Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th

Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th When Friday The Th Premiered In , The Film Introduced Moviegoers To A New Kind Of Cinematic Terror Shocking, Visceral, Graphic And Relentless Spawning Ten Popular Sequels To Date, The Series Has Become The Most Successful Horror Franchise Of All Time, And The Character Of Jason An Icon Known Around The World As The First Name In Evil Now, Uncensored And In Their Own Words, Over Two Hundred Alumni Of The Series Recall A Quarter Century S Worth Of Behind The Scenes Stories The Struggles, Feuds, Foibles, Controversies And Calamities Fully Illustrated With Over Five Hundred Never Before Seen Photos, Rare Archival Documents And Production Materials, This Is The Ultimate Oral And Visual Memoir Of The Most Successful Horror Franchise In The History Of Motion Pictures

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th book, this is one of the most wanted Peter M. Bracke author readers around the world.

[PDF / Epub] ☉ Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th By Peter M. Bracke –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 320 pages
  • Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th
  • Peter M. Bracke
  • English
  • 25 December 2019

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    I have a confession to make I absolutely love the Friday the 13th series I was born a little too young to be part of when it was a mega sensation i.e I was a teenager in the 90s rather than the 80s but I came to lose Jason Voorhees through the magic of VHS Which, for those of you who have no idea what those initials means, were magical boxes that contained images as well as the souls of dead unicorns Crystal Lake Memories is a novel which contains collected anecdotes and a rough timeline for the creation of the original Friday the 13th to Freddy vs Jason We get to hear from virtually every single cast member, member of the production staff, and the writers Their perspectives are almost uniformly positive and, honestly, include a bit of lying since poor Adrienne King Annie in the 1st movie quit show business due to a crazed F13 inspired stalker that goes completely unmentioned in the book The anecdotes are quite candid in places and sometimes contradictory, which is good for the book s humor value For example, one creator spends a long time explaining how ridiculous the concept of if you have sex you die in a F13 movie is, only for the next to say, Sex equaling death was clearly a major part of our idea for the movie Plus, there s than a few lurid innuendoes about how the actors tended to hook up during the long shootings The biggest contribution this book may have made to F13 fandom is the fact it resulted in the creation of the identically named documentary that s available for purchase on .com That was hosted by Cory Feldman and, frankly, does the book s job a great deal better The Kindle Edition may be much longer but the content tends to be a bit on the repetitive side with many actors somewhat embarrassed about their roles despite their pleasant memories The lack of pictures also hurts it versus the coffee table version that was at least visually stimulating The book also lacks any coverage of 2009 s reboot, perhaps because it s a bit harder to get in touch with Amanda Rhigetti and Jared Padalecki but apparently not Kevin Bacon or Crispin Glover In the end, the book is a little dry and on the technical side It s amazing the author managed to get seemingly every single person involved in the production of the movies interviewed However, the anecdotes dominate everything when I think the book could have benefited from maybe summarizing the films or adding some bits for the laymen It s basically 11 or 12 ComicCon panels in text form.8 10

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    It doesn t get comprehensive than this monster When it says the Complete History of Friday the 13th, it means it Friday the 13th was one of those movies that made a huge impact on my life I know that either sounds pathetic or psychotic, but hear me out I was too young to see the original in the theater But I do recall being mesmerized by the VHS box at the local video store years later I was a whopping 12 years old and up until then my introduction to horror was the late night Creature Features on Friday nights that I could rarely stay awake that late for But things were changing fast as puberty was hitting and horror was one of those things that intrigued me I remember the exact moment when I first experienced Friday the 13th I had some friends over and we had a movie marathon night and my parents let us rent the original and Part 2 The tension, the special effects, the sympathetic characters you could relate to all wrapped up in a hide your eyes behind the pillow roller coaster My life was forever changed and I was addicted to horror from that point on That was 30 years ago and I ve seen and read just about everything horror, including Friday the 13th and all it s sequels Sure many of them stink from a cinematic point of view Some have the thinnest of plots, terrible acting, ridiculous story lines and lousy cinematography But, it was never meant to be filet mignon It was meant to be a wild ride with cheap thrills, buckets of blood and a scare or two along the way.This huge compilation is meant for the fan of the series If you ve only seen one of the movies and thought it was silly, Crystal Lake Memories isn t for you It s an exhausting and comprehensive behind the scenes look at all of the movies in the series and it doesn t miss a thing Interviews with cast, directors, production crew and just anybody you can think of that was connected to the series is all here If you re a die hard fan like me, you ll want to sink your machete into this one.5 out of 5 starsYou can also follow my reviews at the following links KenMcKinley5

