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[Reading] ➶ BANANA FISH 10 ➽ Akimi Yoshida – Online-strattera-atomoxetine.info


BANANA FISH 10Ooooh the action is heating back up! Ash's daring escape from the lab begins! I'm crying for so many reasons ffffff バナナフィッシュの謎を追うアッシュは、暗黒街のボス、ディノ・ゴルツィネと対立。そして軍や政府関係者まで巻き込んだ陰謀の存在を知る。だが、彼との闘いの中で深傷を負い、彼の部下を殺した殺人犯として警察に逮捕されてしまった。しかも警察は既に、政府関係者や議員たちと、ディノのバックにいるコルシカ人財団に抱き込まれていた。彼らは、傷の癒えないアッシュの暗殺を企てるが失敗。すると、アッシュは拘留中に死亡したことにされ、精神衛生センターに監禁される。そこは、表向き公共の施設とされていたが、実体は財団がバナナフィッシュを研究し実験を行うために建てた恐るべき人体実験場だった…!? Can’t stop reading this! hello yes i'm suffering!!! Este tomo me dio la peor de las taquicardias Still mi arco menos fav. 4.5 🔪🔪🔪 Kind of surprising that we don't get the real resolution for last volume's cliffhanger for about 2025% of the way through this volume. Nice that the suspense can be maintained that long, even though it takes a huge amount of suspension of disbelief to think that the shocker from the closing pages of the previous volume were going to be the truth. Still, it is fun to play along. ;) 
It takes a little while for the action to pick up again in this volume, but the story development just keeps on building, so you don't really notice. I think I'm going to call this one Die Hard: Banana Fish Style. I actually had to check to see which came out first: this manga has a copyright date of 1987, while the first Die Hard came out in 1988. That means that while this manga was first coming out, Die Hard was being filmed. Something was definitely in the air. ;) 

Yoshida is best known for the series Banana Fish She twice won the Shogakukan Manga Awards for sh jo, for Kissh Tennyo in 1984 and for Yasha in 2002 In 2007, she received an Excellence Award for manga at the Japan Media Arts Festival for Umimachi Diary.See also

[Reading] ➶ BANANA FISH 10 ➽ Akimi Yoshida – Online-strattera-atomoxetine.info
  • Kindle Edition
  • 185 pages
  • Akimi Yoshida
  • Japanese
  • 02 January 2017

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