For A Nice, Solid Christian Man So When Not One, But Two Handsome Bachelors Enter Her Orbit In Rapid Succession, Her Head Is Spinning Just A Bit Michael Palmier Is A Hunky And Famous Makeup Artist Who Actually Seems To Be Flirting With Her Rather Than Her Physically Flawless Housemate, Maia Trouble Is, He Keeps Handing Her Business Cards From Various Beauty Professionals And Plastic Surgeons Is He Trying To Stamp Out Every Last Bit Of Self Esteem She Has Then There S Dr Clive Alexander, Good Looking Enough To Be Mistaken For Brad Pitt, Who Sends Kate S Pulse Skittering Every Time He Comes Near Too Bad He S Only Interested In Her Work And Doesn T Think She S Much To Look At It S Enough To Send A Girl Running For Her Paint Splattered, Relaxed Fit Jeans And Swearing Off Men Altogether But After Undergoing A Makeover From Michael S Staff, Kate Can T Be Oblivious To The Admiring Glances Men Throw Her Way Maybe She Should Try Contacts Consider Some Fancy Dental Work And You Know, That Mole Really Could Stand To Go The Question Now Is, What Kind Of Work Will Kate Do On Herself And Who Exactly Is She Trying To Please, her blog The Kitchen Novelist, Facebook, and Twitter To be added to her mailing list for notification of new releases and special promotions, email her at tamaraleightenn

❰Ebook❯ ➨ Perfecting Kate  Author Tamara Leigh –
  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Perfecting Kate
  • Tamara Leigh
  • English
  • 04 July 2019
  • 9781590529270

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