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    Though I m not a huge fan of the FRIDAY THE 13TH series, this book was fascinating from beginning to end Every movie in the series is covered in incredible detail, and the story of each installment, even the really crappy ones, is genuinely compelling I ve read another comprehensive book about the series, seen the documentary HIS NAME WAS JASON, and even read about the later films in Fangoria when they were being made, but this was still packed with stuff I didn t know I read the enhanced e book edition, which apparently has an extra 100,000 words of content that wasn t in the hardcover This book is IMMENSE It s also got video interviews, screenplay excerpts, MPAA paperwork, storyboards, shot lists, and Easily one of the best horror movie related books I ve ever read.

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    My buddy and I worked at the camp where the original Friday the 13th you know, the one with Kevin Bacon was filmed Needless to say, we are huge fans of Friday the 13th and Jason Not only was this book a very comprehensive study on all the Friday films from the original to Freddy vs Jason, thank god it was written before that crap that came out recently calling itself a Friday reboot Sorry Mr Nispel, you had your moments, but overall, the movie was a poor excuse for a Friday the 13th film but it is also a great companion for horror conventions My friend and I have gone to numerous conventions with this book and it is now proudly autographed by numerous Jasons, victims, the great Mrs Betsy Palmer, and even Freddy Krueger himself.

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    I thought this book was flibbin fantastic I ve been a huge fan of the first two movies and had seen all of them up until part VIII I thought the book was great in that it talked to not only the actors, but writers, directors, writers, anyone involved per se And it gives a lot of behind the scene stuff, where it talks of what went on between the people involved If you enjoy movies of any kind, or are actually involved in movies give this book a read.

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    Yes, I read a whole long book about the entire Friday the 13th film series and lived to tell the tale The author is very sincere and very, very thorough Quite interesting in particular to read the many interviews of those involved in the making of the movies, from actors to musicians to producers to stunt men their reactions run the gamut from embarrassment to pride, bemusement to pure indifference What can I say, I quite enjoyed this and the movies themselves remain a guilty pleasure.

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    i wachted all the movies frist i loved the movies they havelotsof blood andare some what scary i just like the movies then i foun out theyhad the booksso i got all the books and i loved them tothe books a classic toalong with the moviesdid not win this on good reads

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    Utterly incredible HEAVYWEIGHT tome Absolutely essential Interviews with everyone and some of the best images from the series you will ever see Seriously I m not even that big a fan of the series but this was AMAZING It s a beautiful book

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    First off, I did not know this was a coffee table book when I purchased it on my Kindle BIG mistake I missed out on hundreds of most likely really cool pictures Instead, I just had hundreds and hundreds of pages of people bitching and moaning Some people who were interviewed the whole book is oral history, fyi were pretty cool and very excited that they were able to be a part of something as cool, long lasting, and culturally significant as Friday the 13th, but many of those interviewed, especially those from the earlier film in the franchise, were so full of themselves and couldn t stop talking about how they were so above doing horror and were constantly shitting on their movie, the writers, the directors, the producers, their cast mates, and the franchise as a whole Nobody forced these assholes to make these movies and I m positive that they cashed the checks that they earned, so it all just grew very tiresome.Still, there was a lot of good information and insight into each film and it has made me VERY excited to go back and watch them all again The book was a little too long and nothing was left out, but I think it probably works very well as a coffee table book Recommended for horror film fans JUST DON T GET THE KINDLE VERSION

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    I can t believe how good this book is I don t even care about Friday the 13th and I was absorbed by the interviews and behind the scenes facts.It s absolutely worth your time if you have any interest in the subject matter, in non fiction, or just a good book I can t express my amazement at what a great read this was enough.The whole thing pulls no punches, shares all the stories both good and bad, and really sucks you into the world of low budget filmmaking.My only two knocks the Kindle version is riddled with spelling mistakes and it s just so insanely big I don t think it was overlong you get detailed writing on eleven movies and a TV show which is crazy effort but it was a much larger undertaking than I was expecting I pretty much read every free second for a week to finish it, but so worth the effort.

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