When We Join Jesus In Hell

When We Join Jesus In Hell Home, He Thinks, Where The Heart Bleeds FreelyA Hell Of A Boxer, He Earned The Nickname Fist Back In The Day But During The Past Eight Years, He S Transformed Into Somebody He No Longer Knows A Weak, Pitiful, And Passionless Office DroneBarely Hanging Onto The Last Thread Of His Self Respect, He Returns Home One Night To Discover Hell Has Truly Crossed Its ThresholdAnd Hell Has Lessons To Teach Him Through What Fragments RemainSlivers Of Dark LightKnowledge In BloodForgiveness, Clarity And Redemption In Commitment It is a rare occurence when words fail me after reading a story.When We Join Jesus in Hell is one of those stories A visceral exploration of the human heart Of love, loss and vengence It reopens old wounds in your soul and creates new ones You ll need to find a quiet place to regain your composure after this one I am loathe to admit it, but this book made me cry Lee Thompson is an author to watch and a very dangerous man Highest recommendation. Updated after reread.When We Join Jesus in Hell is an intense, dark and powerful read that will leave a big impression and wrench your emotions all over the place A novella that will awaken feelings you never thought could exist Fist is an ex boxer who at the height of his career, packed it all in to be the man his family needed him to be and avoided the injuries that were sure to come He settles into an ordinary if not boring life but that all changes in absolutely stunning fashion when he comes home one night to his family, a little bit the worse for wear and finds an intruder in his house Life can change in an instant, hell visits few but for those it touches, things can never remain the same To saywould give the game away, enough to say that a quote from the bible is not something you d usually see in the review for a piece of horror fiction but this is fitting, I thinkBlessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. Highly recommended this is a heart breaking tale of love lost and vengeance, and you travel every excruciating minute of Fist s journey as he seeks retribution A devastating and remarkable piece of fiction with the first paperback edition released in January 2015. The title of this thing is one of the best titles ever conceived of for a work of horror fiction Frankly, that was 99% of why I bought this book I didn t read the ad copy for it or any reviews I just liked the title and knew the author had a good reputation.All right Now, this isn t a long piece, so I can t say much about it without spoiling it for folks I ll just say four things 1 It quickly rose to a level of holy fuck that I wasn t quite ready for which, of course, in hindsight is a great thing 2 It went on a detour of sorts that I couldn t have beenpleased with3 The writer s voice is unique and immediately compelling4 I ve already purchased twobooks by Mr Lee Thompson because I was so impressed with this novella and the bonus short story included with this edition Highly recommended Fist, the point of view character in this short novelette, comes home from the bar slightly inebriated He thinks it best to sleep on the couch, changes his mind and goes to the bedroom he shares with his wife As he enters the room he first thinks his wife is being unfaithful with another man He quickly changes his mind when the noises he hears are not the sounds of love, and then sees the knife at her throat He has worse yet to discover.Thus begins this grim tale of revenge The intruder escapes through the window leaving behind his wallet Fist examines the wallet and discovers that the man who has just killed his wife is named Jesus.We follow Fists journey as he tracks Jesus in order to seek retribution.The body count climbs as we delve through the hallucinatory voyage filled with death,blood and the occasional Gecko.A powerful book.This is copy 88 of 150 signed numbered copies and signed by Lee Thompson. Oh, this guy s good So good in fact that I m not going to tell you anything about this book You need to experience this for yourself I will say this, while both the title story and the additional story are both five star reads, I may be in the minority when I say the short story at the end is better than the novella before it But, let me reiterate, they are both phenomenal Then again, I m weird like that Bring your brain, though, because these stories make you think.Go buy it It s a dollar A fucking buck That s it Go Now.In summation Why the hell are you still reading this review Wow A novella both gut retching and somehow beautiful at the same time The thoughts going through the mind of the main character are so poignant quite in contrast with the devastating circumstances that he finds himself in This is a story that will haunt me for a long, long time Lee Thompson creates a setting that you actually FEEL While the story was truly unsettling, his writing style is one that will keep me coming back forHighest recommendation I d previously read a couple of novellas penned by Thompson I really enjoyed It s Only Death but I thought With Fury In Hand was only average As for this one, well frankly I found it disappointing.It s another quick read as we follow Fist, a former boxer, who returns home to his wife and daughter only to encounter a nasty surprise By now I know what to expect from this author, it s going to be intense and violent from here in And I don t mind that as long as there s enough plot and substance to frame the nasty bits, but here all I found was well, lots of nasty bits It was all darkness with no lighter shade There were no surprises the whole thing was pretty much flagged from a few pages in and not a single character with a redeeming feature Even this might have been workable but there wasn t even much of a plot to accompany all the carnage It all became a bit monotonous to be honest Now I know others will point to the descriptions of grief and how Thompson s depiction of a tortured man tugs at the heart strings but I don t buy it I think this is a one dimensional tale that bears no resemblance to his best work In looking for a positive I d say two things it s quite short and I finished it. Kudos to author for branding this work with one of the most offensive titles that I ve ever come across How could that not pique my curiosity And kudos for that opening gut punch, which left me seeing red, and filled me with a white hot, seething rage But all too soon that rage began to fizzle and flicker, when the story veered off course by choosing to hitch its wagon to the crazy train Which led to the inevitable disaster of a third act, where it completely derailed obliterating all of my initial enthusiasm In the wake of the crash and confusion that followed, it totally lost me, along with a couple of stars With solid writing and a powerful opening act, this novelette appeared to be heading, quite comfortably, into my Goldilocks zone But sadly, it failed to maintained that initial trajectory Oh, what could have been The only light burning was in their upstairs bedroom, while outside a quiet street shrouded with elms sighed, surrounded by so many similar houses bearing so many similar mundane lives He d been searching for a way out of it, to find something , but he didn t tell anyone because to search for any kind of meaning seemed unmanly, un American And he hated thinking he had to hide it from his wife because they used to share everything they used to be best friends.That broke his heart most of all and he had no idea how to get back to the way things once were Be careful what you wish for, buddy. A ex boxer comes home from his dead end job to find that his wife is not alone in their bedroom What happens after that is what you need to read the book to find out.For such a little novelette, this book has a pretty high body count And no one is safe not children, little old ladies, or even small animals The story is bloody and violent, but the book wears its heart on its sleeve and manages to somehow also be a heartbreaking, tragic, and deeply emotional tale of loss, regret, and whether or not vengeance actually solves anything The writing really left me unnerved throughout, my eyes constantly bugging out as the story moved to darker places with every page and nervous to find out what happened next The most recent Kindle edition also includes a great little short story called Beneath The Weeping Willow, about a broken family seen through the eyes of an autistic young boy, that is just as powerful and packs a wallop of an ending.

www.leethompsonfiction.comSome of my favorite authors Clive Barker, Donald Westlake, Peter Straub, Stephen King, Greg Gifune, Lee Thomas, William Faulkner, Robert Dunbar, John Gardner, Michael Connelly, Dennis Lehane, John Connolly, Jack Cady, Tom Piccirilli, Brian Hodge, Douglas Clegg, Jack Ketchum, Lee Child, James Lee Burke, and Cormac McCarthy 10 out of 10 Stars GOSSAMER A TALE OF LOVE AND TRAGEDY will blow you away my friends It is that good Peter Schwotzer Famous Monsters of Filmland WHEN WE JOIN JESUS IN HELL is as crazy as its tormented protagonist Hard as nails Jack Ketchum The voice of the deputy feels authentic brooding, soulful, haunted In fact, there s a heartfelt quality to the whole grim book Even some of the most grisly moments manage to be poetic and full of emotion, and the author s literary influences echo loudly At times, the mood evokes Piccirilli or Braunbeck or Gifune combined with Sherwood Anderson Robert Dunbar, author of WILLY, THE PINES, and THE SHORE Thompson s voice is his own strong, hypnotic, and unsettling Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children is a bleak fucking book, and therein lies its danger So beautifully constructed is Thompson s prose, that the reader is often caught off guard, mesmerized by a turn of phrase or a descriptive passage, until the book grabs you by the balls and rips them right off, breaking your heart and your psyche in the process Brian Keene, author of GHOUL, DARK HOLLOW and THE RISING I ve said it many times and believe it everyday, Lee Thompson is not only the next big name at Delirium Books but in the genre Shane Ryan Staley at Darkfuse Publications The Dampness of Mourning is a riveting Thriller Midwest Book Review Lee Thompson s prose is electric Bob Freeman, author of DESCENDANT Like a dark Twilight Zone meets Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Lee Thompson, author of NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN.

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  • When We Join Jesus In Hell
  • Lee Thompson
  • English
  • 18 August 2019

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